"The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest."

Thomas Moore

Friday, March 28, 2014

Another Sunday adventure with Mr E...

Last Sunday we decided not to go too far from home as the weather prediction was for a big downpour later in the day. 
Giru is a tiny little country town about 50 kilometres south of us, so guess where our first stop was?
After turning left off the highway we were struck by how many birds were sharing the cow paddocks. Pretty tolerant cows, yeh?

Giru is a sugar cane town with the mill at the heart of it...

When the clouds moved to reveal the sun we could instantly feel the burn on our skin, so we stopped under shady trees at the local lawn bowls club. And what a pretty place to photograph...

We headed off in different directions with our cameras, and I had a little giggle as this local casually strolled out from the bowling club to check up on what we, the visitors, were up to...

He'd left the gate open, and with no-one else there that I could see, I decided to go take a look around...

Both my dad and my pop were avid lawn bowlers, and I pretty much spent every Saturday morning for about 9 years sipping sarsaparilla from a large 'schooner' glass while they practiced for their Sunday club games. This place brought back some really special memories, especially the carefully maintained lawns and the casual country atmosphere...

 Of course, when dad and pop played bowls they wore white, large brimmed hats. I think times have changed...

 The garden and pots surrounding the single bowling green were lush and obviously cared for...

Although there were a few 'wildlife' moments to see, too.

Leaving Giru we headed north towards home, before detouring along another country road. We captured an old rusty tractor and the approaching weather through our camera lenses...


Back on the highway we decided we'd just keep taking side roads and see what we found along the way.
Turn right to Alms...

...and head further along to Cocoa Creek, where the trees meet across the road to make an avenue.

At the end of this road is the Institute of Marine Science but they had a no trespassers sign and the gate was padlocked so we turned around and found the next side road to explore.
It led to Cungulla, a small seaside town with not a single shop. 
There was a 4WD track that ran for 5 kilometres to the beach, but we decided to look around the town instead as we'd run out of cool drinks. The shoreline runs along the east side and a few fishermen were out on the sand searching for bait. My dad and pop used to dig in the sand for pippies to use on their hooks; I wondered if these guys were doing the same?

Large coconut palms were everywhere...

I spent most of my time at Cungulla taking photos of contrasting colours, textures and shapes (400 photos actually!). Such a pretty palette to play with...

Catching Mr E in my photos without him noticing was also part of my fun...

...until he caught me on the way out of town when he'd stopped to photograph a landscape painted garage door!

Too soon it was time to head home, but before we left Cungulla we stopped to dream what it would be like to have this as our very own back yard.
Someone is very blessed...

You'll find more pics and some personal insights over HERE at Mr E's blog.

I hope you've enjoyed my photo journey of last Sunday. No idea where Mr E and I will adventure to next Sunday, but I'll be sure to share the results with you afterwards.



  1. Jenniy, Beautiful pictures, you are so lucky.

    Patricia C

  2. Love the photos Jenny, I would love to do Sunday drives like you do if I had a husband like minded....
    What a great day you must have had.

  3. I'm loving these pics of your adventures! Everything is so different from around here -it's like looking at a National Geographic!

  4. Oh... gorgeous pictures! Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. beautiful pics Jenny.xx

  6. I love your Sunday adventures..... Gail XX

  7. What gorgeous pics....thanks for sharing your day with us :) The spider tho...ummmmm.....scarey!!!

  8. Love seeing your pictures - When I think of Australia, I either think of the outback like in Quiqley Down Under or seeing pictures of Sydney. You have a lovely country. Oh and what are pippies? :-)

    1. Pippies are little shell fish that are dug out of the sand as the tide recedes, and the 'meat' inside is used as bait. Of course, they are also on the menus of the best restaurants. ;-)

    2. Thank you for letting me know!

  9. Ahhhh ... I feel so homesick again. I used to live in Sydney for 3 years and visited a few other places as well around Australia, and looking at your pictures I sooo want to go back at least for a visit. Unfortunately, bringing up 3 kids is an expensive advanture, so it'll have to wait, but I don't give up, one day I will go back! :-) Until then, I keep reading you :-)

  10. Hi, first time visitor to your blog. I really enjoyed your pics. Never managed to make it to Australia (yet!). Maybe one day :)

    1. Lovely to meet you, and thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! Yes, come for a visit...our land is so varied, but so very beautiful. xx

  11. It is so nice to see your pictures. Winter is just ending here and there is not much lush green grass to be seen yet so it's refreshing to see it in your pictures. Spring is here, we just have to wait a little bit until everything comes alive.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful pictures. Don't know how you managed to make the side of a barn, old yellow piece of equipment and a red tractor look interesting...but you did.

    1. Ha ha! Now that's a compliment I shall treasure, Elizabeth. Thank you! x

  13. Once again, a lovely adventure off the beaten path! Beautiful pictures...but you can keep that huge spider!!!

  14. It's rather funny how we often travel to places far and wide but never really appreciate our own back yard. Thanks for the tour!

  15. Thanks for sharing more of your beautiful country. Although American colonists bowled on the lawn, and in fact there's a town called Bowling Green, Kentucky, I've never seen it done, except at Colonial Williamsburg, which is a tourist reproduction of the 1700s Williamsburg. Apparently someone does it, 'cause there's a U. S. association for lawn bowling. I can't recall ever hearing ONE thing about it, though!

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