Sunday, August 2, 2009

Go and ask Paula for this pattern...

Paula from Sew Little Time has designed a really cute stitchery and she's offering to share it free if enough people comment on her blog...

...isn't it sweet!?
Go visit her and ask nicely...I can see this stitched into a pillowcase cover for Blossom's bed, what about you? ;-)

PS: The patterns have finally gotten through for the Etsy customer! \o/ It was her spam filter. They are great things, but at times they can cause a problem.


  1. Oh my gosh that is cute - I'm running right over there!

    I'm so glad the etsy problem is being fixed, yay Jenny!

  2. Ooh my lord, I have had more comments from people who saw this post in the last half hour than I've had in a week! Thank you Jenny! I will send the pattern home with my mum so she can scan it in for me and I will put the PDF up as soon as I can.

    So glad the etsy situation is sorted! have a nice cup of tea from your new cup set and as my kids say, "Put on your happy face" hehehe.
    Hugs Paula

  3. Thanks Jenny am going over to see Paula now.

  4. Cute pattern. I am going to go and visit. Thanks for the heads up. And I am happy the Esty situation is getting resolved.

  5. Great pattern and so cute, I have the perfect idea for this, and I am so glad the etsy problem has been sorted.

  6. Glad to hear the etsy situation has been resolved.I'll pop over and comment on the gorgeous stitchery Paula has designed.Hopefully there'll be a flood of responses for her pattern :) Barb.

  7. I can maybe see you making me a pillow cover with that design on it. He he he. It is the sweetest little design, too!
    I'm glad that things with your buyer are looking up. Have faith!

  8. Hi Jenny, the pattern has been scanned and is now ready to be downloaded. I have had over 200 visitors from your blog today, you are a very popular lady! :)
    Thank you so much for sending them my way...
    Hugs Paula x
    PS. I lived in Longreach for 13 years and absolutely loved it! Charters was a popular stop on our way up to Airlie Beach for holidays, you picked a lovely spot to move to.

  9. Very cute pattern, I see she has gotten a "few" requests LOL. Hooray on getting the Esty thing on to happier things.


  10. Hey I want to shop with you and Blossom! I love the pretty pretty things you found! ;0

    Need to know one thing: how come you didn't buy the creamer and sugar bowl that went with that stunning milk pitcher??!! ;0


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