"The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest."

Thomas Moore

Stitchery Club 2018

Have you been looking for sweet and unique stitchery designs that can be displayed in a variety of projects?
The Stitchery Club designs are just that.

Some are quick to stitch and others may offer a challenge but they can all be simplified or added to so that you work within your own skill level.

They are suitable for the newbie embroiderer as well as those with more experience.

How does it work?

The Stitchery Club provides every member with a set of brand new stitchery designs every month, plus a project to make!

The monthly issue arrives direct to your email inbox on the 17th as a PDF file which can be saved to your computer ready to print and use whenever it suits you.

Each month's patterns include complete step by step instructions to re-create the original design, a fabric and thread list for each of the patterns, ideas and helps, a project and full sized pattern pages!

November 2018

Below are the five sweet patterns you will receive with your November issue of the Stitchery Club. This month we're also making a special project for your home which can be completed using one, two or three of the new patterns.

The November Project

Included this month are instructions to make a beautiful door hanger for your home!

What else can you expect with your Club patterns each month?

We may chat about colour choice, thread play, ideas on how to display your completed stitcheries, hints and tips about choosing stitches for different skill levels, fabric choices and substitutes - any or all of these topics may be discussed in each of The Stitchery Club issues, depending on the theme or style of designs that month.

Every one of the designs inside your monthly Stitchery Club pattern set will have full colour photos, step by step stitching guides, and detailed lists of threads and fabric used when I stitched the original.

Interested in becoming a member of the Stitchery Club? 

There's no minimum joining period, simply join when you like and cancel when you need to. Stay for a year, a season or just a month - you're always in control of that decision.
If you need to leave the Stitchery Club at any time you can email me and I will remove you from the list immediately with no penalties. Sometimes we need to drop things from our life for many varied reasons and you never need explain why. I have been in the same boat and know how important it is to have the freedom to stay or to leave a subscription group.

A set of new stitchery patterns will be emailed direct to you on the 17th of each month @ $9.95 per calendar month. Once you have subscribed you need not subscribe again. Your Stitchery Club patterns will automatically arrive on time each month.

Club membership has fantastic advantages:

As a Club member you will receive the November 2018 issue and all future monthly issues brimming with new patterns for just $9.95 per month.

Below you can see the beautiful set of Christmas designs my current members received in October...

(This issue is now available to purchase here in my Craftsy Shop)

Become a member of The Stitchery Club today by clicking on the Paypal button below and you'll never miss an issue.

Only $9.95 per month.

Join when you like, leave when you like.

* If you would like your Stitchery Club patterns emailed to an address which is different to the one attached to your Paypal account just let me know and I'm happy to do that for you.

* Make sure your Paypal email address is up to date. 
If I cannot contact you through the email address supplied by Paypal then I have no choice but to cancel your membership and refund your payment.

Receive your beautiful FREE JOINING GIFT 

Should you become a member of The Stitchery Club before November 16th you will receive the patterns to make two redwork mini quilts, "Winter's Fellow" and "Summer Mellow", direct to your email inbox within 24 hours.

You can be stitching them while you wait for your first Club issue to arrive on November 17th!

I hope to be stitching with you very soon!


  1. Looking forward to the mailman
    Be Bleesed in the stillness

  2. I'm really looking forward to this. I just subscribed.

  3. YIPEE!!!! Happy Sheep dance!! All enrolled and ready.........7 days - just saying.......hee.....

  4. I just love your website and this stitchery club is the frosting on the cake.

    Thank you so much for sharing what God has given you...

    Be blessed,
    Kubie - Magnolia, TX (USA)

  5. ooooo - Just subscribed! Thank you so much for sharing your talents with all of us - OK - ideas for themes - nursery rhyme (I'm going to be a grandmother ANY DAY!!!); puppies; kittens…..
    I'm SO EXCITED about this adventure!

  6. Thank you Jenny...I am so looking forward to this...You are very Blessed and we are very Blessed to have you sharing! My thoughts for ideas are to keep some really simple for when we have to whip up a gift and don't have a lot of time..I don't know if you Aussies pay much attention to the fall and pumpkins and Halloween, but that is always fun in Sept, Oct. and Nov.....I also think the storybook themes are neat, especially the old fashioned ones.. The days of old are long gone by but we do love the antique look of some of the primitive stitcheries....XXOO

  7. signed up and looking forward to sharing the new venture!!

