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Thomas Moore

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cushion all finished...and about Whisper Weft

I had to be so sneaky last night. I was hiding away in my bedroom finishing the cushion for Blossom's birthday and she'd come knocking softly, enquiring, "everything okay, Mum?"....I would open the door just a wee crack and my one revealed eye would meet her two eyes as I responded, "Fine sweetie, off you go now." And I'd wait to hear those soft footsteps pattering back down the hall before heading back to the sewing machine.

I'm so pleased with the final result! I hope she is. :-)

If I can find some free time in the next 36 hours I'll see if I can make her a matching one from another of the Oopsie Daisies patterns I've stitched. If not, then I'll wait till next weekend and make her one in full view of her sparkling eyes!
A number of people has emailed me about Whisper Weft, wanting to know just what it is.
This is a photo of what I mean...

It is lovely and soft, a fusible weft-insertion lightweight interfacing. In Australia it sells for around $9.95 per metre, and in the USA it sells for around $4 per yard. I'm not sure the cost anywhere else.
If your local quilting store does not stock it try Googling 'whisper weft' in your country and see if you can find a local supplier.
Well, my husband's flight arrives in just 45 minutes so I'm off to collect him from the airport!
Have a wonderful day!
Remember to smile a lot, you never know who's day you will brighten.


Lurline said...

Just so gorgeous - so professional!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Tozz said...

The cushion is just beautiful Jen :) I love your daisys design and a matching cushion will be just adorable! Lucky DD. Thanks for showing what Whisper-weft looks like....now I will know what to look for in the shop. It would be better than pellon too. Thanks heaps. :)

Allie said...

Jenny the cushion is gorgeous! I don't know how you managed it with her there. I love the colors and how you put it together.
The Whisper Weft looks lovely, nice to needle through.
Glad your hubby is home, hon!

Deb said...

Jenny, the finished result is as gorgeous as I thought it would be.
We pay the same price as you for Whisper Weft, its a fab product isn't it.

Jenny said...

That cushion is really beautiful!

Cattinka said...

Thanks for making me smile! You surely brightened up my day with the beautiful pillow you made.

Annette said...

The cushion is so sweet! You are a very talented lady. Blossom will love it...and you.

Crispy said...

Oh My that is just Beautiful!!! She is going to be soooo happy!!


Stephanie said...

The cushion is whisper soft and sopretty.

The Faerie Queen said...

Oh so beautiful.... xxx

Fee said...

That's so gorgeous Jen. What beautiful heirlooms and memories you are creating for your beautiful Blossom. Wish her happy birthday from me!
Fee x

Terry said...

Your cushion is beautiful!! Your daughter will surely love it! :0)

why not sew? said...

The pillow is so sweet.

SewAmy said...

Oh goodness, the pillow is so adorbale.

call me crazy said...

Very sweet! And what a sweet DD to check on you!! :-)

Robyn said...

Jenny she will adore the cushion... I agree, your workmanship is so beautiful!!
Thanks for the info on WW...didn't know about this.. might need to investigate... ta
*Smiling at you!!*
Robyn xx

Chocolate Cat said...

This is beautiful, I am sure Blossom will love it!

Sew Useful Designs said...

Blossom is going to adore her new cushion, Jenny!! I love your design, and the fabrics and colours!

Hugs!! Vikki :-) xxxx

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jenny,
I'm sure Blossom will be very happy with her Birthday cushion.
Its beautiful.
Hugs Anna

CindyMae said...

It is gorgeous!!! I am sure that she is going to just love it!!

Sølvi's blog said...

The cusion cover is lovely. Sure she will like it.

Bec said...

The cushion is simply stunning! I love it!

Now about Whisper Weft, how does it compare to Weaveline?

Jennifer J said...

Just for fun - you might like to know that this post of yours is the 4th result that Google comes up for me when searching "whisperweft interfacing". You are hitting the big time, girl!