Friday, August 14, 2009

That Sewing Machine Cover Challenge...another gift...and two more wins!

How are you going with the August Sewing Machine Cover Challenge? Have you made yours yet? I have almost finished my second one, but I have an idea for a third...I think I will make one for every week of the month so I can dress my machine to suit my moods. ;-)

Perhaps you are stuck for ideas?
Have you seen the gorgeous Sewing Companions pattern that Cheryl just released? It's so beautiful!

And remember this pretty Notions On My Heart block that Vicki designed? It would be perfect on the front of your machine cover! :-)

I bet you have even doodled a few designs of your own that would make your cover a one-of-a-kind!
Don't forget to let me know when you have finished your cover and put the photo on your blog. There will be a surprise giveaway on the 1st of September from Cheryl and I if you have finished your cover by August 31st! I'll be drawing a winner and 2 runners-up from the names we collect.

Make sure you have a photo of your machine cover on your blog, then leave your comment with a link to your blog on this post to be in the draw!
It is my friend Barb's birthday tomorrow, and when we were travelling across the Nullabor Plain to move here last month I spent 2 days stitching this for her. It takes much longer to hand embroider when you're in a moving car, but I persevered and when the block was finished I just loved it!

I have made it into a small wallhanging, and there is a hanging sleeve stitched into the back so Barb can hang it how she likes. I also did a bit more of that machine quilting I've become so fond of lately, but just along the sides of the block.
The block is by Leanne Beasley and is part of the Breast of Friends BOM that has been running all year in Australian Homespun magazine. I love her designs!


I feel almost embarrassed to tell you that this week I won another two giveaways!
On Monday when I won Brenda's giveaway I was so thrilled because I really wanted to win her prize and I rarely win anything...then Wednesday I won Amanda Browning's giveaway, another one I really wanted to win! It felt as though all my Christmases had come at once!
But just as I was pinching myself on being so blessed, I discovered that Terry had decided to draw some extra names in her giveaway and I was one of them! Thank you so much Brenda, Amanda and Terry - you are so generous and I am SO thrilled to have gorgeous presents to look forward to. :-)

You know, a year ago I entered every single giveaway that I heard about. Now, I don't. Whilst all giveaways have beautiful prizes for the winner, they are not always something I would use or choose to have...when I figured that out in my head I decided to only enter giveaways I really, genuinely, would like to win, and this week I was so blessed. :-)

Speaking of a good week...I am working on a secret project for Australian Homespun magazine! But you can't see it until February, which coincidentally is my birthday month. How lovely to be published in Homespun for my birthday. :-)

Have a wonderful weekend dear friends,
Make sure you take time out to sit quietly somewhere and count your blessings! I'll be enjoying time with my husband and teenagers, and wishing Monday would wait to arrive...


  1. I just love your second sewing machine cover. The pastel colours are my favourite.

    I am doing some Christmas stitcheries at the moment. I usually start later in the year, but because I have not been getting as much work at the local Primary School, I have been stitching Gail Pan's Christmas blocks. Thank you to Gail and thank you to you Jenny for your Shabby Roses BOM.

  2. Jenny your machine covers look great, and thats good to hear that you won two give aways. have a great time at the weekend, are you and Blossom off to that wee shop again:)

  3. I love your version of the Breast of Friends block.
    The sewing machine is just beautiful too.
    Congras on your wins too. It is fun to win sometimes.

  4. What a lovely stitchery hanging you made for your lucky friend! I love Leanne's patterns too. I really like the wavy quilting around the block-sets it off nicely! What I love about your work is your small, precise stitches-just lovely! Can't wait to see your THREE sewing machine covers!

  5. *drooling* over that sewing machine!
    You're so sweet to make that beautiful wall hanging for you friend.
    Karma is working in your give so much so now you are receiving!!! Congrats on your wins!!

  6. Very cute wallhanging, she will love it!! Congrats on the wins, I don't enter giveaways for the same reasons you gave and if I don't think I would follow the blog after the giveaway I don't enter.

    You have a lovely weekend!!


  7. Dear Jenny, thanks so much for the "Christmas Package in Stitches", I´m sure my home is going to be more beatuful than ever in Christmas time with those desings to decorate it ; sending you lots of hugs and kisses

  8. That is a gorgeous machine cover of Cheryl's!!!
    Barb is a lucky gal! That is a lovely "best of friends" piece Jenny! What is the finished size of this block?
    Wow! Lucky you on your 3 wins! Like Christmas indeed! lol! 8-)

  9. And again you made some really nice things. Congratulations with you winning two give aways. A project for Homespun, woaw how great is that

  10. Those covers are wonderful. I have thought about making one for years but never got around to it. Maybe I'll give it a go!

  11. love your covers, Jenny. I am working on mine but I only read blogs and don't have my own...any alternative for me and a photo when mine is finished??? Betty

  12. I think you're addicted to sewing machine covers, Jenny! LOL! I still don't have a machine to cover. *sob*

    That wallhanging you made for your friend is just beautiful. She'll love it!

    Congratulations on your wins sweetie, you deserve them! Oh and please disregard my email, lol, a few minutes after I sent it I found you'd posted. Sheesh.

