Saturday, October 11, 2008

What's a girl to do on a Saturday night?

The boys are playing a medieval Xbox game, Blossom is busy making earrings to match every outfit we own (I'm not complaining!), the dogs are sleeping, and we've been to what am I doing in the late hours?
Finally putting the pieces together on Helen Stubbing's "Santa's Treasure Sack"!

I've had the pattern put aside since last year, and I actually did the embroidery panels back in May, but it was only tonight that I finally cut the fabric and began sewing it all together. I *love* prairie points, which is one of the things that appealed to me when I first saw this pattern in Homespun.
After I took this photo I added the rest of the points to the other two rows before deciding to call it a night, besides it's Bathurst tomorrow and I need to organise some hand sewing while hubby and I are glued to the tv. Did I mention we are avid V8 Supercars fans??

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  1. Wow Jenny. I didn't peg you for a V8 supercar fan at all!! :-)
    Beautiful quilt. You should have been with us in Northampton today!!
    Fiona xx


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