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Thomas Moore

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Miss Sophie is missing

My girl is missing. 
We haven't seen her since yesterday's wild storm. We thought she was still inside, as I took this photo just before the storm, but she has missed dinner and breakfast and she never does.
Please pray Miss Sophie is safe and finds her way home.
Thank you,


Fiona said...

Oh No !! She may have got locked in somewhere - Ask the neighbours to check their sheds etc... Our Monty when she was alive got stuck in the storm drain system and had to wait until she had lost weight to get out - She was gone almost 4 weeks. I hope you get her home soon XXX Fee XX

shez said...

please come back miss sophie,i am sure she will find her way back from where she was hiding,she is such a pretty cat.xo

Joan said...

I lost my cat for a few days and he was locked in a neighbour's garage not far from our house so check with your neighbours. I'm thinking of you and hoping Miss Sophie will return soon.

alice said...

Prayers that she comes home soon.
Hopefully she is taking refuge with a neighbor. Such a sweet baby.

Marilyn said...

Sure hope she just found a safe place to hide and she will come out of hiding as soon as she feels safe again. Our little one didnt come home last night either, but she turned up this morning, meowing loudly at the door. Miss Sophie, you need to come home too.

Michelle said...

Do follow Fiona's suggestion about asking neighbors to check their sheds. A few years back, my husband unlocked a rarely used tool shed and a cat streaked out past him. We weren't sure who it belonged to or how long it had been there -- and it was long gone before he could even blink.

I've had cats disappear for weeks at a time and turn up just fine, so don't give up hope.

LindaB said...

Oh no! ! I hope she comes home soon...hugs..LindaB

Vickie said...

what ahorrible feeling you are feeling I have been there...our cat went missing and yes I thought the worst she was found hiding in a bottom drawer-how she got in there is a mystery as the drawer was shut...I pray Sophie turns up soon,cheers Vickie

Scottish Nanna said...

I hope you find her Cats are good at finding their way home Someone might be looking after her you should go round all your neighbours and ask lookin all your places in the house that she might hide and get locked in.
Hugs Mary.xx

Jeanne said...

I pray that your next post will have Sophie curled up back in the chair.

AnitaS said...

I hope she will be safe back soon.