Monday, August 31, 2009

Di's Challenge for August completed!

I've been working between waves of migraine to get these Christmas projects finished for Di's Challenge, and they are! :-)
My first project was the place-mat set I showed you yesterday, the second is this wall-hanging using one of the trees from my "Christmas Package In Stitches" design pack...

...and this morning I finished this cute wall-hanging, again using one of the stitcheries from my "Christmas Package in Stitches" set.
I made this one for those narrow places between doorways as it's only 6 inches wide.
Now I can officially enter Di's giveaway - yay!! :-)

Tomorrow is a big day here.
Firstly, I draw the winner of the Sewing Machine Cover Challenge, then I share block 9 of my Shabby Roses BOM!
Remember, you only have hours left to enter the Sewing Machine Cover Challenge for August!

My head is hurting again, so I'm off to that darkened room once more.
May your own day be joy-filled, and full of HUGS! :-)


  1. oh I hope your migraine goes away son. No fun! Your challenge projects look fabulous!

  2. Lovely swap items Jenny!
    Happy stitching, P

  3. Hi there darling Jen xx

    As always, your creations are stunning! I love the whitework stitchery on the red. :-)

    I hope you feel better real soon, look after yourself. Thinking of you. xx

    Hugs and love!
    Vikki xoxo

  4. Oh no Jenny....migraines....You use your eyes a great deal....have you had your eyes checked within the last three months? or are you prone to migraines....In any case, I pray you find relief soon....
    Your swap gifts are gorgeous!

  5. Rest up and relax. Prayers for your headache being prayed. Alas, I wasn't able to get a cover made, but that does not mean I won't one day soon. I really do not have enough know-how to really pull something together. I need to take some basic sewing machine classes. Honestly, I could do with some tutorial teaching to learn how to finish edges etc. on quilts and such things. The learning is slow progress when trying to teach myself.
    That boring drivel said, I really LOVE your new stitchery projects here!
    Best of luck to the cover entries!!

  6. Lovel the skinny wallhanging, great idea for those narrow places!
    Hope your head feels better soon, not nice to be inflicted with nasty migraines.

  7. Looking forward to the new shabby rose block. So sorry to hear about your migraine, I know only too well what its all about as I am a fellow sufferer. I use a nasal spray called Zomig and it works well in getting rid of it.

  8. Migraines are rotten aren't they, but sometimes it get so boring just lying down that you have to get on and do something - so often nothing makes it better or worse. I love your stitcheries, you are so clever at choosing the fabrics to go with them.

  9. Lovely swap items!!!Sorry for your migraine.Hop it will pass!!!!Have a nice day!!!

  10. jenny they are lovely - I particularly like the narrow one - I have just the spot for something similar!

    Sadly, I've been unable to finish my sewing machine cover. The department of sewing machine safety is going to be prosecuting for failure to provide adequate clothing - I hope they have sewing machines in prison :)

    Rachelle x

  11. oh Jenny, I am frantically sewing my machine cover, will post later this evening with pikkies!!! Huh where does the time go!
    your work is stunning!

  12. Hi Jenny, wonderful work! I wish you a nice week without migraine! Hugs, Renata.

  13. Hi Jenny,

    I hope your migraine works itself out quickly!

    I've become a regular reader of your blog over the last few months...I lover your work, your words...and everything!

    I took up your sewing machine cover challenge and completed mine about two weeks ago. There is rather a bad photo posted the other day but I'm going to take another one and hopefully post it shortly...this is the first time I've done anything like this...and it's been fun seeing what other people have come up with....thanks for the challenge and keep up the great blog!

  14. Your projects are all lovely. I will photograph my stitcheries made from your lovely christmas designs and blog about them soon. I hope your headache goes away very soon. Can't wait to see who wins the draw for the August challenge !!

  15. Bright Blessings my sweet friend. Feel better soon.
    The wall hanging is just soooo cute. hugs xxx

  16. Those are all soooo cute!! Oh, your poor head, feel better soon!!


  17. Very cute projects. Hope your migraine is better today. Colleen

  18. Jenny I am so sorry you are suffering yet again with a migraine. I am praying it will pass quickly and you will have a lovely joy filled day!
    Thanks for all you do for everyone else!! You are a true blessing!

  19. Oh Jen, I hope that you will be feeling better soon. I love your Christmas creations! Also I posted my sewing machine cover on my blog, yeah :-)

  20. I am anxiously awaiting the next BOM. I am leaving later today to go and visit my daughter and help her out with the baby. There will be no computer access for me.:( I'll check when I get home Wednesday.

    Blessings to you, Jenny.

  21. Another migrane :(

    I read somewhere recently that migranes can be triggered by an increase in temperature. Do you find that to be true?

  22. Beautiful finishes. I feel your pain and am praying for your complete healing. Hugs!

  23. Oh, Jenny, Jenny - what are we going to do with you? You are still battling on with those jolly headaches, please slow down and take a rest! Your beautiful work is still happening, I see!
    God bless - Lurline♥

  24. Love the 'stuff'. Hope you're feeling better soon! Maybe get your eyes checked....all that fine stitching.. I sound like a mother don't I...I got to stop that!!

    Take care!

  25. I hope you're feeling better now?

    The Curley Christmas Tree is gorgeous.

  26. Beautiful work! I hope you get rid of your migrain soon!

  27. Your wall hangings are wonderful! I'm so sorry your head hurts again. I've been getting lots of headaches lately due to the change in the weather (allergy related), so I can empathize with you!

  28. Everything is just beautiful!!! Stunning work you do indeed!!

  29. HI JENNY---you are now way ahead with your Christmas--with the gifts that you made for gifts and now with the three Christmas items for decorating or for more gifts--Thank you for joining the challenge and all your hard work--I love the designs and will be back to order that pattern soon--now if you will send me your mailing address I have a thank you gift for you--here is a new email address though for this ya soon--hugs, just, Di

  30. Oh what wonders you have created now! Wonderful decorations/wall-quilts!!! 8-)

  31. Boo hiss to the migraine. You know I'm praying, sweetie.
    I love love love your projects. That skinny one is fabulous. You'd better take pics of your home at Christmastime!


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