Thursday, April 30, 2009

I have a favour to ask....

I've been avidly following/collecting the "Breast of Friends" BOM being offered through HOMESPUN magazine here in Australia, but...we live in a very small remote town, and only 7 copies were sent to our newsagent this month! They walked out the door that very morning and today I discovered we are not getting any more. :-(

The issue I am after is 10.4
Can I plead shamelessly that one of you may find it in your heart to search out a copy of this issue for me? Just email me if you can, and I will pay you for the magazine and postage, AND I will send you your very own personalised Shabby Roses design as a thank you.

I only need one copy, so I only need one little angel to help.

Hugs, and {{thanks}}

UPDATE: Deb emailed me and thinks she can get one...I'll know tomorrow. If not, I'll ask Miss Nance as she's the first to comment after Deb's email, and then we'll go down the list. I am so BLESSED by you ladies!!!


  1. I'll try to remember to have a look in the several newsagents close to where I work tomoorw.


  2. Jen I am going near a newsagent tomorrow too so I will have a look for it there. Last week when I was in there I noticed they had some HOmespun mags but I cant remember which ones they were.

  3. Sorry, I cant help you Jenny, I live in the UK. It is not available here, only by subscription and the cost of postage are added on, which makes it very expensive for me. The only way I can get homespun is to beg people to send me a copy. Hope you get a copy. I have seen the "breast of friends" BOM, it is lovely but sadly just out of my reach. xxx

  4. Please email me over the weekend if no one has been in contact before me as I have a copy you can have I can post it Monday to you

  5. Girls, thank you so much!!! Deb emailed me and she's pretty sure she can get one, so I'll know for sure tomorrow.
    If she can't I will let you know...thank you!!!!

  6. Jen if you want to get it from quiltygal then go for it as I dont know what editions the newsagent has near me. :)

  7. Hi Jenny, I live in Scotland at the moment but am coming home to Perth in June (for good). I have a wonderful newsagent who has been keeping me copies of Homespun and will continue to reserve my copy each month. I would be more than happy to reserve you a copy each month and send it to you once I return to Perth, could even as him to start reserving them for you now if you want. Just let me know.
    By the way your BOM is absolutely gorgeous and I'm looking forward to making them up. Many Thanks for your generosity.
    Hugs from Karin.

  8. Great to have such wonderful friends. You are so blessed. (Sorry I can't help you at all since here in my part of Canada I have not yet seen the magazine.) I too would have loved the "Breast of Friends."

  9. Oh what wonderful quilters we have visiting our blogs!!! Quilters are such a generous lot... 8-)
    I've never come across the magazine here, but that is not to say we don't have it...?
    You'll have to tell the local to save you a copy next month...or to order more. 8-)

  10. aqui en argentina no tenemos ninguna revista de patch asi que no te puedo ayudar pero veo que hay muchas amigas en campaƱa asique seguro te dan una mano un beso

  11. Jenny,
    Just let me know if I can help in obtaining this issue and if you want I can also grab a copy for you of the next coming months of Homespun mags as they come out and send them to you.Can't have you missing out on such a lovely BOM just because you can't get them easily because of your location :) Barb.

  12. Ah sweetie, it sounds like you have a copy with your "name on it" already! If you need anything in the future please don't hesitate to ask... there are several newsagents near me and I'd be delighted to post mags on to you. x

    What a beautiful bunch of friends you have! :-)

    Vikki xx