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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Another week gone??

Wow - I didn't realise it had been a week since my last blog post. 
I'd like to say it's because life has been so much fun that I got side-tracked with time, but the truth is I have been in the midst of some health problems and for a lot of the last week I have spent many hours each day in bed resting. 
Fortunately, I have kept my sanity by reading a great book, listening to some life changing sermons, hand stitching a new design, and watching a couple of inspirational movies. I am hopeful that in another week some of my health issues will clear and I can get about a bit more. Apart from simple, quick meals, I can't even manage more than 20 minutes on my feet in the kitchen. How blessed I am to have such a wonderful husband, who is happy with anything that makes it's way to the table! {{{thanks hon}}}

Blossom has been under the weather as well. Apart from a head cold she has discovered the pain of erupting wisdom teeth. I never got them, but Mr E did, and he assures me it's no walk in the park. Blossom is flying solo to England in August so if you would like to pray for her to be well during her 9 days in Derby we'd be most appreciative. 

With her wisdom teeth taking the joy out of mealtime, I have been looking for ways to serve treats that are soft and don't need any continued chewing. My Banana Caramel Pancakes were a favourite on her menu!

Pour your usual pancake batter into a hot buttered frypan (we use a gluten free mix) and scatter thin slices of banana across the top...
Scatter some dark brown sugar over the bananas once little bubbles start popping in the pancake batter...
Pop a few dabs of butter on top...
Flip the pancake over in the pan...
...and after two minutes flip it back onto a waiting plate to be enjoyed! The sugar and butter have caramelised perfectly!
In the last week while resting I sewed the binding on the quilt I made for Mr E, and it now lays folded across the end of our bed...
You know, I made that quilt top in 2008, and it has taken me four years to get it quilted (thank you Dawn!) and sew on the binding. I made it during my Anna Maria Horner phase, before I discovered my true love of all things pastel and roses. Mr E loves browns chocolate, so the quilt really IS his kind of thing. He sleeps under it every night now, simply because *I* made it for blessed am I? :-)

Another finish is my "Time to Rise" cot quilt. I send it off to Dawn last Thursday for quilting and she had it back to my by Tuesday! Do you know that we live half-way across the country from each other?! Thank you, Dawn!!
The pattern will be in Issue 13 of my magazine, due to be published on June 29th. Read more about the magazine HERE.

NOTE: If you're in Australia, Dawn will machine quilt any size up to 80" for just $50 and she does a beautiful work! Visit her website HERE to learn more.
Last Friday I had a visitor from far away!
The delightful Kris Meares of Tag Along Teddies, and her hubby Scott dropped in for lunch during their holiday up here in North Queensland...
Kris is as lovely in person as she is through her blog, and I was thrilled to finally catch up face-to-face. 
Hopefully we'll get together again if she finds herself up my way.
Have you been making my 'Promises & Borders' blocks?
I have block 7 finished and ready for you to make, but you'll have to wait for July 3rd! 
In the meantime, Lisa Mortell sent me photos of her blocks. She's already  finished the first six in the BOM, and they are looking just beautiful!
Susanne Blomsterberg also sent me photos of a project of mine she'd made. This uses my set of Sweet & Shabby Little Roses stitcheries...
This set of stitcheries can still be purchased HERE.
Time now to get back to bed and rest. I have some stitching to do, and a sermon I want to hear, so once my cuppa is made you know where you'll find me for the rest of the afternoon.
Have a blessed and peace-filled day!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Show & Tell, and I give something old a fabulous makeover!

I really love Show & Tells because I get to see how you chose to make one of my designs your very own!
Catherine has been busy with two of my stitcheries, "Family", and "Roses". She is thinking of making them into table runners. They are so pretty, Catherine!
Debra is almost finished stitching the nine blocks from "Springtime". She sent me photos and this one is of Blossom's block, "Freebird". I am so proud of my daughter's design! Thanks for sharing this pic, Debra.
Karen and her daughter Hannah have really been sewing up a storm lately! Hannah made my Ellie into the prettiest cushion...
...and Karen has finished not one, but TWO "Believe" hearts,  as well as every block in the "Things We Love" BOM!
I am looking forward to what these two make next! Well done, girls. :-)
Also finishing her own version of "Believe" is Caroline!
Ladies, you are wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to stitch my ideas...what a blessing you are. 
I have been back at the sewing machine today to finish off a few new designs, and to give an old design a new home. 
I'll share the new ones next week, but for now I'd like to show you how I framed one of my "Sweet & Shabby Little Roses" stitcheries. A friend gave me some very old plastic frames recently, the kind I remember my nana having in her home when I was a child. I wasn't sure how they could be used, but this afternoon an idea grew and I just had to see if it would work. 
This is the stitchery...
It's one from a set of 5 small stitcheries I released in March HERE.
Look how some cotton lace, Aviary fabric scraps, and a very old plastic frame gave it that something extra...
I love it!!
I may have to design more little stitcheries like this because I have a few of these frames and they are crying out for a new lease on life. It's so much fun to make use of things others discard. :-)
I was going to do some more sewing tonight, but someone has taken over my machine....
Ah well, maybe tomorrow.
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

~Sweet and Shabby Little Roses~

Are you ready to stitch some sweet new Shabby Rose designs?!
I am living the proverb "slow and steady wins the race" at the moment because I have been trying to finish these new designs for the last six weeks, but life keeps stepping in and time evaporates with it's arrival. :-)
BUT, they are done, and I love them!! I hope you do too....

~~Sweet and Shabby Little Roses~~


Each little Shabby Rose design will fit inside a 4 inch block. These are the perfect size for using in gifts, framed, on a card, a will never run out of ways to bless yourself and a friend with one of these mini stitcheries.
The PDF pattern set is $5 USD (around the same in Australian dollars) - which equates to just $1 a design! I think that's pretty good value, don't you? :-)
You can purchase the pattern set HERE in my Etsy Shop, or click on the Buy Now button below to go directly through Paypal.