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Thomas Moore

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Helen's Home Sweet Home

Helen Stubbings designs lovely quilts, and her new one, "Home Sweet Home" is simply gorgeous...
 Helen is celebrating the release of this pattern by having a giveaway on her blog!
Now, I would *love* to win this pattern myself, so I'm being extra nice telling you about it. My chances of winning will decrease dramatically now!
But I don't mind. Good luck to all of us. :-)
Visit Helen's blog HERE to enter her giveaway.



  1. Hallo Jenny,

    Thanks for the link, have wrote it on my blog too, because I love it!!
    It would be perfect in our hall and the design is al to my taste! I mad her LIB and althow I have two more quilts to finish (Lynette's) you will understand that this one is just unbelievable fantastic! Wish us both good luck!

  2. OOoh Jen, this one looks 'just like you'!!! I have my fingers crossed for you!
    sugary hugs darlin


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