  8. Thanks Jenny looking forward to receiving your new stitchery club patterns, have just signed up.

  9. THEMES, going to be fun:
    1. different BABY GIRL ideas to make into a quilt (patterns CAN be blown up also) bassinet, quilt, bib, rattle, heart, name info, etc.
    2. same for buy, baby bear, rattle, My________ loves me, etc.
    3. different flowering plants.
    4. manly pictures to choose from, camper scenes, hunting (gun, bow), fishing, motorcycle, snowmobiling etc.
    5. women things, shopping, etc
    5. Grama, Grampa etc
    6. teacher.
    7. the list can go on for ever.

    I'm making one right now to benefit a person that needs comfort with Bible scriptures on it.

    Thanks as always
    Chris, Wisconsin, USA

  10. Blessings! I love your patterns and will enjoy this club! I think anything having to do with nature and the seasons, animals, and always favorite scripture verses!
    Thank you!

  11. I love your work so much. I think the simple way you create touches the heart in a very sincere way. I'm looking forward to the first set of patterns. This is a first for me ,joining a club. Thank you for a heartwarming opportunity.

    Have a blessed day,
    Las Vegas NV

  12. I have subscribed and am looking forward to these stitcheries. Thank you!!

  13. Got myself signed up. Looking forward to this fun group. Thanks for all you share with us.

  14. looking forward to this. just subscribed.

  15. Hi Jenny, forgot to subscribe for the first month and your email regarding the open subscription gave me the gentle reminder I needed. Looking forward to getting the stitcheries on November 17th. Cheers Tricia

  16. Thank you Jenny. I am sew excited to be signed up for your Stitchery Club beginning Nov 17th 2014. My PayPal shows as Wayne Ellison (husband) but please email to me at:


    You know how much I adore your projects. Creative Stitchery Bliss...

  17. I love your post love of scissors that depicts exactly what happens to me for some time, because I can not find work and embroidery has helped in this situation
    love their embroidery, are beautiful, thank you
    beaufifal designs

  18. Jenny,
    I love your patterns, can we we buy month by month, or if we sign up is it for every month?

  19. I just subscribed. Beautiful. Can't wait for the first set to arrive.

  20. Jenny, is it possible to just sign up each month instead of having a monthly commitment?

  21. Tudo muito fantástico, adoraria ter um desses quadrinhos.



  22. I would love to see and Elephant Month, that would be awesome Jenny.
    God Bless You and Yours,
    Heather xxx

  23. A turtle theme world be awesome!

  24. Ladies, once you sign up as a subscriber you never need do it again. It permanently rolls over from month to month until you ask me to cancel your sub. x

    Love the ideas of an elephant or turtle month! And nursery rhymes...sweet!

    Keep those ideas coming. \o/

  25. Looking forward to the new designs. You are on a great roll with all these. I will use the friends one to make pincushions for my bee friends here.

  26. Olá Jenny,
    Não recebi meus padrões de Fevereiro.

  27. I have looked at your designs for quite some time, but finally have committed to your club. Can't wait to receive your designs each month.

    Ideas for future months: vintage keys, themed monthly sheep, little girls and/or boys stitched in monthly themes, vintage dishes

  28. Hi Jenny. I want to join the Stitchery Club now (March issue) but Paypal won't let me sign up with this gmail address. They have me as raneyday@aol.com. Can you change that information at your end? Thanks, Denise

  29. Hola Jenny! Estoy tan contenta y emocionada! Me inscribí y no veo la hora de tener tus patrones.Me encantan tus trabajos, los adoro!
    Cariños Vicky.

  30. I am a newbie to embroidery and chanced on your site! I have already completed 6 patterns! I signed up for the stitch club last month and have a question. Is the BOM part of the club? Or is that extra?

  31. The BOM is indeed part of the Club. :-)

  32. Where can you get the linen that you use for these projects?

    Thanks, Cheryl

  33. Hi Cheryl,
    All that information is inside the first few pages of every Club pattern set.
    I'll do a blog post as well very soon. :-)

  34. Hi Jenny,
    I have just subscribed, looking forward to getting lots of embroidery practice.
    Thank you

  35. Hi Jenny. Love your current theme and have signed up again now that we will be home for three months before travelling again. Look forward to the next three months sitiching with you. Happy stitching, Diana R.

  36. Hi Jenny - as always am blown away by your prolific and ingenious artistry. I love the new theme of flowers and such (I'm rather partial to dragonflys and butterflies, too!). I know I rarely post but please be assured that receiving your daily postings, and of course the monthly stitcheries, are high points in my life. God bless. ~ Marina in SA ~

  37. Hi Jenny. Just joined. When do I receive the first 3 blocks of the year in the garden?
    Betty in calif

  38. Hi Jenny, I love my November stitcheries, thank you so much and now I cannot wait to get December & January. Love your blog, you must never sleep! Take care Marie

  39. Hi Jenny
    Very excited for next years patterns. Love nature.

    Have a nice rest

  40. Hi Jenny
    I got my Micron pen today, and did one of my patterns. wow it came out a lot better then using a pencil. now off to stitch it. I'm glad to be in this club.

