Saturday, July 23, 2016

A prayer for each of us...

My husband and I have had to make some big decisions lately, and they weren't easy. In fact it feels like we're wandering in the dark without any clear direction, especially with regards to one very important issue.
There's no real right or wrong answer to our dilemma, but it could be life changing and that's why we want to be clear and sure on what path to choose.

Have you been challenged like this? 

I think choosing between something wrong and something right (through the eyes of Scripture) is much easier than choosing between two good paths. 

We desire to see further into the future to be certain our eventual choice will bring the best outcome, yet that's not what God is offering us. He seems silent. He is silent. 

Patience to wait upon the Lord is something I try to cultivate in my heart - so that it's natural, so I'm never expecting an immediate answer or miracle and probably so I'm not disappointed, but the silence in the midst of waiting is hard.

Years ago it occurred to me that if I don't know what's going on, and God stays silent, then my adversary the devil has no clue either. 
God's 'plan in motion' has been hidden to protect me and its important that I trust Him, have faith in what He's doing and await His perfect timing. I tell you truly, there was great peace in grasping this because I knew without doubt that God had not turned His back on me but was at work 'above and beyond' in ways I would never comprehend.

And it would all be for my good and for HIS glory.

This week's Scripture was a timely reminder for my husband and I that we need to put every hope in Christ, we need to trust Him, follow His lead, read the Word and let Him teach us through it. We can be sure that in His perfect timing He will show us the path to take, He'll point us in the right direction and we shall go forth.
When I saw Psalm 25:4-5 in the signature line of an email from a blog reader (thank you, Jacque) it was quite clearly a word in season, in fact it was prayer to pray every day.

I pray it brings peace and hopeful expectation to you as well.
In fact, I've made this into a free printable so we can frame it as reminder of hope during silent times. Download it here

be blessed,

Friday, July 22, 2016

Tea towels anyone?

On Wednesday I took Blossom out for a special pre-baby 'pamper day'. We went to the hairdressers for a shampoo, cut and blow dry, then to the nail salon for pedicures before lunch and cappuccinos at the Coffee Club. 
Opposite where we were having coffee was a discount store with a big stand of gorgeous country style tea towels out front so after lunch we headed over for a browse. 
Now, I *love* fresh new tea towels and regularly update my stash because we do a lot of cooking in this house and my poor kitchen towels bear the brunt, so I purchased half a dozen whilst Blossom cooed over the baby wear display nearby. 
Whilst these new purchases won't require any extra embellishment from me, I do still have a supply of tea towels standing by which are destined for embroidery or applique. Why? Because I love to have a few 'special' ones for use when guests come to visit. 

Earlier this year I did a tutorial on how to make this pretty appliqued tea towel (read the blog post here)...

 ...and at the time I was hoping to create a new one each month.
Unfortunately 2016 (so far) has kept me on my toes with family health challenges so the plan has not yet come to fruition, but last night I remembered some applique bird pieces I shared with you last year and decided they'd be perfect for a new tea towel project!

Here's the little applique shapes (read the blog post here)...

...and here's the tea towel and fabric I pulled from my stash last night.

They're a perfect background for the bright little bird shapes!
I'll hand applique the birds in place on a strip of the peachy/pink gingham before I sew the completed section across the bottom of the green towel. The preparation didn't take long as I already had the applique pieces ready to use...

After mixing and matching body, wing and chest sections I peeled away the Vliesofix and fused the birds onto the gingham...

Once the shapes have been blanket stitched I'll attach the gingham trim to the bottom edge of the tea towel using the same method I showed you in this tutorial...

If you'd like to make some embellished tea towels over the weekend those little bird applique shapes are a free download here in my shop.

My "Bird in a Pot" pattern is normally $1.50 but until August 1st I'm sharing it as a freebie in my shop too!

Thought you might like to see sweet Blossom at almost full term...

She had taken a beautiful photo of the two of us earlier in the day, reflected in her vintage mirror...

So close.
Counting the hours till she and her DB hold their precious daughter.

Have an especially lovely day.
I'm off to Heather's for some stitching and to swoon over her latest craft makeover and to eat delicious food and drink endless cups of tea and coffee whilst trying to contain laughter and not split my sides! I know I'll fail dismally, but it's worth it for the fun we'll have.


Thursday, July 21, 2016

...7, 8, 9, complete!

I've had some of the best down-time this week as I stitched my new "Little Things" pattern.
I deliberately took this one slow because the message within urged me to savour every little part of the design and stitching process. 

From choosing threads... studying the balance of colours...

...and down to the final touches. 
A vintage button?

Or a tiny half inch hexie?

The hexie won out.

I love it.
This could be my favourite design for 2016 so far. 

The pattern will be inside August's issue of The Stitchery Club along with a powerful quote from the woman whose life and dedication to the poorest of the poor impacted my life in more ways than I can say, Mother Teresa...

These designs will also be available as single purchase patterns from August 17th, but why not join the Club and receive six new 'be inspired' stitcheries in one day? 
Information and sign up link is here.

Have a blessed day.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Building a stitchery (and a little competition)...

I'm working on one of the new August designs for The Stitchery Club.

It began with green...

....and moved on to a pop of rusty red.

Tomorrow I'll introduce another hue, maybe a softer rusty tone.

I'm glad to have plenty of August designs to stitch. Blossom is having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions so things are on the move and I need my mind and hands to be occupied while we wait for 'that' call.

How about we have some fun while I wait?

Blossom's having a baby girl. 
What name do you think she and her DB have chosen for their soon to arrive daughter? If anyone guesses correctly I'll send you some fabric and thread after she's born and her name has been confirmed, okay?
(you can only leave one name in your comment)


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Rain on the mountain...

On Friday Heather, Barb and I braved the freezing cold and non-stop rain to head up the mountain for some country cooking and stitching.

We have a special room we 'take possession' of at the Heritage Tea Rooms whenever we're up there but in order to secure it we have to be early. Once taken it is ours for the day!

Most other visitors to the Tea Rooms that day sat on the verandah and watched the rain...

...but we stayed dry in our den.
After a hearty breakfast and more than a few hot chocolates (brimming with marshmallows)...

...we cleared the table and brought out some stitching.
Heather was all smiles, her effervescent humour keeping Barb and I in stitches - the kind that makes your tummy muscles ache!

She's working away on the last few Gentle Domesticity blocks for this year's BOM which is why I had to hide part of her handwork for this photo. The block Heather was sewing won't be shared for a few months yet...

Barb has been stitching a set of Rosalie Dekker blocks 'forever' and we can't wait to see them all finished one day. Her smile lights up our gatherings, which is no surprise as she has the same natural humour of her mum, Heather! 

I stitched away on the August block for Gentle Domesticity so I guess as it's only a couple of weeks away you can have a peek?

Lunch was a simple shared plate of scones, jam and cream, served beside a pot of hot English Breakfast tea...

Not used to such cold weather in the tropics of North Queensland we hugged every hot drink that day close to our chests and inhaled the steam. It was just 10C (50F) at 1pm, and as I thought back I realised the last time I'd been in such a low temperature was June 2009 when we lived in Esperance, Western Australia. 

Keeping a promise to my husband I rested most of Saturday, and apart from a relaxing drive out to Charters Towers this morning with Mr E I've rested today as well. 

Recovery from pneumonia is slow but I am feeling a tiny bit better each day. Friday with Heather and Barb was definitely good for my soul, and continued rest at home will complete the healing. 

Do you have an extra few minutes right now? Heather has shared a tutorial for recycling old candles on her blog and it's really clever! I have plenty of candles with only a bit of wax left which would be perfect for THIS.

I hope your weekend has brought smiles and laughter to your soul as well.