Saturday, August 27, 2016

Alphabet stitcheries....

In 2014 I released a set of 26 alphabet designs and complimented them with two tutorials...

I actually get a lot of emails and messages about alphabet patterns because they are very popular as embellishments for hand-stitched gifts, so today I thought I'd share photos of some gifts I've made from the Rosedaisy Alphabet for family and friends. 
All of these, apart from the J, were framed...

A tutorial for preparing a stitchery to include blanket stitch applique is here.

A tutorial for colouring a stitchery before adding embroidery is here.

If you'd like this 26 pattern set (every letter of the alphabet is a different design!) I have it on sale until September 5th:

in my Craftsy Shop here 
or my Etsy Shop here,

Each letter when stitched will fit inside a 5 inch square. 

Stuck for a gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, weddings or a christening? These are perfect. 

I'm about to stitch an A and a C for my granddaughters Cully and Aminah. I'll be sure to show you when they're done!

Hope you have an ABC kind of weekend!

a...absolutely fun
c...calm and relaxing


Thursday, August 25, 2016


I've heard women say that they've lost a part of who they once were over the course of their marriage, and I used to think that about myself too. 
Spurred on by increasing social agreement on this matter I would lament for the adventurous, carefree girl I was in my teens and early twenties, and accepted that motherhood and marriage had taken that from me. 

But I was wrong.

Becoming one half of a couple always involves change, even when you promise each other it won't happen.

There's no plan to make yourself more like your husband, or to make him more like you. It simply happens over time, as you draw closer to each other. We expand our heart and lives to include more of the one we love.

So we don't really lose who we once were, we become more than we used to be.
If our lives were a garden you could say we deepen our roots, scatter seed, bloom more profusely and spread our branches. We increase in who we are, having more to give, more to learn and more to be grateful for.

Also like a garden, marriage has seasons. Some seasons are dry and require more time and nurturing than others, but then spring arrives and you reap the fruit of your loving and faithful perseverance.

My husband came home the other night with a bouquet of flowers for me. It's not something he does as a matter of course so it deeply touched my heart and I felt very precious indeed. 

He knows I love flowers and that every few weeks I'll fill a vase with pretty blooms purchased for myself...yet though it's not something he sees as essential, he's expanded who he is through the union of our marriage so that what matters to me, over time, becomes important to him.

That's why marriage changes us.
It grows us to include the best of each other. 

Rather marvelous really.

Have a blessed day,

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

More flowers to stitch...

Lately I've been pretty focused on getting two months ahead with my patterns for The Stitchery Club because Mr E is taking holidays from work in October and we'd like to enjoy that time together without me working too much. 
It's been 21 months since he took a proper break from his job and hopefully we can chill out, take a few long drives up and down the coast, and hopefully get closer to finding our very first home.

Remember I said the theme for September's Club issue is "Picking Flowers" when I showed you the first two designs (this blog post)?

Here's three more...

The final design for September is almost complete and it's just as sweet as these. I'll show you tomorrow!

Become a member of The Stitchery Club this month and your free gift pattern will be the "Merry Flags of Christmas"...

I don't think it's ever too early to stitch for Christmas, do you?

Have a blessed day!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Let me brag...

It's a Nana's responsibility to show off her new grand babies, right?

Cully May, 19 days old (Blossom's daughter)...

Austin Knox, 4 months old (Aisha's son)...

Just had to exercise my bragging rights.

Have a lovely day,

Monday, August 22, 2016


My beloved Mr E took me to Bunnings on Saturday afternoon to purchase a couple of gorgeous Azaleas. One for him to take cuttings off for new bonsai (his hobby) and one for me to tend with loving care and delight over. My last one died a dreadful death in the drought ridden summer heat last year, but I shall do all I can to save the new one.

We're only a week away from Spring now and the weather is already heating up again, remembering that during the entire three months of our tropical winter I wore a cardigan three times. Winter here is very mild and we live in t-shirts and thongs (thongs are flip flops for my American friends) all year round. It's also been dry a long time (we're in drought) and the yard around the house shows it. 

On Sunday Mr E raked up dead leaves, trimmed trees, and chopped up our endless supply of fallen palm fronds...

This home is surrounded by over 40 palm trees and as pretty as they are to look at they take a lot of work each weekend because palm fronds, very large palm fronds, fall every day. We don't have a mulcher so my dear love has to cut them all up by hand with secateurs whilst wearing leather gloves.
Some fronds are 12-14 feet in length...

The tall palms out front are weighted with gorgeous chandeliers of seed at the moment. 
These start off green, turn to white, and then if we get some rainfall they burst into brilliant red balls of fruit which bring a variety of bird life to feast upon. Last year there was no rain and they shriveled before getting past the white stage. 
The forecast is for a very heavy wet season this summer and autumn so we may have flourishing bird life in the trees again...

Once he'd finished the yard work (and washed my car - told you he's amazing, right?!) my beloved decided he'd re-pot all my plants on the deck. I admit that since I had pneumonia a lot of those potted plants, as well as the deck area, have been sorely neglected. So while he re-potted the plants I scrubbed the deck and the tables.

The plant on my little round table is a Geisha Girl. It has beautiful purple flowers and I'm hoping it blooms again in spring because it's one plant I've not killed (perhaps it likes me?)...

We juice a lot of pineapples each week so occasionally I plant one of the tops and now I have a half dozen growing very well indeed! I have success with the oddest things.

Our French neighbour, Arnaud, is a marine biologist with a passion for gardening. He gave me this Desert Rose when it had just two leaves and was barely an inch high. I promised I'd care for it, and fortunately for me it's a succulent (like pineapples) so it's thriving in our dry and warm winter. 
Mr E will re-pot it in a larger container next weekend...

My favourite succulents are the ones that flower.
The two Zygo Cactus (Schlumbergera) plants I bought earlier in the year are also flourishing, probably due to their tolerance of our climate and because I've been neglectful with watering. 
Mr E re-potted them as well and now they're happy in our front entrance where they get sunshine all day.

After tending to all my plants and clearing the garden of debris, my sweet man chilled out with his bonsai strikings. He makes up his special mix in the wheelbarrow and then using a single large plant he creates half a dozen or more bonsai.

There's a lot more involved but he's the expert and I'm not so I won't even try to explain all the other steps he takes to create tiny plants.

Last year he chose to bonsai Ixora plants and now we have some real sweeties but this year he'll hopefully give me some tiny azaleas to display in  our 'one day home of our own'. 
That's the other thing we did this weekend (and last weekend and the weekend before...) - we've been out in the country looking for a home. We hope this time next year to be tending our very own garden, and not that of another rental home.

God willing, as my Nana would say. 

Hope you have a lovely week, I truly do.


Sunday, August 21, 2016

Are you ready?

A simple question.
Three little words, yet they carry eternal significance.

Are you ready?

If Christ came back tomorrow would your life reflect Him, would your heart be clean and your mind given over to Him? Could you say that you love Him with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, with all your strength? (Matthew 22:37, Deuteronomy 10:12)

Are you ready for His return?

My husband and I have this question on our hearts and it's given us much food for contemplation and prayer recently.
Are we ready? Are we truly ready? 
Do we love Jesus with all our heart, soul, mind and strength? 

Or do we love the things of this world more than Him? We hope not, but we're putting our lives under closer examination because it never hurts to make time for a truth/reality check so we can correct our life and spiritual course. (1 John 2:15-17)

Have you done this recently?