Monday, November 10, 2008

Aproning again!

After making Blossom's skirt, then altering six more for the two of us, I felt the need to make an apron. Blossom loved mine and has patiently waited for me to make hers, so last night I did just that.

For some fun I added ruffles to the pockets...

...and a heart on the bodice, cause I love 'er so very much!


  1. Wow Jenny, that's gorgeous - I LOVE the fabric. Did you use a pattern? All these apron posts are making ME want to have a go.

    I bought Bella a cute apron in Perth earlier this year at one of those craft stalls in a mall. It has plastic sewn over the fabric which I thought was a very clever idea for little ones.

    Perhaps you should set yourself up in business selling beautiful aprons??!!

    Fiona xx

  2. I just love the colors of your fabric! Terrific ruffles too! :)