Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Early rising and a sneak peak...

What do you do when you can't sleep and the dawn is still hours away?
This morning Blossom's dog, Bob, woke me just after 4am and once I was awake I was up for the day.

When this happens I tend to catch up on reading, plan household tasks, pray - or sort through something that I've been putting off. This morning was one of those times.

I use a lot of DMC threads, but as I try and cut down on my sewing expenses (especially the last 6 months) I have tried to buy them in bulk, saving me a whopping 66% on the retail price here in town. I buy 50 skeins at a time, and the last lot I bought last year had still not been carded so here I was a 4.30 this morning cleaning out my thread boxes and winding new threads. I've still got another 20 to do, but I'll have them finished before lunch if I do a few here and there between chores. Yay!

I forgot to show you that I had completed most of the beading on my cross-stitch of Our Lady of Guadalupe. There are pearls on her mantle, and gold seed beads on her crown. I still have the sun rays to complete, add some more gold beads to them, and then it will be finished and ready for the framer. :-)

And there was something else I wanted to show, what was it????

Oh yes! A sneak peak of my latest Shabby Roses block...all ready to give you on May 1st.

Have you chosen your fabrics yet?
I'll post about the sizes for the first two blocks later today - if you're making the BOM from May 1st you can begin now on Blocks 1 & 2, ready for the release of Block 3.
I have to re-do Blocks 1 & 2 myself so they can be used in the quilt...and my hand is sore again. Hopefully a day of rest and I can get them done.

And I have a surprise giveaway soon too....

Better go and finish what I've started!
Have a wonderful day,


  1. That reminds me, I was lucky enough to pick up quite a few skeins of DMC threads over the Easter weekend at a fair. I couldn't get over what was in the bag of all sorts of goodies for crafts for very little cost to me. I think the lady was having a clean out with her stash. You look very organised with yours and I am yet to wind mine on card.

    The Our Lady of Guadalupe looks lovely.

    Your stitchery is beautiful and look forward to seeing your latest Shabby Roses block.

  2. WOW! Your threads look gorgeous all carded up there. You get a discount due to buying in bulk with the DMC threads? Does the shop have restricitions such as multiples of colours etc????
    The sneak peak at the new Shabby Roses block looks so beautiful, thanks! Bec xxx

  3. Sounds like you got a lot sorted out Jenny :) You certainly do buy in bulk!! Your sneek peak is lovely and makes me want it now :)
    I do hope your wrist starts behaving itself real soon and stops being sore and achy for you.

  4. A 4am start, I think I would have wilted by now....

  5. Man, I'm lucky to get to sleep by 4am. I'm drooling over all your threads - I miss mine so much. I should've never given them away, I'm having to build up my stash again! Your Lady looks wonderful, the pearls are a perfect touch. And oh boy oh boy - the new block looks lovely! But you'd better take it easy and slow down, rest that hand!

  6. What a beautiful cross-stitch. I ought to be more organised with my embroidery skeins, but tend to put them on cards only when they get into that tangled knot as you pull them out of the skein! How do you organise your odds and ends of thread, the last two strands etc?

  7. Don´t do too much of stitching, you had better rest your hand.
    We are all curious to see your shabby roses block 3, but your health goes first.
    Make sure your wrist gets well!

  8. Oh gee will you look at them threads all neat and tidy..arghhhh.mental note too self--> never ever ever let Jenny see the embroidery threads..ok I guess there is about 40 carded but the rest are nicely snuggled up together in a tin.
    Hmm sore hand eh? too much work you bad bad girl..
    Love your cross stitch way cool.
    cheers Vickie

  9. Hi Jenny!

    You have achieved so much today! Your sneak peak is inspiring and your cross-stitch is beautiful, very calming even just to look at in a photograph!

    I hope you sleep well tonight and wake up feeling refreshed, with well-rested hands that are ready to get you crafting again!

    Warm wishes!
    Vikki :-)

  10. Bring on May 1st! I hope your hand improves and isn't causing you too much pain.Hey I should give you my phone number and we could have chatted this morning as I was awake around 4 am as well.... go figure the alarm was set to 5!!! :( Barb.

  11. Hi Jenny, Your cross stitch is looking beautiful. And I cant wait for both the shabby roses and the last wonky house blocks.
    Take care of your wrist. xxx and thank you for your lovely comments of my blog.

  12. I know exactly what you mean about not being able to get back to sleep!! If I wake up at that hour I'm like you and up for the day!!! Take care of your poor hand - not too much stitching (LOL or yucky housework he he he!!!!).
    Joy :o)

  13. Looks like you get way more done in a day than I do, especially before 8am. Your stitchery is beautiful. Can't wait to see your new Shabby roses block.

  14. I know exactly what my problem is: I waste my time! You seem to use your time well and only post here every now and again, but often enough to keep us company . . . I need to stop wasting time on this PC and get going. Looking at the OLOG stitchery I think I may have problems with the bead part. Maybe not. I won't open the package until we get settled in HI . . . I'm taking your advice about the beads, too. I'll buy nicer ones. Yours looks wonderful!
    Can't wait to see the new block!

  15. Your cross stitch is just lovely. Looking forward to the next block. I have my fabric picked out. So I am going to get started on the first two. Now you go rest your body and your hand.

  16. So, so glad to have found your blog. I am excited about your Shabby Roses blocks. I feel stupid because I can only find the pattern for one block, not two.

  17. Just kidding!! I found it! Had to go back a few more posts. Just beautiful.


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