about me

Hi, I’m Jennifer Reynolds, aka Jenny of Elefantz.

If you've not visited before or are new to my blog or designs here's a few things you might like to know.

I am…

* an Aussie designer who by the grace of God, creates pretty pictures with needle and thread.

* a Jesus loving Christian who finds grace to be something I need more and more of every day. 

* the blessed wife of Mr E who is the absolute sweetest guy in the world, and more than anything we love adventuring near and far with our trusty cameras on hand, usually in muddy unknown terrain where a girl can’t wear a dress and even the GPS gets confused! 

* mum to precious grown children who live near and far, and nana to a bundle of gorgeous grandchildren.

* someone who has studied healthy living for almost 20 years and enjoys cooking nourishing meals in abundance for my loved ones, with sweet treats scattered in between.

* left motherless at age 3 I was raised by my Nana and Pop, so I embrace the 'old ways' and share a lot about living a gentle domestic life, just like my Nana taught me.

* I also love coffee, the good stuff, freshly ground and brewed in large quantities, and I laugh so loud your house might break. 
update: since a heart condition was discovered in January 2020 I now enjoy a decaf brew; sad, I know.

Welcome to my blog. It’s so nice to meet you. Please say hi in the comments if you haven’t visited before because I’d love to say hi right back.

Blossom and I on my 65th birthday (February 21st, 2024)

Blossom is the baby of my bunch, the only one living nearby, and a mother now with three young treasures to cherish - Cully May, Rafaella Lucy, and Charlie David.

My, how time flies.


Susan Griffin said...

Hi Jenny,
I came across your blog this morning. You know that feeling you get when you first meet a person and you think to yourself - YES this is a lady I would really love to get to know. I'm sure she is the kind of kind person I could be friends with if she will have me? Well, that's the feeling I got when I came across your page. So I signed up for the newsletters and I'm going to enjoy following you - I have never done this before! but something about your honest writing and the way your love for many of the things I love came through I decided to act. So just so you know you have a new fan! I live in Saskatchewan Canada. And I plan to do your block of the month. I'll tell you more why in a later post but I should not hog all the space today. Happy New Year... Look forward to connecting with you in 2015.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Hi Susan,
I wish I could draw up a chair and have you sit back on the deck with a big pot of tea between us and time to 'grow'. Friendships are treasures.
Thanks for joining the journey this year. Bless you!

Claudie Day said...

Hi Jenny, and I'll also say hi to Susan who wrote from Saskatchewan on the 3rd. My friend Carol just sent me the link to your blog and free pattern on kitchen red work as she knows I love it and embroidery. It's my first introduction to your work and I love it. I didn't know I'd also meet such lovely people here, so I'm signing up. Loved your personal sharing of your life and loves. We share a lot in common, although I don't claim to have any talent in designing at all. So, kudos. I'll enjoy yours for sure, along with many other too I see. I'm writing from Cottage country in Muskoka Ontario, Canada. Can't relate to the iced tea and hot weather today as its -25 today with piles of snow on the big beautiful pines albeit sunny today. Have a wonderful summer and enjoy the heat. We will enjoy our cocooning.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Hello Claudie!
Lovely to "meet" you here. Oh, snow...I'm envious. If only we could do a little swap - your snow for my tropical nights and a bucket of mangoes to boot!
Bless you heaps.

Rita VanHorne said...

Hi Jenny~
I just recently found your website & signed up for your weekly newsletter. I love your designs & also enjoy your posts! Thank you for sharing your talent!

I too am in a new season of life. We recently moved from Alaska, where I was born & raised, to the Big Island of Hawaii. We are recently retired with no children at home, so it's fun having more time to do some sewing and crafts!

I was thinking about putting some of your designs on tea towels. Is there a particular thread or floss that you would recommend? (something that would not easily fade or run when washing) I love your choices of colors on your designs!

Looking forward to getting to know you better & spending time being inspired by your posts.


Jenny of Elefantz said...

Hello Rita!
Lovely to meet you. :-)
If you're stitching on tea towels I'd be sure to use a reputable thread like DMC, Anchor or Cosmo as with washing you wouldn't want to the colours to run.
There are many specialised variegated hand dyed threads that I use if a design is t be framed, but I steer clear of them if the item will be finding itself in water at some stage.
Bless you!

Rita VanHorne said...

