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Thomas Moore

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Meet Jo Timko...

Today I have a guest on the blog and her name is Jo Timko.
Jo creates some pretty sweet wool applique designs and as that's something very different to what I do, I thought it would be fun to dig deeper into the story behind Jo Timko, and invite you to meet her too!

 Who is Jo Timko?
I am a person who loves fabric and to create. 

Describe your design style, Jo.  Has it changed much over the years?
 My style of quilt design is ever evolving.  When I began in 2003, I did all pieced, traditional style quilts.  As time passed I began to include fusible applique in the blocks and as outer borders.  When I was very young, my mother taught me embroidery.  I began to include redwork blocks into my quilt designs.  The combination of multiple techniques continues to this day.  My latest designs have been in wool applique and include both embroidery and bead embellishments.
My style today is what I call “Stylized Folk Art”.  I recently did some research into my family’s history as both my parents immigrated to the United States from Poland after World War II and settled in New Jersey.  I found a village not far from where my parents were raised that had phenomenal folk-style artwork painted on their buildings - not just the inside of their homes, but also outside, the chicken coop, the dog house, everything.  This is the town of Zalipe.  As I looked at all the brightly painted walls I began to realize that maybe my love of color and style of quilting is something that is innate to me.  Whatever it is, it seems to have a profound impact on how I see the design elements and bright colors that I use.
So yes my design style has changed a great deal over the past twelve years and I see myself continuing to explore different techniques, colorways and fabric combinations for my designs. 
 Favourite time-out thing to do that doesn’t involve work?
 My favorite time out is gardening; both flower and vegetable.  I remember my parents both being outside all summer long in the flower beds and in the vegetable garden.  I found peace with nature when I am outside working among the huge beds of perennial flowers that surround our home.  I have huge flower pots scattered around the house filled with petunias and impatiens. 
My husband and I also have a huge vegetable garden with such an abundance of vegetables that we share our bounty with friends.  
  Is there a story behind your business name, “MollyKat Designs” ?
 My business is named after my kitty quilting buddy Molly.  Molly was an abandoned kitten that my mother found by our firewood pile.  She always had her “paws” in my work whether it was tunnelling under the blocks laid out on the floor or sitting a pile of freshly pressed fabric.  Molly has moved on to mouse Heaven and is missed.

 Which one of your designs is your favourite, and why?
 My favorite quilt is one of the first quilts I ever made.  It is a combination of redwork blocks of bunnies of the month combined with a fusible applique flower border.  It is also the first quilt I ever entered into a quilt show and the first ribbon I ever won.  It is also my husband’s favorite to this day and is displayed in his computer room.  I call it Bunnies for All Seasons
  What’s been the most useful piece of advice you’ve received about your craft?
 Never to be afraid to use a variety of color in my quilts.  This was given to me by a long-time friend who is a professional acrylic landscape artist.

Most favoured crafting tool or product you’ve discovered in the last couple of years? What do you love about it?
Freezer paper. I love it and use it all of the time.  It is easy to use for my applique templates, sticks to fabrics well and is inexpensive. I have expanded my use of freezer paper to my hand quilting designs.  It allows me to see what the quilting design will look like on the quilt top. I am a very visual person and this allows me to see what the design element will look like before doing it.
What’s ahead for you, Jo?
 I have just launched my new website and I am learning more and more about computers and all the available technology.  As for my designs, they will continue to evolve as I explore new techniques, colorways and design elements. 

If you could choose one big adventure to embark on in your future (imaginary or real)  what & where would it be?
 My big adventure will begin once our farm has been sold and my husband and I are able to relocate to the mountains of Maine.  It will be a big adjustment living in the mountains but one that he and I are both looking forward to.

What legacy would you like to leave from your life? 
 One of sharing my love for quilting.  I want everyone who quilts, a new quilter or a quilter of 20 years, to enjoy the process of quilting from start to finish and not to stress over the “oops or two” that happen.  These are the things that make your quilt unique to you.  Enjoy the journey.

If you'd like to be inspired by Jo's newest wool applique designs you can visit her blog HERE and say hi, or have a look around the Molly Kat website HERE.
I'm going to brew myself a cuppa and join you!


  1. Liebe Jo, was für wunderschöne handarbeiten ! ich fange gerade erst an Red Work zu lernen.
    Und der Garten ist wie bei uns zu Hause. Die Blumen, das Gemüse , die Bäume, alles wie bei uns und dabei wohnt Ihr so weit von uns entfernt.
    Liebe Grüße
    aus Deutschland

  2. Hello Jo, you have beautiful designs.
    from Leeanne in New Zealand.

  3. What a lovely woman. Thank you for introducing her to us. I enjoyed her work and her philosophy of living and working.

  4. Dear Jo, very pleased to meet you!
    Jenny, thanks for introducing Jo and her beautiful work to us.



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