"The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest."

Thomas Moore

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The girl's sewing day!

Over past months our sewing days have been sparse compared the fortnightly routine of last year, and with the prospect of more than a few months before our next one we made the most of today's get together at my place!
 An extra highlight was celebrating Heather's birthday...

When your friends are as much fun as mine (plus crazy, loopy and downright lunatics) you can count on aching sides the next day from over-use of laugh muscles. 
We plied the birthday girl with (in this order) presents, coffee, lemon and blueberry muffins, curry, tea and more muffins....

Lots of smiles...
(Barb and Wendy)

...chatter over work and study...

...and spreading the news on Facebook for one some.

You may not believe it but between nibbles and coffee and lunch and tea we actually got some stitching done!
While Michelle continued working on her bag (here), Wendy showed us how much she'd completed of Little Miss Shabby's free "Quilty Stitches" (love the colours)...

...plus this really pretty BOM by Nikki Tervo she's working on.

Barb is continuing to stitch a bunting for her niece from the Rosedaisy  Alphabet...

...and Heather has begun her Christmas stitching. 
(don't forget to head over here to her blog to say happy birthday!)

I started a brand new design for later in the year - only a little sneak peek for you, though...

And just to prove I'm real...

I've actually been auditioning photos to send to Homespun Magazine with a project of mine they're publishing in the February 2015 issue. The magazine will also include an interview with me so they requested an accompanying pic, but you know it's a bit intimidating to be sending self photos to a magazine so I had to choose carefully.
Anyhow, I've chosen this one after getting the nod from Mr E...of course, he is biased. Gotta love that in a husband. ;-)

I hope you've had some fun stitchy time with a friend or two recently. 
It's SO good for the laugh muscles...



  1. Olá Jenny,
    Que adorável encontro! Rir é muito bom e faz muito bem a nossa saúde!
    Amei a foto!

  2. Beautiful in Mr. E's approved photo and you are wearing your Silver earrings he gave you. Fabulous fun with stitching ladies. Happy Birthday Heather and Creative Bliss...

  3. Jenny, I love your designs and this is a beautiful photo of you!!

  4. It all looks so lovely such beautiful stitching. Thanks for sharing

  5. Stitching and laughter and food and friends - such delight! Your selfie is adorable.

  6. What fun! I have just moved to a new community and need such a group. You've inspired me to start a search.

  7. Hi Jen i love seeing how much fun you girls have,good to see another awesome day together,and yes thats a great pic of you,love it,i am in the readers section of this months homespun,i think Cheryl Goss said page 10,cant wait to get it,enjoy your day my friend.xx

  8. Jenny, I just enjoy you and your blog so much, you always make me smile and feel good. Thanks so much for sharing your days with us :)

  9. it was such fun.....wish we could do that EVERY day (but then reality bites!) A gorgeous shot for the mag.....but then, you can't go too wrong whey you're the image!
    love ya hon xoxox
    Wendy :o)

  10. Looks like you all had a perfect day .....

  11. It's always such fun watching you "gals" :) A very creative bunch!Great pic of you :) Mr E is right!

  12. Looks like you had a fun filled day Jenny. Lovely photo of you for the magazine. Hugs.....

  13. What a fun filled day for you ladies. Great picture Jenny. All the project's are gorgeous that you all are working on

  14. You're not only real, but you're beautiful! blessings, marlene

  15. Mr. E has wonderful taste. The photo is lovely. Your warmth and charm radiate though.

  16. Happy Belated Birthday to Heather. Such lovely projects and yummy looking food. Great pic for the magazine.

  17. I Love your hair!

    How much fun to get together with other ladies and stitch and visit. I simply must try to find some ladies to meet with and share together.

    Keep up the beautiful work, ladies!

  18. Jenny, this is the most gorgeous photo of you I have seen. You are lucky you take a good photo normally anyway but this one is stunning.
    What fun you and your girlfriends have. I always feeling a teeny tiny bit jealous of the time you spend with them and how much you obviously all love each other to bits. xx

  19. Looks like a lovely fun birthday celebration and I can relate to crazy, loopy etc, so much fun and lovely work too. Photo of yourself is lovely Jenny, your hair looks great, colour too and your beautiful new earrings peeping through. Thank you for sharing, Judithann :-)

  20. Lovely photo Jen!!
    Thanks for a wonderful day. It's always good to get together and have some support as well as some belly laughing too!!!!! You are always a warm host and friend!
    Barb xoxo


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