"The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest."

Thomas Moore

Friday, August 24, 2012

Elefantz HOME back issues will disappear in 5 days!

If you have ever considered purchasing a back issue of Elefantz HOME magazine, you might want to hurry and do so.
Issue 1 will always be a free download, however Issues 2 - 12 will be removed from sale as of August 29th.
I have listed each individual issue HERE on the magazine webpage! 
You can purchase one or all...it's up to you. 
But only for the next five days!!

Here's a few of the projects that I've shared in those issues...

Five more days, and all gone!

These are PDF issues that I will email to you within 12 hours of purchase depending on whether we're in the same time zone or not. ;-)

You can purchase the back issues HERE.



  1. What issue is the tree and pot of flowers in? I do not mean to bother you....but I love that!
    I am excited for Blossom and I can tell you that a good SIL is a wonderful addition to your family!
    May God Bless them!

  2. I love every project and every issue - you write as well as you create - I hope everyone takes advantage of this!