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Thomas Moore

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's still August and I'm still using that orange shirt!

You really do surprise yourself when you make the decision to "re-invent" an old piece of clothing - the ideas keep coming and the fabric never seems to run out!
Today I made my 4th project from the 50c shirt, and it actually piqued the interest of Mr Elefantz! Perhaps you don't know, but Mr E loves me, loves my desire to create, but doesn't necessarily love my style. Shabby Roses, florals, pinks and white? Well, they just aren't him. But he sure does encourage me to keep doing what I love - you can see why I love him, can't you!?
Anyhow - back to today's August Re-Invention Challenge project, and why Mr E loved it.
I have had a big bag of old Australian product labels since before I started sewing in 2005. I saw them in an op shop one day and couldn't leave them there - they spoke to me of my childhood; being raised by grandparents in a 3 room flat, our kitchen dresser filled with these same labels on tins and boxes, I was homesick for my nana as soon as I saw them. 
One that stood out today was the 'Billy Tea" label - that orange matched my fabric perfectly, and it was nana and pop's favourite brew! 
Now what to make with it? This house is very breezy...and one can never have enough door stoppers, can one?
I even got to use the leftover buttons from the front of the shirt.
Mr E *loves* being an Aussie, and he loves things around our home that remind us of who we are and where we come from. :-)
I have so many more labels that I may need to make him an Aussie themed quilt - what do you think?
I'm thrilled he likes the new doorstopper, but I love these...
Next to roses, I love gerberas best. :-)
Because I have such a lot of these vintage labels, I thought I might share some with you.
Leave a comment on this post and I'll pop your name in the draw for a label or two. I'll draw 4 names tomorrow night and the first name will win the other Billy Tea label, and the next 3 names will each win two of the smaller labels each.

PS: Keep sending photos of your August Challenge items! The month is almost over and a new challenge awaits!


  1. Hi Jenny,
    love what you have been doing with that shirt...I haven't had time to check out my local oppies yet...but I will.
    Next to roses, my favorite flowers are gerberas too...they remind me of gorgeous hot summer days!
    cheers Julz

  2. What a clever way of using the labels. Funny how you can look at something and it transports you back in time. The gerbera's are so pretty

  3. What a clever door stopper. And it's one that's fresh and colorful while being handsomely masculine too. Gerberas? I've never heard of these flowers. So glad you included pictures of them. They're very pretty! The two-tone makes them unique. Do they smell good too?

  4. So good to have a loving husband. I like youe idea of a door stopper, and your flowers are so beautiful.


  5. Oh that's fantastic Jen - LOVE that doorstopper. And yes I think a quilt for Mr E would be absolutely perfect. I hope he's enjoying his new blue "toy"??

    Fee x

  6. Hi Jenny
    Lovely that you have made something that Mr E likes - That's so often not a thing the "men" tells us about when they actually like what we make. I would love to have the label with the parrot on - It's "Gawjuss" Love birds and my daughter have a small gray parakit parrot. I think you are a lot like me Jennygirl - I cant go to any shop of reuse and NOT come home with at least one bag full of stuff
    Hope you are doing much better with your finger - Im' down for another surgery tomorrow again - A frozen shoulder this time.... Think I have a lot to deal with at the moment

    Happy Smiles to YOU anyway
    from Lone - In Denmark

  7. Ooooh what a gawjus doorstop!!! I just love it Jen, what a clever use of that shirt ... and your fabulous label too :o).
    Love n hugs,
    Joy :o)

  8. What a terrific idea. When I saw the labels I got very excited. I heart all things TEA. How can you part with even one? You're generous. So many flowers to love but I love the sweet scent of freesias and the spiciness of stargazer lilies.

  9. Too cute, Jenny!!!
    Love the tea label and seeing what you come up with next from that shirt. Such fun.

  10. Your ideas of reinventing have been very clever loved them all Mr.E is one lucky guy would love to have some Aussie labels would remind me of our Aussie friends from Adelaide thanks Jenny for all your great ideas ♥

  11. Oh, those labels are so fun. What a great idea you came up with.
    I have not ever seen a daisy like the pink and white one before. So pretty.

  12. So many ideas and so little time! I've saved old flannel pajamas for some time - you're providing inspiration to pull them out and get to work!

  13. You're very inventive. The door stopper is great!
    I love gerberas too and carnations as well as roses. Our roses are getting buds on them..looking forward to seeing them bloom...they are all over the place here and all come out at different times

  14. A doorstop--how clever and unexpected! That surely was a wonderful 50 cent shirt!
    As for Mr. E, I think everyone should puff up with pride about their country, their family, their life experiences. All these mix together to make us who we are.

  15. Those labels are gorgeous! That doorstopper is a great idea, I should make one myself...

  16. How fantastic - my Bruce also loves these types of things around him, so much so that the top of our cupboards in the kitchen are literally covered in Australiana things - milk bottles, cream bottles, old tins etc. He loves it.

  17. Your vintage labels are fabulous and making one into that doorstop - very inventive. I love your imagination and creativity.
    Those gerberas are gorgeous too.

  18. Jenny,
    I LOVE what you have done with that label! I am inspired. I have some ugly rubber stoppers holding my doors. What a great idea! Thank you. Love Gerberas too. They are my favorite. Yours are so beautiful. I have been into repurposing lately too. Isn't it wonderful what you can do with things you already have?


  19. I love your doorstopper!!! What did you put in it to give it some weight? Sand? Rice? Love to hear from you.

  20. Oh my goodness those labels are stunning. How fun that must have been to find them. I hope that I get one. :-)


  21. Jenny - how creative you are to thibk of a door stopper! That pink & white gerbera is so gorgeous - I love Gerberas too - though we have not had any success growing them. I thibk those labels woudl make a great BBQ apron for Mr E and you probably have just a bit of orange shirt left!
    PS - Mr Random - please pick me!!!!

