Sunday, March 29, 2009

Welcoming autumn at last

March is singing it's farewell harmonies, and though the Australian summer took great delight in blazing forth it's heat once again these last few days, I know that autumn is truly heralding it's appearance at last.

I was finally able to bake once again this afternoon which put the biggest smile on Slicer's face - food, especially chocolate sprinkled food, always brings joy to a 16yo lad's day!

Something quite different brought a smile to my face today. Some daylilies I bought a week ago have opened and they are just beautiful!!

My hand is still needing rest but I have allowed myself the odd hour here and there to do some gentle stitchery, stopping as soon as I feel the familiar sharp pain in my wrist.
All the backstitch is completed on my Lady of Guadalupe cross-stitch, and it looks so lovely with the extra detail. I have some very tiny seed beeds - pearl and gold - yet to add...

...and once they are done I have some longstitch gold rays to add before I can truly say it is complete. This has been a labour of love, and I'm looking forward to seeing it framed by Mother's Day (hopefully).

I've only been to our sewing group twice this year - with migraines, sick family members, my tendonitis - well, it just wasnt happening! On Friday I managed to drop in for 90 minutes and stitch another Tilda heart.

At home we pulled the last of the tomato plants from the garden, then planted some sweet-peas, snapdragons, alyssum, and violas for winter colour. I can't imagine a garden without colour - I love to sit outside as the sun rises and pray whilst my eyes drift past the flowers in my garden. Truly calming and beautiful.

Before I go I am going to give you a tiny sneak peek of Wonky Houses block 3....but just a peek. ;-)

God bless you so much!!


  1. That is a really beautiful cross stitch. Until I discovered quilting and sewing, cross stitch was my first love, and I know exactly what you mean by a labor of love. I spent months and months on doing my Fairy queen and the Stargazer. Loads of beads and gold threads. I cant wait for wonky house number 3. xxx

  2. Jennie, so pleased to hear you are managing a little bit of stitching. Your cross stitch is beautiful and so is your Tilda heart. They are so much fun to make aren't they. Take care of yourself, hugs

  3. Oh I love sneak peeks! But I haven't even started stitching the first one yet! Shame on me! I do have it traced and ready to go though! Love the TIlda heart too! Have a great week! :0)

  4. I got my OLOG stitch kit (just like the one you are finishing up) . . . I didn't realize there were beads . . . . I can see exactly why and how it is a labour of love. It shall be my own labour once I get settled in Hawaii. Too many other thigns going on to even start it yet.

    Yours is looking beautiful. Can't want to see the newest wonky in it's glory. And the lilies are gorgeous!

  5. Sarah, the beads that came with the kit are pretty tacky plastic, so I bought lovely glass seed beads to use instead.
    I hope you enjoy stitching yours as much as I've enjoyed mine! :-)

  6. It seems odd to say happy autumn when we're just heading into spring, lol, but happy autumn! Love the daylilies. Your stitchery is beautiful - but don't overdo! The Tilda heart is sweet too. Can't wait for the Wonky - thank you so much for those, I love them so much! Haven't started them yet, as I'm making 3 quilts at the moment. But as soon as the quilts are done - or maybe BEFORE they're done, lol, I must start those amazing houses!

  7. Thanks for sharing all the beautiful things in your life. Maybe Autumn will be a better season for you.

  8. Jenny your projects are very beautiful as are your Blossoms' projects. I signed up under her "pay it forward" having not seen another name yet. I love your blog, peace be with you, Elaine from Texas USA

  9. I love your Tilda hearts. They are so simple but so beautiful. I like the handstitching you do on them especially.

  10. Lovely flowers!
    Great looking tomatoes, although green right now... 8-)
    I thought you had finished that stitchery already for some reason... Beads will be a nicely added touch.
    Take care of that wrist of yours...

  11. your cross stitch of Our Lady of Guadalupe is BEAUTIFUL!! I'd think you did spend many hours of love laboring to make thi sproject and probably a few hundred "Hail Mary" prayers along the way too ;)

    Thanks for sharing. I just love the Lady of Guadalupe image of our Blessed Mother.

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie