Monday, September 1, 2014

Block 13 Lord's Prayer...

The free pattern for block 13 of the Lord's Prayer Quilt can be downloaded HERE.

Now four of the eight rows are complete!

(blocks 1-5 and 6-10 are now in combined download files)


If you need to contact me would you please use my email address which is found HERE on this page, please? I've had a few questions recently and if I do not have a way to contact you then I am unable to respond. You only need to cut and paste my email address and send from your personal email account. Thank you! :-)

I'm having a blogging break for the next few days while I work at finishing my new set of Christmas designs, so have a great week and I'll see you on Friday!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Web surfing wonders to make!

I spent an hour or two  last night hugging my herbal tea and surfing the web to find some simple or fun things you can make for free (or close to it!)...

I LOVE pumpkins, much to Mr E's chagrin, so I think I *must" make a few of these pincushion cuties from a tutorial shared by Crabapple Hill Studio (here)....

I really, really, really want to make this gorgeous table topper which is shared (with a great tutorial) HERE by Julie at The Crafty Quilter...

Are you new to quilting?
The lovely Trish over at Notes of Sincerity has a simple tutorial for making 'square in a square' blocks!
These are brilliant for a table topper or lap quilt if you want to start with a smaller project.
You'll find her tute here...

How about another little bit of block piecing?
Tessa Marie from The Sewing Chick shared her tutorial for making this tea cup block here.
This would be great for a mug rug wouldn't it?

 What about some stitchery?

Wendy has just begun a festive themed 6 week Christmas Stitchalong and if you head over here you can read all about it! Her first block is "Noel", and each block is just $2...

 What about this beautiful winter scene stitched on a heart?
The free pattern is here at Norma's blog...

 Now you know I'm a coffee fanatic so this needs to be stitched and hung in my kitchen!
You will find the step by step tutorial and pattern over HERE at Flamingo Toes (cute name, huh?).
Actually, the very first sound Mr E hears every morning is the grinding of fresh coffee beans as I prepare to start my day...

 Here's a gorgeous free Scripture stitchery from Wild Olive which is on my to-do list for September...


 How about a free design from me?!
The "Fresh as a Daisy"  bag is a pattern I shared over four years ago, but it's so cute I thought it deserved to be shared again!
You can download the pattern as a freebie here in my shop today...

 Now you better not tell me you've got nothing to do this weekend. ;-)
Go on, take one of these projects and have some fun!


Friday, August 29, 2014

"GIVE" and receive...

There is nothing quite as lovely as being able to 'give' and this week's Shabby Roses Churn Dash block celebrates giving...

You'll find the pattern HERE.

Some extra wonderful 'giving' happened in our family this week.
My precious middle daughter gave birth to her first child, a sweet little girl of her very own...

As I've shared previously most of our family are very private so no more information than this to share, but I would ask for your prayers of blessing and praise for this new life, and also for my darling daughter as she begins the next stage of life as a mummy. I'm so proud of her! 
It may be years before I get to see or hold this little angel of hers, but one thing I can do every single day is pray for her...and make lots of pretty things that Mr Postie will deliver for me. x

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!
I'm continuing to detox my body and stitch more new Christmas designs for a September pattern release...


Thursday, August 28, 2014

New things in design and life...

One thing I have discovered about myself these last couple of years is that a deep shock and trauma can tip your health over the edge and if you have little or no emotional or physical support from people outside the situation it is very difficult to consciously make yourself a priority. 

Mr E and I have seen our health dip quite dramatically since 2012 and after much prayer, education and soul searching have made the decision to get 'real' with recovering our vitality and physical health that we may best serve the Lord and our family in the future. 

A couple of real eye openers were these dvds...

...and a book I'm reading about reversing auto-immune diseases (both Mr E and I have Hashimotos Disease)...

This week I've been undergoing a personally directed detox with raw vegetable juices and  nutriblasts, plus lots of herbal teas that have actually been quite delicious...

...especially these! No sugars or anything artificial, just wonderful flavours and oh, so easy on the digestive system.

This year I'd already made a big (for me) change by cutting off my long hair and letting it grow through 'natural'. After twenty years of habitually dying it each month I cannot express the delight of never having to use those nasty toxic chemicals anymore. In fact, I genuinely love my hair as it is now with it's shock of white across the front. Don't you love bathroom selfies?! LOL!!...

And can you see the t-shirt I'm wearing? I bought a few from Target that feature motivational messages and wear them every day with my black workout pants and my joggers because it's important that I inspire myself to better things. This one says "always rise to the challenge" and right now my challenge to is give health a priority ranking in life and not to feel guilty about it...

We do eat quite healthy as a rule, but we eat too much,  plus we add a good serve of sugar and refined carbs on the side far more than we should.
I'm sitting at the heaviest I have ever weighed in my life right now, 78 kilograms (172 pounds for my non-metric readers),  and as I'm a mere 5'1" tall that's a heck of weight to balance on my knees - hence the torn patella tendon a few months back. 
I'm not ashamed to confess my weight to you - it's a health issue I'm choosing to confront and part of that is telling you I have it. 
So I think you can see why I'm taking the path of detox this week and then carefully balancing my everyday food intake from next week and into the years ahead. I desire to be free from disease as much as I personally have control over it  - through food choices and exercise, my mental and emotional and spiritual health, and a sprinkling of accountability and encouragement.
And the best part?
Mr E is along this path with me. x

Whilst my body is ridding itself of nasty toxins during my detox this week I'm taking things easier and resting a lot in order to avoid unnecessary physical stress because this body is stressed enough right now.
In fact this time of rest has been remarkable in sparking new designs for my September Christmas pattern release! There are five patterns in the set, all with a single theme. Here's a few sneak peeks...

I can't wait to complete this set and show you, so I guess I'd best sign off this post and get back to them.

bless ya heaps, and have a happy, healthy and smiling day..

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Guest Blogger ~ Annie Belcher!

 My name is Annie Belcher and I am the owner/operator of Annie Beez Folk Art.

First of all I want to thank Jenny for the opportunity to share here on her wonderful blog. I am a devoted reader and have stitched several of Jenny's projects myself!
I am from the USA and live outside of Chicago. I live in the town that I grew up in not far from my childhood home, where my 88 year old mother still lives!
I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have raised 4 children together,
the youngest of which is still at home.

I have been designing patterns for various crafts for about 15 years now.
When it comes to art and creativity I have rarely met a craft I didn't like. You will notice if you visit my Etsy Shop or Craftsy Shop that there are a number of different types of items there - from cross stitch, doll and embroidery patterns, to handmade cloth dolls and paintings!
But my greatest love is sewing!

I love handwork of all kinds and have been embroidering in one fashion or another since I was about 8 or 9 years old. 
I have a new grand baby (my first) named Amy Ren, and I love sewing for her!

She has inspired a lot of cute baby-type designs lately, and I am excited to share with you my little bunny design, which actually began life as a watercolor painting!

I hope you will enjoy stitching him - he is very quick to do!
I have also included a tutorial if you would like to finish him in a wooden hoop frame as I did. This is a simple and inexpensive way to finish your piece and is great for gift giving!
It was so nice meeting you. I hope you will visit me HERE at my blog and say hi!

 You can download my free 'Little Bunny' pattern here


If you'd like to know how to frame the stitchery inside a hoop here is how I do it!

1. Take the stitchery out of the working hoop and press from the back.

2. Using hoop bottom as a guide, trace circle onto white felt. Trace outside of hoop.

 3.  Cut out the felt circle.

4. Center stitchery into wooden hoop and tighten until drum tight. Make sure there are no wrinkles on front.

5. Trim excess fabric all around about 1” away from hoop.

6. Press excess fabric toward center.

7. Put a row of glue dots all around the perimeter of the felt circle. Do not use too much glue! Remember, a dot is a lot.

8. Lightly press glue side of felt circle to back of stitchery. Press toward hoop, not the stitchery. You don't want glue to bleed to the front.

9. Allow to dry and you are done!

 Isn't he a cutie-pie!

I hope you enjoy this stitchery and tutorial!