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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

May I present the...~~GUM TREE DESIGNERS~~~

This exciting day has finally arrived! I know all the secrecy drove you mad, but we had so much fun fielding questions over the last week, and now, the day of unveiling has arrived!!
The day when we, the Gum Tree Designers, can finally reveal our big secret and share with you our combined blog, Among The Gum Trees!

In January this year I had a dream of bringing together lesser known Australian textile designers and sitting with them under one banner - or should I say under the gum trees.
"Among The Gum Trees" was birthed in my heart back then and it seems only fitting that nine months later the 'baby' has been born.

Before I go any further, may I introduce to you the nine GUM TREE DESIGNERS!

Vikki Stewart, Cheryl Goss, Vicki Tucek, Judith Tetley, Dawn Hay, Joy Coey, Paula Storm, Fiona Ransley, and myself.

The ethos of this group is sharing - sharing freely our designs with YOU, our fellow stitchers and crafters. The new blog will not replace our individual blogs, but be a meeting place where we offer free designs, news and information about what we've got happening in our own crafting world and to spread the word on any giveaways, new patterns, magazine published designs, or ideas that we hope will bless you!

The new blog has links to a Question & Answer profile on each of us, as well as a short bio in the first post.
It will announce some amazing free designs you can collect over October and November from each one of us, as well as our plans for free designs next year as well.
There is also news on something CRAZY that will begin tomorrow for all of us with your participation needed!

(My darling Blossom has been working behind the scenes for us as well. You'll notice the gorgeous link buttons for each Gum Tree Designer down the sidebars of Among The Gum Trees - every one was made with love and patience by Blossom. She's our official Gum Nut baby. )

So without further ado....we welcome you all to Among The Gum Trees! The door is open NOW and the kettle is on...come sit Among The Gum Trees for a while and we'll spend some time together getting to know each other. Can you bring the scones?



  1. You go girl...no doubt about you Jen...always something new happening...this is awesome..

  2. Hi there sweetie and fellow gumnut!

    Ahhhh... I'm just popping over for a coffee... I'll pick up the scones on my way!

    Loves ya!

    Vikki xoxoxo

  3. A BIG congratulations on your exciting news. I've already put the new blog in my google reader. Lovely design by Blossom and yes, I'll bring the scones.

  4. you go girl-I am so happy for you that you bought all this to fruition all this creativeness in one place is going to be awesome...big thanks too all of you for supporting Jenny..way to go Blossom great work,cheers Vickie

  5. Let the party begin!!!!!!! I've got my party pants on, lol! I'm adding your button to my sidebar tonight - turns out I'm already following four of you, just have to add the other 5. This is so fun, Jenny! And a GREAT job to Blossom!

  6. i wish you all the best in this venture, congratulations

  7. this is too cool for words!! I am excited and happy to see your works, and i wish you all the success in the world

  8. You guys are so amazing! Thank you all for sharing your talents with us all in such a wonderful and fun way! I look forward to seeing all the giveaways tomorrow! :0)

  9. Oh WOW Jenny, this is just too cool for words!
    Silly me has been watching for my bloglines to show your new post (still hasn't yet), when I should have just came straight here.
    I'll be adding your logo on my blog just as soon as I can sort out some upload issues.

  10. Congrats, I am so excited for you all!! Can't wait to see more. Strawberry jam and fresh bread! Are you kidding, I WILL be right over! lol

  11. WOO HOO!!! I'm heading over right now \0/\0/


  12. You guys are awesome! You are so giving and generous! I look forward to getting to know those of you I haven't met yet and enjoying more of your deigns!

  13. oh well done Jenny, and good luck to you all. I along with many may others will certainly look forward to this!

  14. You wonderful crafty devil, you...keeping such a secret!!! We are all soooo grateful to you for organising all this Aussie hospitality in the one spot...such talented, creative, giving people...you guys rock!!!
    Will be back daily
    ;o) Wendy B

  15. Congratulations ! What a great idea , many thanks .

  16. Congratulations! Just the right thing for you to do!

  17. This is such exciting and wonderful news. Can't thank you enough for doing this. Best wishes and Good Luck...can't wait to see what you all get up to. Have added your button to my blog. xx

  18. Hi Jenny,
    Thank you.
    You are one caring, sharing, generous lady.
    I'll be checking out everyone's blogspot.
    I've already added the Gum Tree Designer button to my blog.

