Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Doing the tortoise...

My sewing has been so slow lately that I am feeling a tad like a tortoise. However....
it's time to focus on Christmas gifts for the family, and top of the list is my grandson Deegan's security blanket.
He loves the quilt I made him before he was born, but he needs something lighter and softer for the summer so I've chosen to print up some cute cow pictures his big brother Calab drew for me and use them in the blanket top - that way it's even more of a family enterprise (and I did pay Calab for them!). I've put some cute bumble bee flannel as the backing, no wadding will be used. This way he can drag it around with him and it won't be heavy or hot if he falls asleep with it. I'll finish the embroidery/quilting tonight and bind it before the weekend.

My cross stitch of Our Lady of Guadalupe is coming along beautifully, but slowly. I had forgotten how many hours are devoted to this craft, yet every stitch is a joyful prayer. I wanted to have it finished and framed for her Feast Day next month but I think I left my start too late.

This fabric is for the next skirt for Blossom - I'm very hesitant to cut it though. I bought it mistaking the price for that of another fabric, and once the 2 metres was cut I could not do anything about it. I won't say how much it cost but your jaw would drop...my husband was SO understanding, but I was in shock for hours.
I hope I build up the courage to use it before she leaves home. ;-)

I intend to make as many Christmas gifts as possible this year, but it may take ingenuity with the men. Any ideas??


  1. What - you mean to go with their beautiful aprons?? :-)

    Food is always good - homemade fudge or sweet treats, jams or pickles. I seem to recall there are some sweet tooths (or should that be sweet teeth) at your place?

    How about decorating glass jars with glass paint and filling them with goodies?

    I must say, your aprons have really inspired me, and I'm going to think about making some for gifts for friends next year.

    Fee :-)

  2. Love the fabrics/colors in the cow quilt for GS!!! Wonderful!
    Haven't a clue as to "what to make the guys" for Christmas...?... Made my hubby a remote holder that attaches to the treadmill once... Other than that right now, I am clueless about it!
    Happy stitchings!

  3. Deegans quilt is adorable ... I love the colours :o).
    Joy :o)

  4. Hi

    At least you are getting on with your cross stitch.

    I have finally begun my little niece's birth notice and she will be 2 early next year so who is the tardier of the two of us.

    My in utero nephew happen in February and he will be lucky to get his also in two years time form his birth.

    Like the rest of us, there is only so much time in a day and most of us have other jobs to do and livings to earn.

    All I have homemade for Christmas is aobut 40 bonbons in Xmas fabric tied with ribbons and filled with sweets to give my library friends and other people



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