Hi Jenny,

Thanks for your quick response and for the info on what kind of flosses & threads to use.

Do you have a favorite specialty brand of thread that you use when you're making a design that you're going to frame? I love your choice of colors, especially the variegated ones that you use.

Looking forward to stitching up some of your beautiful designs soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny
My youngest sister introduced your blog to us - twin sisters. Yes we are a set of double twins: my sister and I and then the two younger ones - a girl and a boy. Age gab - 9 years. I am really very excited in joining your blog. Hope 2015 will be the very best year for you. Kind regards Anne

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Hi Anne!
Wow - double twins! Double blessing for your precious mama indeed. :-)
Lovely to have you as part of this sweet community...welcome. x

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Rita, for quality, I love DMC, Cosmo and Anchor.
There are many cheap varieties, but if you run your fingers along them, then run your fingers along a skein of DMC (for example) the difference is quite obvious.

At around $1 - $1.50 a skein in Australia I would much rather pay those few extra cents and have the value as well as ease of stitching.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny, I came across your blog via my friend Chloe who currently lives in China. She shared your post about Abraham, Aaron and Hur and the value of recording God's faithfulness which encouraged me so much! So I started looking at other things on your blog and felt like I had discovered a friend :-) Thanks for writing. I look forward to reading more of your posts this year.

Ruth Kirchner said...

Hi Jenny. I am also a Jesus loving Christian from
Lima, Ohio in the USA. I don’t know how I happened
upon your website but what a blessing it is. I love
most all crafts but especially quilting. I have enjoyed
your embroidery and hope to try some of your
patterns. To me, you seem like a sweet and dear
friend and I am so happy to get to know you.
Love in the name of our dear Saviour, Jesus Christ
Ruth Kirchner

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Bless you, Ruth! It's so lovely to have you visit the blog and introduce yourself. :-)

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Hi Karen!
Bless you, and also your friend in China! :-)

Kate said...

wow... God is so good! I stumbled on this blog while looking for a quilt pattern... and oh my goodness...I feel like I found a room full of sisters I didn't know I had! I am also a Christian... or as you put it, "a Jesus loving Christian"... who lives on a ranch in Texas. I love to quilt and sew and have just begun a ministry through our church. The ministry is called "Sweet Dreams" We make small child size quilts for abused children who have been rescued out of slavery via an organization called Underground Rescue www.ourrescue.org
Quilting and serving God are my passions.
I chose the name "Sweet Dreams" from the verse in Pro. 3:24 When you lie down, you will not be afraid;
When you lie down, your sleep will be sweet..."

I look forward to reading your blog and getting to know you and the other ladies here! Kate

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Kate, what a wonderful ministry! May the Lord bless you and those who are rescued. Wow. xx

joan said...

Dear Jenny,
I love love love all that you do. I am living in southern California and have recently retired and i am trusting Jesus to provide for our needs until social security in December. I am a mother of three and our 9th grand child is due in March! So many blessings! The last 5 are boys,five and under! We have three 3 year olds. It is fun!
I am a RN and i have done many crafts when i could. Now i want to do more. I have never done stitching without buying a kit. So i am struggling as to find the "correct" fabric to start the Lords prayer for a friend who is on hospice. What should i get? Does it matter? Keep posting and loving life everyday it is a gift. My kids have a ministry called "Forever Found" check it out. Its wonderful. Bless you, you are a blessing to me. :) <3

Jayne said...

I just stumbled across your blog today and am amazed that I haven't found you before now! Just the same gorgeous things I love - I am so starting the Vintage Kitchen right away!
I am from Hamilton in Victoria, so fairly close neighbours in the blogging world, where most of the people I 'meet' are from the US.
I am so looking forward to getting to know you and take some time to really look through your blog. It is just so beautiful - I am in awe of your beautiful designs. The Lord's Prayer will also be top of my list.
Thanks again - lovely to meet you!

carol sferra said...

What a blessing to read all these wonderful comments. Another Christian here!! Jenny...did I read somewhere you have seven children? I have five all grown. Carol Concord Ohio

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Hi Joan, Jayne and Carol!

Joan, use a soft solid for the stitchery backgrounds or a cotton/linen blend is lovely. Robert Kaufman's Essex Linen is perfect!

Jayne, I used to live in Victoria a couple of decades ago - beautiful place with a REAL winter! So different to the tropics where I am now.

