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Thomas Moore

Monday, March 24, 2014

Things of interest...

I spent some time on Saturday night visiting Pinterest and my favourite blogs, whilst stealing eating a few spearmint leaves from Mr E's lolly bag. As one does, of course.

Thought I'd kick the new week off by showing you the things that got me all inspired, or incited an involuntary sigh of the exquisite kind.

Each of them have a tutorial, or a good explanation of how to make your own. Let's all go crazy this week and make new things, ok?!

'Sheep & Tree Bookends' by Caroline Zoob (my heroine in vintage style embroidery) here at Craft Ideas...

'Pot Pourri Bag' by Julie here at My Threadbear Life...

Sweet Autumn and Spring cross stitches from The Snowflower Diaries. 
Autumn here...

...and Spring here.

Get over your zipper-phobia with this 5-day Sew Along at the Quilt Barn! 
(This is the pot calling the kettle black, ok? I've conquered hexies and its time to conquer zips..)
At the end you'll have a really neat purse to play with.
Start here...

I am going to make this Kilner Sewing Kit Jar very soon because Mr E bought me two Kilner jars to play with when the local kitchen shop had a clearance sale. Love that man.
The tutorial from Weald is here.

Anorina over at Samelia's Mum will show you how to turn your scrap  fabrics into a bright and cheery Flower Garden cushion right here...

Ring Display Case (it's so easy) by Tea Rose Home here...

I saw the next project linked in one of Melody's blog posts (you should visit Mel every day because she  finds the best ideas in craftworld!) and fell in LOVE.

Scrappy Happy Scarves here by Jennifer Jangles...

Now I think all those pretties up above should have recharged any waning creative juices, don't you?
Today I'm busy assembling all the blocks from my Shabby Roses Home BOM!
I finished the stitcheries on the final block after Mr E and I got home from this Sunday's adventuring (more about that later in the week), and have cut the borders and sashing ready to bring it all together today.
This is about as much of a peek as you're going to get though...

The big reveal isn't until April 19th when I share the final block with you. \o/

Tomorrow I'm beginning a series of blog posts about colour that will be scattered over the rest of March.
Those scarves above helped move me along in the idea as I adore playing with colours.
So I'll see you on Tuesday, perhaps with my own bag of spearmint leaves...


  1. Fabulous projects jenny - do you some extra time for me also??? I have that scarf on my to do list for sometime this winter!!

  2. Oh my goodness. I just found your blog - and will happily follow.
    Thank you for sharing.

  3. Now you have me craving those spearmint leaves,,,I love those things!! I'll have to throw all the projects in a jar and pick one to see which one to make first, thank you for sharing your lovely finds.;)

  4. I love this place!! Kisses from Brasil!! Vy

  5. So many cute ideas! I just wish there was more time:)

  6. Oh Jenny you have so inspired me this Monday morning ... AND got me craving spearmint leaves also :-) Thank you SO much dear heart for mentioning & linking to my little potpourri bag ... you so cheered my soul with your kindness. Happy week x0x0x

  7. Wonderful projects. So much inspiration, so little time.

  8. What a lovely bunch of projects! I am definitely inspired and will be checking into that zipper one for sure! Thank you for sharing them!

  9. Lovely especially the spring stitchery. I too need to try zippers. Everyone says they are easy.

  10. So many lovely things to try - just need more time - I saw one of those zippy bags yesterday - definitely now on the list!....they are great and very roomy.

  11. Lots of lovely things to inspire us, thanks for the links.

  12. What a fabulous post. I've been without the internet for a couple of days and so when I got home again, yours was the first blog I visited and it's as wonderful as ever.

  13. I'm smiling from ear to ear as I'd pinned both the book end and the clever purse from Pinterest.......Missed the plant holder though and I love that!

  14. Thanks Jenny...I love Pintrest too but I have enough time getting through my emails and blogs without wasting the entire day away...I do have a question for you...I am trying to find fabric so that I can start some small embroidery projects, just to get started, and you stated on one of your posts that you use "hanky Linen" do you know what the equivalent would be in the US ? Thanks for weeding through all those pictures for us and passing along the best of the best! (Next to yours of course ;) )

    1. Peggy, hanky linen is a 55% cotton/ 45% linen blend...if you Google that information you may find it in the US. :-)

  15. I met Jennifer of Jennifer Jangles at market. She is soooooo nice and very talented. Love those scarves.

  16. Yay! Thank you for sharing my cushion. My IL's came up to visit last week and can you believe that he tried to sit on it? I shooed him away quick smart.

  17. Great things coming our way from you! Thanks for sharing all these projects. There's surely something for every reader to investigate.

  18. I am soooo making the 'Sew Together' bag tomorrow!! Thank you for sharing the great projects that you found.

    1. Looks fabulous, doesn't it!? I plan to carve some time out to make one too. :-) xx


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