Sunday, April 12, 2009

Barb's Shabby Heart!

Barb has stitched her Shabby Heart block and used it in a cushion - so pretty!
How will you display yours?
Let me know when you've blogged about it so I can link to you. It's wonderful to see how everyone interprets my designs!
And speaking of designs....I have sketched some more beautiful Shabby blocks, but I can't share them right now as my hand is still being rested. The wait won't be long, though. ;-)

And for another beautiful free design go over and visit Vicki at her blog. She is going to share some of her talent if enough people leave a comment...quickly, go over and ask sweetly.


1 comment:

Tozz said...

Thanks for that Jenny...I will put it up tomorrow and everyone can download it. I have been sketching with some more too...I just find it rather tricky sorting it out for the pdf. A real learning curve there! I hope mine works. :) Doesnt Barbs cushion with your beautiful Shabby Chic design look just great. I look forward to seeing all the others who have done it as well. Exciting stuff!! :)