Carol, yes, I have seven children - all grown up, the baby is almost 21. But they still stay babies in my mind. x

Karen said...

Good Morning Jenny!
I just came across your wonderful, beautiful pieces through Pinterest this week. From the first one I saw, I fell in love. I then went to your Pinterest page and spent hours upon hours looking at all of your lovely pins :)... I was hooked. When I noticed what your Pinterest page said 'Stitchery designer, shabby chic addict, joy filled Christian, wife to the sweetest guy in the world, coffee-a-holic, and mum to some real sweethearts!' I just felt wow…what an awesome and inspiring lady. I wanted to know more. So I went to your blog and found all these wonderful people .. Thank you for writing and creating. You capture so many hearts 
I too am a Christian, born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I signed up for your newsletter and cannot wait to begin some projects you have inspired me to start. So looking forward to 2015 and the beauty you create and inspire!!!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Hi Karen!
Bless you dear lady. It's always a treat to meet a new reader as well as a sister in the Lord. :-)

Carol in Texas said...

Jenny, I am Carol in Texas. I am delighted to run across your blog. I mostly quilt, but I am working on a cross stitch and may rethink embroidery! I too LOVE coffee....and Blue Bell ice cream, a delicious brand made in Brenham, Texas. I will follow your year, though I am getting a late start.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

A fellow coffee friend! Hi Carol, lovely to *meet* you!

Renee said...

I am a huge fan of your embroidery patterns. I really appreciate the Bible verses you embroider, as well. I am interested in the stitchery of the month club. Before I join I have a couple of questions:
1) Is the fee taking out of my account on the same day every month?
2) Is a receipt included in the email with the patterns?
I anxiously await your response.
Renee Pasich

Angie in SoCal said...

Praying with you, Jenny. If two or three are gathered in My name...

Sue said...

Hello Jenny,
I "accidentally" found you in Craftsy yesterday. I love the Lord, scripture and hand embroidery! So I was so very happy to find you. I immediately signed up for your newsletter. I was thrilled to read it today. It was exactly what I needed. Thank you! I feel like we are going to be wonderful friends.
God Bless,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny!
Well, I just happened upon your blog while surfing another...and I'm so glad I did! I truly enjoy your writings & love your designs. I work full time as a Registered Nurse & do as much quilting & needle work as I can in my spare time. Having more of this now that Son #2 is 14. I'm always looking for designs to do in hand in the evening (especially with the cold & snow we've had here in Ontario, Canada) & will start on your BOM. Thank you for a lovely blog!

Marcy said...

Oh my! You have robbed an hour of my day and I am so glad. Your patterns and stitching is by far the best ever. Your stories and instructions are delightful. I'm so fortunate to have found you. It's late, but I'll be back.

Teri and Kara (Through the Needle's Eye) said...

Hello, Jenny,
What a joy to have stumbled upon your site. Your stitching and designs are just lovely. As we live across that vast ocean, we will have to enjoy a cup of coffee and a stitching session or two virtually. Looking forward to following your blog and receiving your newsletters.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny, Just came across your blog this morning and I love that you are a Christian! Your designs are adorable and from the heart, they bring us back to a simple, gentler time. Thyroid disease runs in my family so I am grateful for the recipe section.
Blessing from Central Oregon, USA!

mary said...

Hi Jenny
Love your site, and your workmanship is gorgeous, cannot say enough about your tutes and patterns.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Thank you, Mary! x

Carolyn FLICKENSALAT said...

Hi Jenny
I'm Carolyn from Germany and I follow you at pinterest for a while. Today I found your blog an will stay here :-) You're making wonderful things!

Unknown said...

Hi Jenny! Love your site! Kisses from France!

Aunt TC said...

I've been enjoying your blog for awhile now and had to find out where you are as you mention the tropics. I don't think of the tropics in Australia but now that I remember back to my geography lessons, I do. Anyway, you made sweet lemonade when your electricity was out. I'll try to do the same with the next challenge I face.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Aunt TC, I live near the top of Australia where it is always summer, with a wet season from November to April - which is also cyclone (hurricane) season! It's never boring and never cold.

Dee said...

Hi Jenny! <3 TY

Sparklyjools said...