  41. So excited I got to finally join now. Thank you for your club it will be something to look forward to Jenny. Love all your stitchery work. W/love Janice

  42. Hi Jenny !! I love your patterns for June and want to sign up for your Stitchery Club. I have a niece who is pregnant with a little girl and due in August. These designs would make such a sweet quilt !! Thank you !! Happy Birthday to Blossom !! She looks so happy which is great !! Hugs, Tay

  43. bonjour Jenny ! je suis en France et je viens de découvrir vos superbes créations, j'aimerais beaucoup adhérer au stitchery Club 2016 mais je pense que les explications sont en Anglais ? j'espère seulement tout comprendre, merci de bien vouloir me renseigner à ce sujet. A très bientôt, j'espère, amicalement, Ladyfée

  44. coucou Jenny ! j'ai reçu celui de juin, c'est très très beau, mais j'adore déjà celui de juillet, je le verrais bien sous forme de quilt ! et le mouton est extra ! ce matin, j'ai ma petite fille Capucine avec moi, j'espère que votre fille va mieux ? je vous souhaite un bon samedi et bon week end ! Hugs Ladyfée

  45. Hi, Jenny,
    I'm from Canada, surf Pinterest every morning over coffee, and came across one of your embroidered pieces. I went over and visited your blog. Your work is so lovely and I immediately signed up to receive your blog emails, purchased several of your patterns on Craftsy and signed up for your Monthly Stitchery Club.
    I look so forward to creating these wonderful pieces of art.
    So happy that I discovered your blog,

    . . . creating art every day

  46. Jenny, I joined the stitchery club last month. I noticed on every month you give a gift of several designs when someone joins. I did not receive any extra designs for joining. Thank you. I've stitched most of the designs from last month.

  47. Hi Caroleen,
    I emailed your joining gift to you on the day you subscribed. Your server may have sent it to 'spam' or 'junk' due to the size of the attachment.
    I've just re-sent that same email with last month's free pattern to you. :-)
    Let me know if it doesn't arrive again.

  48. Awwwww, I just joined and I'm going to have to wait a whole month to receive my first set??? ..........sob....... I guess I'll just have to peruse the "free" patterns or maybe buy one of the for sale ones!! I love your sweet little designs. I've been looking for ones like these ever since I started embroidering! I very much dislike most of the ones I find here in the US. Maybe I'm just an Aussie at heart!! :) Looking forward to a long and happy spell with Elefantz!!

    and yes, if you can see it, I do have a different email here than I do on paypal. I like to keep them separate.

  49. it's me again. Where do you find those precious fabrics? They are so perfect for your designs!! Are they from a certain designer or fabric line?

  50. Ciao, mi sono iscritta qualche giorno fa, mi interessa anche il set di ottobre.
    Dove posso trovarlo? Grazie per il bellissimo omaggio!
    Marina Genovesi

  51. I'm so thrilled to have subscribed to your club...Happy, Happy.
    Love the free gift pattern!
    My suggestion would be some darling little Mice....Would I be correct in saying the fabrics are from Tanya Whelan and Lecien? (I'm a quilter)
    Wishing you the best

  52. It's been so long since I've chatted with you. I love your stitchery club but I can't do it at this time so I'm writing to thank you for putting them in the craftsy shop so that I can get them someday when I do get to stitch again.

    I love that you love Jesus most of all. Reading your enthusiasm for your Savior is my favorite thing about following you even if I don't get to stitch anymore.

  53. Hi Jenny

    Wanted to let you know about the visit to the Veterinarian for my Parrot Hunter. It appears that the food he is eating, recommended by another Doc, and a lack of vitamins in the food is the culprit. Its causing all the itching and feather loss. So switching him to a new diet, 3 new meds until the switch takes effect, (switching a parrot over is not as simple as giving them a new food, you have to introduce the new slowly over a couple of weeks), is the recommended course of action. He is a fine healthy bird otherwise.

    With any luck I can rejoin your club next month or in June for sure. I just read what is for this month (April) and I'm most heartbroken to miss it as you're doing baskets, and they're one of my favorite stitches to do. Oh well, we can't have all we want, but we have what we need as the Stones songs says. Having Hunter well is what is important. He and I will be eating a lot of rice this month as its good for him and me and for our skin. Luckily we like it with peas and mushrooms.

