"The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest."

Thomas Moore

Monday, June 25, 2012

The weekend that was, and now Monday is here....

Now, I realise for some of my readers you're still enjoying Sunday, but for us down here Monday is half over already. I'm not complaining though! Mr E has school holidays and will be home with me for two whole weeks! \o/\o/ 
So what did my weekend accomplish?
It began with the new Farmers Market early Saturday morning. So disappointing.  Not many stalls and only three small ones selling a little fruit or veg. Hopefully it will pick up as word gets out.
Mr E and I came home, locked away the car and hopped on the bike for a ride to the Strand and our favourite Saturday lunch spot - The Strand Souvlaki Bar - for Yiros and chips...
By afternoon it was cold! The sun was hidden behind dark clouds, and the wind was very fresh so we headed home again. I took advantage and rested more (still not 100% at the moment), and stitched a bit. Please understand that here in the tropics anything under 24C is cold and cardigans must be worn - along with thick woolly socks. ;-)
Bob-the-dog braved the outside for all of an hour...
 Princess Sophie stood at the door and watched him, but chose not to join him...
When Bob-the-dog came back inside both of them claimed Blossom's bed for warmth and a nap....
She'd gone out for the afternoon so they didn't waste a moment taking over her room!
The rest of the day was spent writing patterns for my magazine - this is my least enjoyed part of the design process. By later afternoon I was 'over it' so googled for a recipe to make for dinner. It was just Mr E and I so I splurged and bought some prawns for a yummy salad!
Sunday was another cold day, so I made us all a hot breakfast of Caramel Banana Pancakes. You can see how I make them HERE. Blossom floods hers with maple syrup...
Mr E decided to fix the car...
Blossom finished stitching her framed version of "The Whistler's Rhyme". She doodled this sketch last year and now we've both stitched it in our personal styles. How cool is that?!
Last night, after a simple dinner of scrambled eggs, Mr E, Bloss and I were all hankering for something sweet. I remembered a box of gluten free donut mix that I still hadn't had the courage to try. I became courageous, and 20 minutes and 2 litres of oil later, we had donuts...
The crispy cinnamon outer shell was yummy, but the inside?? Oh dear. Yuk. :-(
We wondered if they'd taste better in the morning, perhaps with some butter and jam? 
Monday Morning :
NO. They do not taste better. They are worse.
I will not make these again. They have been tossed in the bin, and I shall endeavour to make my fool-proof gluten free chocolate brownies this afternoon. We need a nice sweetie...
After a healthy breakfast of buckwheat granola and strawberries (sooooooo much nicer than the donuts), I finally basted and quilted the "Things We Love" quilt that I, along with my beautiful friends Dawn, Fee, Vicki and Joy, designed last year.
I will sew down the binding this afternoon and show you the finished quilt tomorrow. It's gorgeous!
Tomorrow I am also going to share a recycle tip for...
I know it's been ages since my last one. Oops. 

I hope your week ahead will be one of pure delights!!


  1. Hi sweet Jenny, I loved reading this post...of course, I always love your posts...but you sound like you are feeling better and that truly makes me joyful. So glad you got out for a ride...we did too *\o/* !!! I write to you about that. Keeping you in my prayers. Big Hugs...

  2. WOOOO HOOOOO Jenny!!! You won the Stitchery Quilt contest...I don't know that the official announcement has been posted but...I feel safe in saying so because if you go to the 2012 winners page, your name, blog info and quilt are shown as this weeks winner. Congratulations my wonderful friend. Big Big Hugs...

  3. PS...I'm doing my happy dance but it looks pretty dorky with a cane, LOL.

  4. OMG, made your banana carmel pancakes for dinner the other night. "Devine" is the word that comes to mind to describe them. Thanks for sharing this lovely receipe.


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