Hello Jenny,

Jules from Shell's Fellowship of Fibre and Threads FB group here! I found your beautiful blog through your posts. Wow! It's just delightful! What beautiful projects, so skillfully stitched. Everything looks wonderful. I've added you to my Feedly and look forward to seeing much more!

Warm wishes
Jules @http://needleandpen.blogspot.com

Debbie Myers said...

Hello, Jenny
I just discovered your blog through Jacquelynn Steves blog. I signed up for your newsletter and thought I would introduce myself. I'm Debbie living in Illinois. I'm a native Texan, and have been doing embroidery off and on for 42 year. My mom taught me how to embroider and she did beautiful work. She also taught me how to crochet and got me hooked on quilting. Her crochet work was remarkable because she could
crochet anything. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work and waiting for your Sept. newsletter. I'm going back to finish looking at your site. Thanks for sharing.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Hi Dee, Jules and Debbie! Lovely to have you visit Elefantz! :-)

Cyndi said...

Hi Jenny, I love the things you make and I love your introduction, you should be a writer!!! Too funny how Princess kitty is trying to be queen in your hubby's heart! I love it.
I too have a princess kitty but it is just she and I in this house.
I have been a needleworker many years. I love samplers especially reproduction ones and tatting, I teach both.
I have love needlework since I was a child and learned many things from my mom, first of which was crochet.
I'm currently working on a hand pieced fan quilt along with many other projects!
I want to know how to sign up for your class on the huswif?
I will continue to explore your blog.
Thanks, Cyndi

Cyndi said...

Hi Jenny,
My comment was not posted, however I love your introduction of your blog, especially miss Princess Kitty. You should be a writer!
I have loved needlework since I was a child, first learning to crochet from my mom.
I have done many different types, quilting, knitting, macrame, needle laces, but my love is samplers, especially the reproduction ones, and tatting which I also teach.
I fell in love with your huswif and was wondering how I get in on the class.
I also love the Lord as you do so that makes us sisters.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you, Cyndi

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Hi Cyndi, lovely to meet you. The Hussif tutorial ran over 5 days here on my blog. Click on the "Tutorials" button under my blog header and you'll find them.
Bless you!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jenny, what a lovely blog you have! I love how you are both so creative and God-loving. I love Jesus too and I love quilting, applique and stitchery. I will visit your blog regularly! I am Dutch but have been living in Perth WA for over 10 years with my family. I have a facebook page www.facebook.com/Lizzieslovelieshandmade and a small Etsy shop. But it's nothing compared to what you do, haha. You inspire me! Also the fact that you have 7 children, I come from a family of 9, so grew up in a big family :) I admire you, both your faith and your creativity! Love, Liesbeth

Teresa said...

Hello Jenny,
I retired recently after a long career of nursing and raising 3 kids. I just turned 60 and I am learning to slow down and enjoy gentle domestic life. This has opened my life to finding the missing time that had robbed me from the quality unhurriedness of spending time with my Lord, Husband, family and friends. It has also enabled me to learn to quilt, and sew, knit, and craft. I am enjoying this new season of life. Thank you for your blogs, when I sit down to read your words, and view your beautiful pictures, as others have said, I feel that I am having coffee with a dear friend! God bless you!

Briarose said...

Jenny-I must say thank for that scrumptious "Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato" soup...mmmm...mmm.mmm....it was a huge hit at my Thanksgiving get together this past weekend. Thank you, thank you... Claire

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,

I don't usually comment on blogs anymore, but I just stumbled across your blog for the first time and, as corny and overused as this sounds, can really relate to what I've read so far. I'm a home educating mama of 13 years, this being the last one as my baby is halfway through his senior year. I've already felt a shifting of gears internally - excited to finally have time to do what I like each and every day without the guilt of not doing enough for the children, while simultaneously wondering what my new life's purpose will be. We are moving house within the next couple of months, and everything at our current (old) house is topsy-turvey. My life has become something I never consciously chose; it just sort of formed out of the family's increasingly complicated schedule. I'd already determined that next year was going to be a re-setting of my life as it revolves around our home, and reading that you've done that this year both encourages me and convinces me that it's not a crazy thing to focus on. So, thank you. I look forward to getting to know you a little better through your past posts.

May the good God bless you this day,
Illinois, USA

Unknown said...

