Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My 5 Sewing Must-Haves!

~~My 5 Sewing Must-Haves~~

Perle threads for quilting and embroidery. So many colours, three thicknesses, so many uses!

Artline pens for tracing. Brown is my favourite, but the green one always washes out!

Tone on tone fabrics in many colours for stitching embroideries, or for borders decorated with Perle threads.

These fabulous bags of bright buttons, at only $10.95 a bag they are an incredible bargain!

And Whisperweft to back my embroideries. I can't say enough about this stuff - love it! Much better than Pellon.

So what are your 5 favourite sewing must-haves?
Put them on your blog, then come back here and leave a comment.
I'd love to see what your choices are!



  1. Green artline pen, now how good are they, it is a must with me as well...

  2. My biggest sewing must have is my motivation, beyond that, everything is gravy! 8-)
    The chair looks great! Wonderful job of refinishing it! 8-)
    Happy stitchings!

  3. Glad to see other sue the green pen. Most people are surprised when i say that is what i use for tracing. Have posted a photo of my finihsed wonky house block

  4. Wow glad to see other people using the green pen. Most people are surprised when i say that is what i use for tracing. Now the other 4 items would also be on my list (lol)

  5. Tell more about the whisperweft. I have not heard of it. Where do you buy it? And why do you like it?

  6. Dawn, Whisperweft, unlike Pellon, is a light woven fabric with a weft insert and adhesive back. It is so flimsy to touch and drapes beautifully so when you use it to back a stitchery the fabric stays soft and not so stiffened like it would be using a Pellon or interfacing.
    I did a google for you but there are just so many sites - have a look and you'll find hundreds of stockists in the US. It costs about $5 a yard USD, $10 per metre AUD.
    I like it because the fabric feels more natural to sew with, you can still pop the piece in a hoop easily, and as you stitch you don't get the 'fluff' pulling through the way you get with Pellon. It's easier to store, just folds up like silk.
    The thing you won't get, though, is the puffy raised look for your stitchery that you get when using Pellon. Whisperweft is purely a stabilizer.
    Hope that helps. :-)

  7. My main must have is .... a to do list... I already have a lot of half finished projects... and I only started about 6 months ago. xxx


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