Saturday, January 24, 2015


I've decided not to blog on Saturdays this year, but I'm making an exception for this very important project because there is no time like the present to be involved in something that offers life, love, hope and security to orphans and children in need.

Recently I received an email from a member of Sparrow Ministries, requesting permission to stitch my free "Sparrow" design with the purpose of selling them through the ministry's online shop.
Well you know, I do not allow individuals to profit from my patterns, but when it is a registered and legitimate charity who approaches me to use one of my free designs that's a different matter.
But even in saying yes, I felt the Lord press His finger on my heart and say, "There's more than can be done". So I prayed, and I waited, and I listened.

I emailed Cynthia from Sparrow Ministries with the idea and she was overjoyed, so after clearing it with one of the founders, her daughter Sara Drinkard, the plan unfolded.

Here is what WE - yes, me and YOU - can do to help.

Just stitch a Sparrow block.
That's all, so easy...we love to stitch, so let's stitch for love.

I've made the pattern in two sizes now. The larger one is the applique version, and the smaller is the redwork. 
Choose to stitch whichever you like, or make both - any Sparrow block you stitch will be gratefully received by the volunteers at Sparrow Ministries, who will display it in a hoop ready for listing in their online shop.

You don't need to make the "Sparrow" block into anything, just stitch it up, and post in a card or secure envelope to Sparrow Ministries.

The fabric sizes you'll need to stitch the design onto so that it will fit in a hoop afterwards are included in the pattern, as well as the postal address, information about Sparrow Ministries, and ministry links.

Inside the pattern you can read the story of Sara Drinkard and her husband's experience adopting their son Cole from India....

Here's a little of the Sparrow Ministry story from Sara Drinkard...

When my husband and I brought home our son, Cole in 2009, we were immediately thrust into a spotlight. Not just because we adopted internationally but because our family looked so glaringly different now! One of the responses we got time and time again was, “We would love to adopt but it’s just too expensive.” Very aware of how expensive it is but also aware that there are numerous ways to fundraise and organizations to help out, we decided to start Sparrow Ministries with the original goal to raise money to support Christian families willing to adopt.

5 years later, our ministry is led by two families and has grown to focus on not one, but three areas of orphan care:

1) Adoption grants: We continue to gift money to qualifying Christian families in need of financial assistance. To date, we have 10 “Sparrow families” who have brought their children home (or are in process to do so).
2) Foster Care: We have partnered with a local agency and are working to help support not only the foster kids but the families and case workers who serve them. Last year, we provided gifts and a baby shower to a young mom-to-be, still in the foster care system herself, donated toiletry items for foster teens and assembled food baskets for foster families at the holidays.
3) Puebla Project (New Beginnings): Missionaries Kevin & Andrea Bult minister to institutionalized orphans living in Puebla, Mexico, and have a desire to create a godly, Christ-centered home for orphans. Sparrow is partnering financially with the Bults to help establish this new community.

In the past, our main fundraising event has been an annual Holiday Gift Market in which we sell handmade items lovingly made by those in our community. Hoping to expand that, we have recently updated our website to include a more efficient online store featuring these items and allowing people from all over to shop year round!

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The free pattern which includes both sizes of design and all you'll want to know about the amazing ministry we are helping, can be downloaded HERE until December 26th 2015.
The pattern is called "Operations Sparrow" and is near the top of my shop page.

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 Visit Sparrow Ministries today and find out more. HERE is their website.

Bless you heaps!


  1. What a wonderful idea! I've got the pattern downloaded and have also spread the word on my blog. I hope they get lots of Sparrows sent their way!

    A friend of mine in Georgia is trying to raise money to adopt two boys from China. Her and her husband and family fundraise constantly. It is such a long, expensive journey, but so worth it.

    Blessings, Jessica

  2. I will get right on the pattern!!! What a wonderful way to help these sweet kiddo's. will shared on my blog. If I can figure out FB I will pass it on there too

  3. Such a beautiful and generous idea Jenny. Something so simple can make such a difference. xx

  4. Such a beautiful and generous idea my dear.
    You so sweet x

  5. Im in :) Im going to assume that I can do my sparrow any colour, not just redwork? and the same with the larger one.
    Ive been busy today!

  6. What a lovely idea. I hope it brings many participants and, as a result, much joy.

  7. Jenny, what a beautiful thing to do! You have the sweetest heart.

  8. I have printed out the pattern. I am a very slow stitcher, I will get a few done but will be on the slow side.
    Thank You for sharing the site.

  9. I'm glad you decided to expand this to everyone. Adoption has become SO expensive, even within one country, so every bit helps. I don't know why it should cost so much to make things right for a child.

  10. You can stitch with any colour, on any fabric, and any fabrics for the applique version. :-)

  11. Hi Jenny, There isn't a code below your "badge" so I can post it on my blog!

    I look forward to stitching some of these beauties.

  12. I will work on stitching a few of these while I wait for this baby to arrive and in the quite times between feeding while I settle it in. Hopefully as I am blessed with a new child in our home my stitches can help to bless another family as they come together from around the world.

  13. Jenny this is such a great idea. I just printed off my pattern and will work on it to share. I will put a link on my blog to you too.

  14. The most wonderful part of the quilting and stitching community is it ability to share with each other.

  15. Fantastic project - on board with this!

  16. So many ways to have a positive impact.


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