Hello Jenny, thank you so much for your wonder blog, I love it all, I've done sewing most of my life , my children's clothes when they were small, they are adults now with children of they're own.
I am now into hand stitchery and you are my inspiration, I love you're designs you are a very talented lady, thank you so much.
I am off to Vancouver this coming Sunday to visit my granddaughter for Xmas, and have my hand stitching ready to do on the flight.
God bless you Jenny with love Valerie x

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,
Happy New Year, and may our God bless you abundtly

Tallahassee, FL

Unknown said...

Hi Jenny,
I'm so excited to read your blog --I came across it via a pin on Pinterest and can tell I'm going to love it!! I'm a crafter too, and a Christian, and a lover of pretty things (vintage and/or handmade!). Thank you for sharing your life- -I'm looking forward to getting to know you better!


Unknown said...

Hola Jenny!! Un placer conocer una mujer que ama a Jesús nuestro Salvador y ver las cosas tan hermosas que crea con sus manos, talento de Dios en su vida!! La bendigo y doy gracias a Dios por su vida y por compartir su talento!!

Unknown said...

I just left a stitching ministry meeting, sponsored by my Church- Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, In Houston. How I found you was a mystery until I realized, Our God guided me to you via Pinterest. I will be ever thankful. I'm emailing my church/stitching members and the Nuns,to join as well. They are going to love this site, as I do.
Yours in Christ,
Mrs. Patricia Chandler

Catherine.C. said...

Hi Jennifer, I also am a commited christian & attend a lovely church near the beachside. I have been working on one of your lovely designs, Happiness lives Here. My friend also follows you. I always tell my husband, which designs are yours in the magazines before I look at the name & I've only been wrong once. Ihave the same tastes as you in design, that's why I can pick them. Lovely to catch up with you here & see more of your beautiful work. God Bless you heaps! Catherine Colquhoun.

La Schnuffelina said...

Hi Jenny
Oh what a wonderful Blog. This cozy morning i sit here with my coffee and come along to your Site. And i was impressed. The design of the stitches in combination with the colors ... so lovely .. i hope i found the material in the quality that i needed here in switzerland.
And now i want to come back really often to your site and have look for the new lovely things that you create.
The best wishes from switzerland
Greets Tanja

Tribecca said...

Hi Jenny, my name is María José , i'm from Albacete, Spain, I met you through my best friend Agueda, I share with you the love for beautyfull and vintage handmade things, thank you for your pretty blog, it's wonderfull that so long away anyone enjoy with the same things that I do.
María jose

Tribecca said...

Hi Jenny, my name is María José , i'm from Albacete, Spain, I met you through my best friend Agueda, I share with you the love for beautyfull and vintage handmade things, thank you for your pretty blog, it's wonderfull that so long away anyone enjoy with the same things that I do.
María jose

Linda Shields said...

Hello Jenny from Eureka, Missouri, near St. Louis in the USA. I knew you weren't from nearby since our trees are leafless and we certainly don't have palm leaves falling on the ground. Oh my, you are quite far away, yet the internet brings us so close! I saw a Pinterest post of your vintage linens and had to click on it since I have a chest of drawers stuffed full of them. You make me want to embroider again. And quilt. And more. Visit my blog and say Hi from Australia to this Midwesterner sometime. I will visit often!

Diane Downes said...

Hi Jenny! I just read your wonderful tutorial on the embroidery and can't wait to give it a try! I'm here from the link on the Splendid Sampler with Pat Sloan and will definitely sign up to keep in touch! Thank you! Diane from Ocean City, Maryland.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny, I came across your work via the Splendid Sampler, which I am loving! I'm also a Jesus loving Christian on the Isle of Skye, Scotland! I just read your post about snuggling down to watch the Durrells, and can I urge you to read the original book called My family and other animals by Gerald Durrell,so much funnier than the TV series! It was one of my favourite books a s a child and I always read it when recovering from something like the measles because it made me laugh so much!
Looking forward to more embroidery - bless you!
Jane on the Isle of Skye

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Hi Janeaird!
I have read the original books, and also seen the original movie (which was much funnier than the series and also more accurate to the book). Bless you heaps!

Kim said...

Hi from Texas! I found the Gentle Domesticity on FB and from there your blog. You do beautiful designs and exquisite handwork! Interestingly, I recently discovered an 8th cousin through Ancestry who lives in Australia. Love your blog and have signed up for your newsletters.
God's blessings always,

Alenushka22222 said...