  13. You certainly have been lucky of late! All those wins.
    I very much like the quilt you made for your friend. It really says what your friendship means. Very pretty!

  14. Hi Jenny,
    Way to go! You are soo inspiring, always got some new piece to show off.
    Your sewing machine covers are just wonderful and I like your idea of adding Vicki's design.
    Have a great weekend.

  15. Oh my gosh Jenny, a second machine cover, Its beautiful, I havent even thought about the first one yet....

    And the wall hanging for your friend is lovely, I have to admit I loved the design for that block, and will be doing it again.

    Congrats on the forthcoming project for the magazine. hugz xxx

  16. Love the sewing machine cover.Congratulations you Lucky girl winning three giveaways,but as one of the previous girls has posted about Karma "what goes around,comes around" and I think this is very true for you.
    I can't wait to see what's being printed in Febuary's issue I subscribe to the mag so there's no way I'll miss out on it.I also thought as soon as I saw tthe cover of Country threads that those wonky houses looked very familiar.Congratulations again :) Barb.

  17. I'm so happy for you! What good luck you have, yeah? Congratulations!
    My husband is home from Japan. He did bring me a wood doll. Kokeshi (spelling?). It's nice to have a few hours to ourselves while the kids are in school. We are all gearing up for the move . . . I hope I'll have time to crack out a sewing machine cover. Mind, it won't be as fancy and nifty as the ones I have seen, but I'll TRY. If I finish after the date, I'll still email you a pic of my efforts so you can have a chuckle at my "young chick" attempts. :) Blessings to you!!

  18. Betty, if you email me a photo of your cover I can add your name to the entries. :-)
    Please make sure the photo is under 150kb.

  19. Your cover is great Jenny..
    I still have not had time to make one..
    Congratulations on your wins..
    What day in Feb is your birthday..mine is also in Feb..
    Julia ♥

  20. Hello darling Jen! :-)

    Congratulations with your giveaways sweetie, you deserve them! And Congrats too on your pending debut in Homespun! How wonderful to be published during the same month as your birthday! :-) Hmmm... I think you might need to email me some dates here sweetie!!! :-)

    The block you made for Barb is divine, I love the colour palette and fabrics you chose, and I agree, it is a wonderful design.

    I have one more project to complete and then i'm "onto" your challenge! I'm always up for a challenge!!

    Hugs and love!
    Vikki xxooOO (those last two are extra big hugs!!!)

  21. Definately karma so deserve to win and such lovely prizes too :) I am a subscriber of Homespun also so I wont miss your design in February...woo hooo How exciting!! But your designs are just so pretty and lovely that its a wonder all the magazines arent champing at the bit for you to design for them. The machine cover is lovely that Cheryl has designed and looks so pretty. I like your idea of one for each week. You are a special lady Jen and deserve special things to happen :) hugs Vicki

  22. Way to go with your lucky run!
    I bought my copy of Creative Country Threads today ... looks more lovely in gloss. It's an extra thrill for me knowing the creator.
    Congratulations all round. :D

  23. Hi Jenny ... I really should make myself a new sewing machine cover. I made one a few years ago but I'd like something fresh and pretty ;o). I wonder if I could get one done by the end of the month ;o)????? I can't wait to see your new pattern in Homespun!!!
    How lucky you've been with giveaways, and deservedly so, yay for you :o) - I was lucky in Terry's draw too :o)!!
    Enjoy your weekend Jenny....
    Take care,
    Joy :o)

  24. Congrats on your the little wallhanging for is just lovely...

  25. I really ought to make myself a sewingmachine cover for my new sewingroom. Well...have to see if time allows me to do it.
    Looking forward to see your secret project in Homespun. I now have a subscribtion on it and will have it in my mailbox every month :)

  26. Well done on all your wins. I presume you are buying lottery tickets too?

  27. Well done on your recent wins! Look forward to seeing your design in Homespun next year.

  28. Hi Jenny
    congrats on your wins
    I am starting to make my cover today so I will put a pic up on my blog whan I am finished [may take a few days ]thank you for the inspiration
    hugs Beth

  29. The sewing machine cover is just beautiful too.
    so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    Congras on your wins too.

  30. I have finished my cover! Please enter me in the draw.

  31. I did it, my cover is finished.
    I have used your Wonky houses design :)

  32. I have finished Jenny - Finally..... I have blogged about my cover.


  33. OK, I guess mine turned out, so I posted it on my blog. Am not good at doing things without a pattern and this was a challenge for me. I'm happy tho with the way it turned out. Thanks for the nudge!

  34. Hi Jenny,
    I am thinking that I'm in on time...maybe last, but in there and then I remember that you are in another time zone and it might be tomorrow this time, but even at that it is still before August 31, 2009....right? Okay, hopefully I made it in time.... thanks for the challenge machine thanks you as well...she has a cover either way!

  35. Oi Jenny...
    Fiz minha capa de máquina, ta quase pronta, vou colocar uns botões, mas como só volto aqui amanhã a noite e ai na Australia será 1 de setembro, tou postando a foto hoje. Um abraço


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