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Thomas Moore

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Making my "Happy" door quilt...

When I showed you the length of vintage fabric I discovered during a trip to a country town op-shop last week, I already knew the block I wanted to make with it.
But I had no idea just how beautiful it would turn out!

The block I'd chosen to play around with was from Volume 3 of the "100 Quilt Blocks" magazine, and the designer is Emily from Crazy Old Ladies...

 Because I wanted my vintage fabric to be the star of this block I chose to use a plain white quilter's muslin to contrast against the salmon red floral and omit a third colour from the centre...

With one block completed, and loving  how it turned out, I cut pieces to sew another two...

Then it was time to be creative!
Omitting the red border around one of the three and substituting with more of the white quilter's muslin it gave the block an appearance of 'floating',  which was perfect for the idea I eventually brought to life...

I set the remaining two blocks slightly off centre; one to the left and one to the right, for one lovely long wall quilt...

Now all I need do is the sandwiching and quilting, then I can hang it permanently on my office door!
Definitely a happy  entrance quilt, don't you agree?

I think this sort of design would be perfect using vintage sheets, too. Hmmm....I'm having anther idea...


PS: Thanks to the searching skills of dear blog reader Judithann you can download this block pattern by Emily Herrick free from HERE!


  1. That is simply stunning!! Nice work xxx Skipper

  2. This is so gorgeous Jenny, love it, very uplifting, your material find perfect for this you and will enjoy having it hanging on your door, great work, thank you for sharing, now I should move away from computa and do some craft, have a great day, Judithann :-)

  3. Lovely, Jenny. That fabric is gorgeous!

  4. You can name it Happy Happy Happy! :) Pretty~ hugs~

  5. It is so gorgeous and definitely happy Jenny AND of course my favourite colour - RED....

  6. Gorgeous Jenny! That red with white is really stunning :)

  7. What a great block! Love your fabric choice too. It will look lovely all quilted up and hanging for you to then admire.

  8. Jenny, Love the petals block and the fabric was perfect.

    Patricia C

  9. You have the designer's gift. That will be the most special quilt.

  10. Very pretty Jenny. Love the pattern. Hope your knees are improving.

  11. Stunning block in your beautiful fabric! Definitely a cheery welcome on your door!

  12. The fabric is perfect for that happy door! The off-setting is a great feature, too. Thanks to you for posting and reminding me of this pattern I liked years ago, and to your reader who found it online free, because who knows where my copy of #4 is now?


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