Hello, Jenny! I am very glad to visit the guests of your blog! I like your work! Soviet to the acquaintance! I beg pardon for my English...)))

Jules said...

Hi Jenny, Just stumbled upon your blog via Pinterest. Such beautiful work you create! I was reading your Sunday devotion from Sept. 10, 2016 and found it so applicable right now. The storms of life have hit in the last month and just keep coming. But my house is built upon The Solid Rock! Thank you for that devotional. It's amazing how the Lord can use someone on the other side of the world through a blog post to remind me of His truths.

From Indianapolis, Indiana: Jules

laurelei said...

Hi Jenny :) You have the nicest visitors! I'm a crocheter and wannabe embroiderer who loves looking at beautiful stitches...and so of course I wound up here with everyone else. :D And like all of them, I am gobsmacked at how completely lovely you are and how comfortable you make your guests feel. I'm not one who makes instant friends, but golly girl, you're sort of instant friend material. Sending much love (and buckets of coffee) from Florida to the lady shining so brightly in Oz.

Mary Ellen White said...

Absolutely love your designs - introduced to you through the Splendid Sampler. Your block is one of my favorites from that project. Looking forward to learning from you! From Salem County, New Jersey.

Jenny said...

Hi Jenny
Thought you might like to see what I did with four of your Vintage Kitchen stitcheries. I put two on an apron, and the other two on a double handed oven cloth, and I'm really pleased with how they turned out.
If you are interested do check out my blog post: http://romanyquilting.blogspot.co.nz/2017/07/polka-dot-apron.html

I am a bloggy friend of Janice from Jannimary. "Tell her I sent you", she said, so I have.

Best wishes from another Jenny, in New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you! Hi, I'm Stacy, and I just found your blog this week. I'm allowing myself time to slowly read your sweet posts, and your blog has just blessed my socks off! I think of your blog name when I begin my homemaking chores, and am encouraged to be gentle. It is my prayer that I can become joyful in my homemaking tasks again, to enjoy and relish the blessings of home and family. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Hello, Jenny! As I was perusing pinterest in preparation for an upcoming Ladies Craft Event, I came across some of your stitching projects using vintage linens. They are beautiful and inspiring! I am a Jesus-loving Christian also. :) My husband and I have been married for 32 years, we have 6 wonderful kids and 2 great sons-in-law. Currently my husband, our two youngest kids and I are living in the Czech Republic where we seek to minister God's love to people through a wide variety of relational investments - like having ladies come join me for great fun crafting and talking and hearing the Bible together. Thanks for sharing the creative ideas God blesses you with! Thanks for seeking to reflect Christ in your home and all around. I will definitely look forward to meeting you in person in glory one day - and we can both laugh so loud we'll try to make the leaves on the Tree of Life shake. :) !!! Pam from Pennsylvania

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Bless you, Pam! There is no greater calling than following Jesus. xx

Anonymous said...

Bless you, Jenny! I finally get to look at your site and send a note. I am Jerry, live in a town called Cedar Hill just outside of Dallas, Texas. And , yes, there are lots of cedar trees here and pollen to spare. We are now a retired couple after being US Navy for many years and living where ever. My sanity has survived probably due to loving to sew and do hand work, until about 18 years ago had to buy a new sewing machine and my husband chose one for embroidery. Wow, was that a learning curve, had to learn how to work a computer and machine at the same time. Now the children keep me busy, 3 generations after us so someone seems to need something regularly. Thank God for His many, many blessings. Now to enjoy your handwork and maybe teach two great granddaughters to appreciate using their hands and fingers to also create lasting beauty. Bless you

Jenny S said...

Hi Jenny,
I just made your Pineapple fruit cake. Delicious!
I think its so lovely with the gluten free ingredients. They make such a light and delicious fruit cake. Highly recommend for anyone thinking of making it - so easy too.

I'll be making one for Easter for my coelic friend for when we go camping. Her and I have a tradition where we leave the families asleep while we go to the outdoor dawn Easter service by the lake. She can't have the warm hot cross buns they offer everyone, so this will be a nice alternative for her. Thanks Jen x

Darold said...

Hi Jenny! I found you yesterday. I was looking at Needlebooks and found you on Pinterest. I’m going to do some of your projects. Your embroidery and scriptures make each project mean more. Please take time and replenish yourself. Thank you June💕

m. said...

