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Thomas Moore

Monday, May 11, 2009

Applique tutorials, and my package!

The gorgeous Stephanie over at Loft Creations had a secret giveaway at the end of April, and I was one of the lucky winners! Today my parcel arrived - all the way from across the ocean it came, and delivered right to my door!

I have wanted to make Dresden Plate blocks for eons....and now I can. :-)
Don't you love the cute pack of charm squares!? I've never had charm squares before so I'm excitedly planning to make them up into a little quilt someday soon.
I loved the sheep card, too, and the sweet pink gingham paper and pink flannel bows.
Thanks so much Stephanie!


I've had some questions asking "how do I applique?", so I found a couple of good tutorials for those who need them.
The first is for my favourite style of applique, BLANKET STITCH, and the second is for the method I need to learn, NEEDLETURN.

I hope these are of assistance to those of you who are just starting to stitch. :-)

Now I'd better go and organise a meal for family before I sit down in my favourite chair and stitch some new designs I've been working on....ooooooooooooooooohh, you are going to *love* them! Wish I could give you a sneak peek, but not yet.



aussiequilter said...

hi Jenny-weren't you a lucky girl!Great prize and can't wait to see what you do with them.cheers teri

Vickie said...

oh man what you got a dresden plate ruler hmmmmmphhh..I'm sending the faires to your house for me hehehe, way to go girl nice pick up,cheers Vickie

The Faerie Queen said...

Hi Jenny, what beautiful gifts, you lucky girl. xxx

Stephanie said...

Now I shall be watching for dresden plates to appear. :o) Thanks for the links.

Sarah said...

Those tutorials are excellent. I will refer to them again. I think I'll stick to the blanket stitches for a while, though, as they are more country-bumpkinish (my style). I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

piwiky said...

Hola guapa¡¡¡ hoy he recibido tu regalo , es precioso, un verdadera maravilla, MUCHAS GRACIAS, y el diseƱo con mi nombre que no lo esperaba a sido una sorpresa muy hermosa, muchas gracias por tantas atenciones hacia mi, BESOS.

Myra said...

Congrats on your win Jenny! That is a great prize there! Good for you! 8-)

call me crazy said...

I'm not sure how I found your blog... just checking out one leads to another and before you know it, the hour is gone! LOL I love your Shabby Roses! Thank you!

Cattinka said...

You are a lucky winner, great things you got.
I don´t know how to do needle turn applique either but I get along fine with the blanket stitch, and I like the look of it a lot.

Trina said...

I just found your site from my friend Julie's at tatterred threads. I LOVE the heart BOM's. Can't wait to make them! I love your site and am excited to be a new fan. I just started a little blog to put some of my craft stuff up on and some cool links. It's www.babyjaynes.blogspot.com. I think I'm going to feature the Shabby Roses BOM blocks at the end of this week. I'll include links to your page. Thanks again!

Allie said...

Woohoo, congrats on the win - what a lovely package!
I do blanket stitch applique exclusively - I figure why fuss with needleturn when there's fusible web? LOL! Maybe someday I'll learn, since I do like the look of it.
I can't wait to see what designs you're dreaming up, girl!

loulee said...

Dodn't you just love getting parcels from other quilters?

MissyMack said...

What a great package of goodies to recieve! I just found your blog, and wanted to say hi! :)

gail said...

Hello Jenny,

I have just found your blogs and I'm overwhelmed by your generosity in sharing your designs. What a nice person you must be. Thankyou so much. I think they are just so cute.

Blessings Gail

Mal* (turning*turning) said...

1) I love dresden plate design, and can't wait to see yours. 2) Thank you for the links to the applique stuff! I need to learn needleturn, too. I don't like anything to be such a production as many of the applique techniques are... They just prevent me from doing them!

Shrenika Kasera said...

Hi Jenny,
Thank you so much !! :-)) :-))
The tutorials are too good and am so excited to try out applique.
Lovely prize too. :-))