Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Update on little Rosie

I've just spoken to Vikki and she has arrived home from the hospital with Rosie. The little love is on the road to recovery but still not eating or drinking, though she is accepting formula. Vikki and the family are pretty weary after these last few days so lets pray they get some well-needed rest tonight.

Continue with your prayers for Rosie too as it may be weeks before the tests results are in and Vikki and her hubby know what the real problem is.

Vikki will share more on her blog later, so keep checking for news.

What a blessing to be able to stand as a blogging community with 'one of our own' and pray for her. You ladies are incredibly beautiful and caring!



  1. Thanks for the update on Rosie. I will pray for strength and courage for her and her family and for wisdom for the doctors.

  2. Thank you Jenny for updating us. I had emailed Vikki but I knew she wouldn't be responding for a while. I'm glad to hear Rosie is home and will continue to pray for her and her family.

  3. Lovely to hear Rosie's home, I hope the family gets plenty of rest and that they hear only good news!

  4. I'm so glad she's home - continuing to pray, and will check Vikki's blog.

  5. Dearest Jenny

    Your request for prayers lifted my spirits and filled me full of love. Thank you to all of you lovely beautiful souls who have been praying for my little Rosie and my family during our difficult few days.

    I can't tell you what it meant to me to come home from hospital and read your loving messages, it brought tears to my eyes, and I feel so blessed to have discovered the wonderful loving community that you are all creating.

    I'm a bit speechless...

    Hugs and love,
    Vikki xoxoxoxoxo

  6. Poor little Rosie...
    Prayers continue! 8-)


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