    Your darling grand daughter is beautiful and I thank you for sharing her with us. Such a delight. Its a great pleasure to see her, and very uplifting.

    I would love to see turtles and chickens. My grandchildren want ladybugs but truly I am fine with whatever your heart leads you to do, I have yet to find anything on your page I did not like.

    Thanks for your time and if you have no time to answer, that is fine. I know how busy life can be.

    Ila in Portland, ME

  54. Been stitching all my life on and off but want to improve the stitches I know and learn new ones from an expert! Looking forward to your emails!

  55. Your site inspires me so very much. I have a needlepoint canvas that an art shop in ST. Louisin the 70's painted the canvas from cover of Smithsonium (sorry, I spelled this incorrectly) magazine from years ago. It has 2 beautiful snow owls sitting on a log on a cold winter day. I need to attack this and get to doing your embroidery. Thank you dear Jennifer for imparting your Christian love that you share with us.



    Littleton, CO

  56. Hello Jenny,
    It's been quite some time since I've visited or commented here. Life does have a way of happening, doesn't it!?
    I have recently begun to incorporate more embroidery stitching in with my quilts and other sewing projects. I'm afraid to admit, but my stitches need some major practice and "tuning" up. I was more than surprised to realize my French Knots need some intensive therapy as does most of my stitches. My stitching looked a lot better in my mind's recall...ha! Sew, I have signed up for the stitchery of the month club & plan on taking advantage of as many tutorials as possible. I love all of your designs and in fact, my sister, Sarah Beth Christie, purchased some designs that she stitched onto an apron as my Birthday present!!! I was so pleased with my gift AS WELL as the fact that I got to introduce my sister to your site and tour style. She loved it all by the way!!
    Thank you for sharing your talent as a way of sharing The Good News of Jesus!

  57. Hi Jenny,
    I really enjoy your work and your blog/newsletter. The simplicity of your designs is refreshing and I love that you do the scripture verses! My husband has recently been diagnosed with cancer and I find that stitching is about the only thing I can focus on at this season in our lives. The scriptures are a real ministry to me right now. Thanks for your lovely ideas and the love of Christ that you share through his word.

  58. Ola Jenny, gostaria que voce cancele minha assinatura, email susigla@gmail.com

  59. Hi Jenny,
    I have admired the lovely embroidery designs of Elefantz for some time, so I felt compelled to join the Stitchery Club. I look forward to receiving the first months patterns and stitching the darling designs.

  60. I have subscribed and am very excited about getting my first patterns. Your designs are so different fresh and pretty. I will make sure I purchase the December Homespun as I love the scissor stitchery. Ideal gift for a friend. Thanks Jenny

  61. I just re-subscribed this morning. Last year I needed to stop my subscription due to the death of my husband. It has taken me this long to get everything squared away, cope with my loss, and figure out what I want in my life. So this is the first thing I want back!! Cannot wait to see the new designs this month. I am already planning on the bookmarks and I LOVE the little warmers for the kids. So thank you Jenny and it feel SO good to be back 'home' again!!!!

  62. Hi Jenny, I am so happy to be a part of your club and read all the comments by the members. I love all your very special designs, but more important I look forward to all the comments you make on different subjects. There are days when I need the uplifting of your club members and you. It always makes me feel better after I have been on your site. You and the members are so gracious. Thank you.

  63. Wow Jenny these are great! You amaze me!

  64. Hi Jenny. It is so wonderful to read the comments and to know that you are not only a designer which is a very great accomplishment.
    But you are also called to be a disciple. What a wonderful thing to have laid on your chest to teach others about the Lord whike relaxing

  65. Hi Jenny, after a very long break from sewing & quilting due to a bad fall I had at home on 24th Nov last year when I broke my right leg & my left shoulder in 5 places I am finally feeling like I might be able to do some craft again! Praise God ! So I'd love to join your Stitchery Club too! I've just read your newsletter which comes to me by email so it's already the 16th August ~ am I too late to qualify for the extra little Stitchery you mentioned? It's okay if I am. I'll look forward to receiving whatever is coming next! 😊 I love having some Stitchery or a project to do in front of tv. Unfortunately I haven't been able to anything for 8 months now, but I recently managed to do some knitting! So that's a start. God bless, Sue xx

    1. Sue, that's a long recovery. I'm pleased to hear you are doing so much better! Yes, join today and you will certainly receive the gift. xx

  66. Congratulations on your new home ownership! Blessings!!!

  67. My favorite is the Christmas tree but I love every dingle one....how do you come up with such beautiful variety?! These would make adorable little ornaments for a tree.


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