Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Camille's Giveaway!

Yes, I know I've been quiet - and after all those weeks of non-stop sewing and activity, too!! Well, pat me on the back because I have not sewn a stitch in days. My hand is truly resting (at last!) and I'm just reading and planning. It's still sore and I'm still taking anti-inflammatories, but every day is a day closer to healing.

But here is something great - Camille is having the giveaway of all giveaways on her blog!!
Go and enter, you may win anything from charm squares to a bundle of fat quarters - BUT, please say that Jenny from Elefantz sent you. ;-)

Ta muchly.

Here is the link. Good luck!!



  1. Jenny I am so pleased to read that you have not sewn a stitch and are letting your hand heal/rest.My wonky house is waiting for my arm to co-operate and then I willl be stitchin it..if I tried to do it now it truly would be a lopsided wonky...
    Isn't Camilles giveaway a hoot I was there the other day posting,would be great to wine hey.cheers Vickie

  2. Jenny, I must have missed something somewhere. What happened to your hand?

    Praying it is well soon so you can get back to stitchin!

  3. I'm glad you're resting up. You should so you don't lose function . . . you're too talented to have to stop forever, you know. I started a pillowcase embroidery and left a wad of floss out that the dog ate. Now I have to go to the craft store again. Geesh. Lessons learned.

  4. Good to hear your hand is getting better... All will happen and get done in due time... 8-)

  5. Glad to hear your hand is getting better. Give it time.

  6. Beautifill work on your blog
    Keep resting the arm and believe the rest was needed.


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