Hi, Jenny! I found you today, and I'm so thankful. You've touched a part of my soul that was longing to be released! Thank you! m.

Unknown said...

Hello Jenny, I found you today and I love that you love the Lord like I do. Im born and raised (5th generation) in TEXAS!!! I lived in South Korea for one year and learned the art of EMBROIDERY. I found the love of sewing since this pandemic and can not seem to get enough. I love everything about your website and instagram...thank you sharing your talent with the world.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

How very kind you are - thank you and God bless!

Unknown said...

Hi recently come across your website and joined the monthly sew along which I can't wait to start in June. I read through your 'magazine' and it resonates so deeply with me - a full, grateful, unselfish, non materialistic lifestyle. Amazing! I can't wait to carry on following you. I'm in the UK. Kind regards. Pamela

Lynda R said...

What an absolute pleasure it is to stumble across your pages. I am thrilled to be met with another like minded lady who enjoys the same things that I do. From sewing, embroidery, cooking, gardening and my gorgeous family. I will be joining your monthly sew along so as to stay up to date with your happenings. What a fabulous world we're living in, even amid the virus uncertainty, that we're able to meet and join such beautiful people. Blessing to you and yours :)

suzanne said...

I opened your email this morning and was very excited to see you had posted that wonderful magazine from 1949. I looked at the date of the issue. It reads May 2, 1949. I was born May 3, 1949! I so look forward to reading this magazine. I always look forward to your emails, newsletters, patterns and needlework. Like you I love being a homemaker and caring for my family. well wishes to you and your family!

Stacey Wiseman said...

Hello and greetings to you, Jennifer!! I found your Etsy page today randomly...and your blog...and Pinterest page! (YAY!!!) I absolutely LOVE everything I've seen so far and purchased a few of your patterns today. I came to your blog and saw that you have a few "free" patterns as well; so thank you! I absolutely love that you incorporate scripture into your stitching! Can't wait to see more! I do have a question...Have you posted anywhere of fabric suggestions that complement your stitching? I am curious where you find the beautiful fabrics you use as well. We have a Joann's and Hobby Lobby where I live but would love to make these as similar to what you have shown in the pictures. Have a blessed day!! <:)

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Hi Stacey :-)
Thank you for the words of encouragement and I hope you continue to enjoy Elefantz.
I rarely buy any fabric as I only use small amounts (as an embroidery designer, I don't need a lot), and most of what I have on my shelves are anywhere from 4-12 years old. I do receive free parcels from the Tilda company each season to design with, so in that I'm very blessed.

Ruth said...

Hi: Always nice to find an artist that loves Jesus and needle work too. I'm a nana from Canada. I knit, quilt, embroider, and do so many other crafty things too.

Sally said...

Dear Jenny,
I just wanted to thank you for all the beautiful designs that you so generously make available for free download. I especially wanted to thank you for the lovely lavender cards and bible verses. I was able to easily download it and use it to send to a bereaved friend. It was much more loving and special to take that time over creating a lovely card for her. The card and verse looked really professional. Thanking God for your creative gifts and your willingness to share them. May your days be blessed. Sally

Anonymous said...

From a new mom, thank you for your ramblings. God led me to your blog in the wee hours during a night feed. I needed some encouragement and so grateful you followed him to write! -Kim

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Precious Kim, may the Lord always lead you, even in the wee small hours, when you have need of encouragement, grace and mercy...may His still small voice be heard as you care for that sweet little babe.
Praying for you,

Catherine Berkley said...

Hi Jenny, This is really a wild shot, but back in August 2010 I purchased the Christmas Story embroidery blocks from you.  In the email that you sent with the patterns I received Blocks 1-6 but it didn't include Blocks 7 and 8.   I did eventually get them somehow, but I can't find those 2 blocks anywhere. I did made the quilt and hang it in my home every year.  I fall in love with it every time I hang it up!

I would like to make another one, but I'm short the two last blocks.  Is there any way that I could repurchase them from you?  It's the "Frankincense" and "Angel" blocks.  I realize it has been 14 years since I originally purchased the pattern so will understand if it is no longer available, or if you are no longer selling your patterns. I have purchased many of you patterens over the years and love your designs! Thanks for bringing joy to all who use your patterns! Cathie