  19. Congratulations Jenny, This is just awesome. No wonder you have been so quiet. hugs xxx

  20. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your talent. Looking forward to all the fun :)

  21. Congrats hope all goes well for you girls it sounds like fun I am making the scones now LOL.
    Hugs Mary.

  22. How wonderful to see your dream come to fruition. This is so generous of you all. I love Blossom's work.

  23. A wonderful concept. I can bring the scones, can you provide the sleep!

  24. What a great idea Jenny you are a wonder.I'm looking forward to all the fun.

  25. Buona fortuna e in bocca al lupo per questo nuovo progetto....
    E' una cosa splendida riunire tutte voi insieme per creare e condividere...
    Un bacio

  26. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your talent.
    Let the party begin:0)
    Congratulations on the work of Blosson!

  27. Congratulations ladies!!!

    Well done Blossom!

    Thank you!!!

  28. Just a thank you to each of the 'gum tree' designers for being so lovely as to share their designs free, I follow most of you and always pick up any freebies I can from each of you, so thanks again.

    Will be dropping by and thanking each of you.

  29. Hola!
    Sólo puedo decirle: GRACIAS!!!
    No hay otra palabra que pueda expresar lo que siento!
    Lo acabo de publicar en mi blog, porque TANTA GENEROSIDAD no es algo común en los días que corren!!!, y merece que sea publicada para que la noticia corra como reguero de pólvora!
    Espero que reciban todo el cariño que se merecen y nos vemos prontito!
    Besotes (son besos grandotes y es mi marca registrada) desde Argentina!!!
    Google Traductor: "Hello!
    I can only say THANK YOU!
    There is no other word that can express how I feel!
    I've posted on my blog, because such generosity is not common in the days running! And deserves to be published for the news flow like wildfire!
    I hope they receive all the love they deserve and we prontito!
    Besotes (they are big boys and kisses is my trademark) from Argentina!"

  30. Thanks Jenny, for having this fantastic idea and making a reality. I already love the new blog LOL and met a few designers I didn't 'know' yet!.

  31. Congratulations, Jenny. I look forward to following along on your collective creative journeys.

    I'll bring some scones too...with raisind, of course!

  32. Congratulations and best of luck to you all.

  33. o... this is a verry good Idee, congratulation

  34. Ohhh ... Jenny,
    It´s phantastic, Thank you so much for bringin this on the Roll.
    It´s so georgeus :))
    To Blossom: Very great Job !!


  35. Congratulations Jenny.. Now you have some more talent on board to share with us?? Can't wait to check out your new site. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  36. Jenny how lovely to see your dream come to fruition! Lots of prayer indeed and it shows in your generosity of spirit! I look forward to watching you all go from strength to strength with your hearts your guide and God your inspiration. x

  37. Hi Jenny,
    Well, this was a mystery worth waiting for. I already know your blog is awesome and now there are eight more artist to appreciate! Yes, I'll bring the scones ... blueberry (my favorite)! If only...
    hugz, Pam
    Oh, this is a brilliant idea...just thought you should know!

  38. Ohh.. so much fun you all will have!! Good luck to yo all!!!
    Ok.. Gum tree logo on my blog
    Already a folower to your blog
    And to Gum tree blog too...
    and I made a comment!!! so So please add me to your fantastic giveaway!!!! Good luck!!

  39. Congratulations with your new blog :o)

  40. And I have your logo at my side bar :o)

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. Congratulations on the launch of Gum Tree Designers. What a terrific idea!

  43. I've subscribed to your blog now. I don't know how I'd have time for my own with all the blogs I'm reading!!

  44. Gum Tree button added, comments made, let the fun begin!

  45. I've been able to leave comments on all the Gum Tree sites except: Vikki of Sew Useful Designs. I get a big warning of 'Malware' that may do bad things on my computer. Has anyone else had problems with that?

  46. congradulations! I'm looking forward to this, such fun ! i'm already a follower. sue.

  47. hi i'm going to put the button on my blog thanks. sue


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