  22. What are these labels exactly? Are they made of paper? How did you use it in your sewing? Doesn´t it tear?
    Anyway it looks good!

  23. Jenny , that is the cutest door stop I have ever seen , just love the label ,I am not familiar with the tea but the label is really neat .The gerbenas are beautiful as well .

  24. I would love to win some of the labels. I lived in Pennant Hills for three years in the early 90's and they would remind my of my time in Australia.

  25. A great doorstopper. Love what your making with the shirt. Great recycling.

    Marie in Oregon


  26. Gee Jenny you sure have made many items out of the orange shirt.
    The door stop looks great.
    Beautiful Gerberas. Love the white with pink centre.

  27. I think the Mr should definately have a quilt with the beloved labels. Wonderful idea!
    I also would not mind winning one. ;)

  28. Hi Jenny-Love the door stop. We need these too in the cold winters of Wisconsin. I'd love any of these treats.

  29. Oh Jenny-girl this is just brilliant - I love it so much - what a perfect doorstop! Love the Billy Tea label!

  30. Never thought of making a doorstopper. Yours looks so great I'll have to give it a go.

  31. The doorstopper turned out to be amazing! How wonderful that the oranges matched perfectly and the additional fabrics are juuuuust right. Really, there's no way one would know that this is a challenge project - it looks much too planned and professional!

    And I mean that in a GOOD way!! :-)

  32. Great doorstop! How much more can you get out of a shirt? :)
    The pink and white gerberas are lovely.

  33. It's so much fun to see all the things you've done with that orange shirt ~ a 50 cent treasure!

    Love the new door stop, too! Labels are always fun ~ thanks for the chance to win one.

    So happy to know you are feeling better from your hand surgery. Hope that finger gets back to normal very soon.
    Happy Stitching!!!

  34. what a lovely doorstop! :-)I love these labels, but I am not entering your give away this time, because... go and have a look at my blog :-)

    I am glad that your finger is working all right :-)


  35. Love the door Stopper Jenny and the vintage labels are brilliant. I can see why Mr. E. likes the Billy Tea label!

  36. Jenny, I am very inspired by your re-inventing posts. My dear son has given me two of his (very nice) button-down cotton shirts that have worn out in the elbows. He knows how much I love fabric, and these are good-quality shirts. Thanks for the inspiration!

  37. I love the vintage looking door stop Jenny! Sew cool. And those vintage labels all look awesome. I understand how something like that can just transport you back in time. I have made a few more things for the August reinvention challenge and I will be posting them on my blog this week for Friday Sew and Tell. I am down to one square of fabric which is about 12 x 12 and a zipper from the skirt. But just about every other square inch of the skirt was used! Fun! Thanks for hosting the challenge!

  38. What a neat challenge! Love orange shirt. I just 'stumbled' onto your Blog. Just loved wandering through your yard with you and Lily Rose.
    I am not familiar with these labels. Haven't seen them in USA.
    They must be cloth? Would be nice to see one. Have a good day

  39. The door stop looks great. You have to do something with those labels. They are great!

  40. I love having things around that bring up such lovely memories as you have of your grandparents.
    My momma's favorite flowers were gerberas. And that white and pink blossom is especially lovely.

  41. That pink and white gerbera is just beautiful!

  42. You never cease to amaze me Jen with what you come up with next. :) Love the door stopper. hugs Vicki

  43. Wow, what spiffy labels you all have down under! I'd love to win a couple - can put them into one of my crazy quilted blocks. :)


  44. Jenny,
    I cannot believe all the beautiful things you have created with this shirt! Amazing! This door stop is truly wonderful!
    xx, shell and sugie bunny

  45. I have been fascinated with what you have been doing with the re-cycling of a shirt - even inspired. But your latest creation tops it for me. Love your labels and the tea label is perfect for a doorstop/decor. Sharon-NY,USA

  46. Hi Jenny, that shirt is a pretty shade of orange. Reminds me of a fitting sheet I bought at good will also orange. I'm still using it. Hugs.

  47. Don't ya just love a man that supports your passion..He indefinetly a keeper.. Hope you hand is healing .

  48. Hi Jenny...that orange shirt has certainly "murfed" into some lovely things...old is now new and useful again...the door stopper is just wonderful and a great way of using one of your labels..you seem to find lots of treasures and have the knack of turning them into something just amazing..thanks for the great ideas and inspiration..hugs LindaB

  49. I love what you've created from your "Re-Invention".

    I've just posted about mine. I've continued to re-cycle the jeans. From one pair of "brown top stitched" jeans I got a Japanese Knot Bag, Pleated Wallet and iPad cover. From a second pair of "blue top stitched " jeans, a bag and controls pouch/pocket.

    But for this month's Re-Invention - I used an icecream container!!

    Yes, visit my blog and you'll read about it.



  50. Jenny, you and your family are so...hmmm, wonderful, sincere, real. Yeah, real. I love reading your blog. Hope you're doing better after surgery. I know how painful physical therapy on a hand can be.

    I've not participated in your challenge. Mom is with me this month, and she has Alzheimer's. I have so enjoyed your projects.

  51. Great idea! And the pictures of your flowers are so pretty!

  52. What a great idea! How much of the shirt is left?? The flower pictures are gorgeous. L,A-

  53. Not sure if I am too late - but would love a label or two to be creative with - the door stop idea is fab might borrow that one !!!

    Thank-you !