"The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest."

Thomas Moore

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A new member in the family....

Have I explained enough over the years just how much I love Mr E?
Well, let me assure you that still waters run deep in my man. He is not given much to small talk, but when he *does* talk, you need to listen. He has a wonderful depth to him, and some well-grounded-in-God commonsense. This week he has been giving a lot of counsel to our son-in-law as he and our eldest girl struggle through some of the hardest times of their lives. It's been a huge few months in the extended Elefantz family and we're all pretty much emotionally, financially, and spiritually drained...but Mr E mustered himself to keep up with encouragement and advice that is sound and Godly. 
He also knew that I needed my own pick-me-up, and on Monday he took me to Townsville to pick up this gift.
Her name is Sophie, she is 12 weeks old, and she is all mine....
She sleeps between our pillows, adores everyone, and is learning to tolerate Bob-the-dog who thinks she's wonderful. LOL!
I am remaking my Shabby Roses quilt in Tilda fabrics, and have all the blocks traced and the applique pieces in place. It will be lovely in blues this time, and I always wanted one with white block backgrounds. 
Do you remember my garden fence design from early last year?
Well, I have been waiting for inspiration all this time on how to 'frame' it. Finally the idea arrived yesterday.
 I can't help myself! I love tea cosies. :-)
Australian and NZ ladies will see this later in the year in Handmade magazine.
A promise is a promise, and a while ago while sorting through all my chenille to give to one of the girls in my Home Ec class for her quilt, I discovered a long forgotten large piece of vintage chenille bedspread. At the time Blossom asked me to make her a huge cushion with it, and I promised. Then I got busy with the Home Ec class and put the chenille scrap away for later. Hmmm, things get forgotten when I pack them away. 
Until last week.
I also discovered this bird fabric that Bloss adored, so together they were used to keep my promise. 
When I shared on my dark times the other day, I was uplifted later to read this from my Karla Dornacher perpetual calendar...

PS: My Shabby Roses quilt is up to $250 in bids, and A Christmas Story is up to $300. Bids are open until January 24th Australian time. Please leave your bids in the comments with an email I can contact you at.
Thank you so much to all the bidders so far!!!


  1. What a doll she is! I hope she brings you many years of love and happiness.

  2. As you know Ijust adore Sophie XXXX Love the tea cosy and tell Bloosy that cushion would look better on my bed - LOL

    Hugs - Fee XX

  3. Your little kitten is oh so cute. I am sure she will bring you lots of joy. Our cat had kittens late last year and today the last one will go to its new home. They are so gorgeous and we will miss them very much. I love the chenille cushion you made as well. xxxx

  4. Mr. E is a blessed man, Jenny, to have a wife who adores him so! And with good reason, I might add. Sophie is completely adorable, I was thinking that Bob-the-dog would probably love her - she's smaller than he is! I bet she's hysterical to watch.

    Shabby Roses is going to be gorgeous in blue! Oh dear - I love mine in pink and green, but that blue is calling to me, lol! Your tea cozy is delightful, that stitchery is too, too sweet. And that pillow for Blossom - oh my - I think I'll dig out my chenille bedspread, it looks so cuddly! Love the fabric on the back.

    Jenny, you are indeed blessed - you have touched more hearts than you could possibly know, you have friends around the world who pray for you and love you muchly. What a great reminder on your calendar!

  5. Cute kitten...who could resist!
    I have just finished quilting a quilt using the same fabric as your cushion (different colour way).
    Very nice cosy,lovely stitchery.
    What would we do without out our supportive friends?

  6. Give Miss Sophie a big hug from me. I love the lavendar and yellow....mmmmm

  7. I love Karla Dornacher as well and have all of her books What a blessing she is!

    Hugs in Christ,

  8. Jenny,

    Sophie is just darling! Mr. E is truly a treasure, I'm sure. You already know how much I admire all your work...it's just beautiful!

    We should never be afraid to share our heartache and our dark times. Pretending we don't have them is just downright dishonest, and it robs others of the chance to help us through it. It also just perpetuates the myth that Christian people just don't have these problems. Of course we do! We're human! We get sick, we get tired, we get discouraged, and we get overwhelmed just like everyone else.

    We, however, know the One who holds us in His hands...and we know He won't let us fall. We know the darkness won't swallow us, and it won't last forever.

    So we can sew, and stitch, and surround ourselves with beauty, and with friends who understand. We're like the poles of a tee-pee...we lean on each other and prop each other up at the same time!

    Hug Sophie for me!


  9. Oh I love the kitty and all of your goodies.

  10. I Love the New Cushions for Blossy they are Gorgeous Jenny...
    Sounds like your extended family is going through the same as we are here..but we soldier On...
    Sophie is too cute..Glad she found You.

  11. Ohh...Sophie is a real cutie...just looking at her puts a smile on your face...thanks for the new freebies, I will enjoy stitching them....you are blessed with a lovely family, I am sure everything will sort itself out soon...hang in there...hugs...LindaB

  12. Miss Sophie is sooooooooooo cute:) You will have so much company in her. And cats are so wise and help people when they are sad.

  13. Sophie is precious - she will be such a comfort to you. I couldn't do without my fur babies. She is a wonderful gift. I pray things start going better for you - started off a little rough here too, but there's hope.. HUGS ((((Jenny)))))


  14. Sophie is such a cutie pie ! Love the stitchery on the tea cosy :)

  15. Sorry to hear there have been tough times. I always get so much comfort from my darling little pets and am sure Sophie will reward you with lots of love. It's nice for Bob the dog to have a new friend too.

  16. How adorable is your new family member! She is such a cutie!
    That cushion looks wonderful. Love the birdies!

  17. Your fur baby is adorable. The teacosy is lovely as is Blossom's cushion. Hugs,

  18. Oh, beautiful embroidery! Fine work.

  19. A complete family Mum dad kids 1 dog and 1 cat - perfect!
    We all love you Jenny - hang in there

  20. It is nice to hear that the dog likes the little kitten.
    I like the pillow you made for Blossom, she looks very happy with it.

  21. What a sweet lil kitty. Who gets to look after your pets while you are here on the Isle of Man? Hey, I apologise, you were right and I was wrong. There is a centenary celebration this year! We'll have to get together while you are here, I'd love that.

  22. How cute Sophie is! Cats are such lovely animals.
    You have been sewing a lot too, the cushion and the tea cosy are so nice. Your shabby roses quilt will look really good in Tilda fabrics.

  23. Somehow I think your darling Sophie will bring lots of smiles. Glad Bob the Dog likes her. Wishing your family much happiness. Blossom's pillow is very cuddly.

  24. Oh ,she is so sweet!! Isn't it wonderful to have husbands who know just the right thing to do when we are feeling down. Hugs work wonders but this is some special.
    I just love the tea cosy,although at first glance it appeared to be a bag which would be perfect too. I love mauve fabrics.
    Blossom looks oh so happy with her pillow.


  25. Mr E is so thoughtful getting you Sophie to love. She is gorgeous.

    Oh Love the beutiful stitchery you did last year.

    Nice cushion you have made for Blossom

  26. Sophie's a real beauty. And how cute that your dog loves her.

  27. Isn't it wonderful how much warmth and love a little kitten brings into one's life. What a Blessing she and Mr. E is. Hugs...

  28. What a sweet little kitten, she will bring more love and joy into your lives, I'm sure. I must keep a lookout for your beautiful pattern in Handmade, love the colours you have used.
    It is so heartwarming to know of the bids on your beautiful quilts, Jennifer. Hugs, Sandy.

  29. Your kitten is gorgeous Jenny. I love the tea cosy, such pretty colours, and Blossom's cushion. She is a lucky girl to have a mum like you!!

  30. OH, Sophie is so cute. She will be great company I am sure.
    Your new blue quilt is going to be so pretty.

  31. I'm a sucker for a kitten!! I got my very own new little one last summer. She was about to crawl into a car's engine in a parking lot so I rescued her. Every morning just before the alarm goes off she curls up against me and purrs as loud as a freight train. I.LOVE.IT.

  32. OOOOOh, Jenny I love cats The cushion will be very comfy
    I remember seeing the embroidery , it really looks nice in situ,.--cottonreel

  33. Sophie looks like a sweetheart! Enjoy your new baby!

  34. There's nothing like a kitten to make you feel good. I remember laughing like a lunatic at one of ours and laughing is so cathartic. Worth a million pounds!

    Hope things improve for your family soon. Like you say we are blessed with friends.

    Your designs are gorgeous, so pretty.

  35. Oh Jenny....little Sophie is so sweet. Pet that soft little fur behind her ears for me. Love your tea cozy. The only Austrailian magazine in the stores near me is 'Handmade' and I am in love with it. That's one special man you have....he must be my Brad's younger brother :-)

  36. Lovely pillow and I hope Sophie gives your many years of happiness.

  37. That kitty is so cute! Your husband sounds like a wonderful man. I am sorry to read about struggles for your daughter and son-in-law. What a blessing at the same time for a man who gives Godly counsel. Your newest quilt is going to be stunning.

    Robin in New Jersey

  38. Very sweet blog and what a wonderful surprise in Sophie!

  39. Jenny!!! Sophie is just precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!! You deserve a sweet, little, fuzzy, lovey, snuggle, thing all for yourself!!!! Congratulations!!!
    xx, shell

  40. Oh my darling...she's going bring you heaps of joy!!!!! that Mr E is a-maaaaazing! Blossy's a lucky gal.....she looks very happy!!! Big hugs to her for my pressie-tag too! Love the new and revamped designs....I'm a bit partial to blue and white too!!!!(hehehe)
    XXXX love and blessings and squeezy, sugary hugs always
    Wendy :O)

  41. Awwww-Sophie is adorable. CeCe(who is of similar coloring) is leaning on my hand purring agreement. Kittens can surely lift the spirits. Smart man Mr. E.
    Love all of your creations.

  42. Sophie is lovely. I'm sure she'll be a great help quilting. :)

  43. I love Sophie and all the things you have shown us this week! Mr E is definitely a keeper. I hope you are having a good week. I'm sure Sophie and Bob the Dog must keep you in stitches. Kittens are so much fun. He is truly a very wise man, your Mr. E.