Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"F" for Fee...and paper patterns.

It's my sweet friend Fee's birthday today! 
You can drop by her blog here to give her lots of warm and cuddly cyber hugs, ok? She loves them!

So what to make for one of my very bestest friends?
Well, a cute Rosedaisy framed 'F' of course!

Fee is a true-blue Shabby Chic gal, so naturally this influenced my choice of fabric, threads, and frame. Once again, as I've been doing all year, I stayed with a simple colour palette of two. 
Aqua and Pink.
The pink thread is variegated which really made this block 'sing'...

Fee called me when her parcel arrived in the mail, and she loved it. Well, I reckon I love her more. ;-)

Now that Fee has received her framed F from me, I can show you another F block I stitched back in March. It is a different one because it's for my soon-to-be-born new granddaughter, Miss *F*, who is only weeks away from greeting the world. 

#Please do not ask me to share any more about Miss *F* as her mum (one of my daughters) is very private and doesn't want her family's life shared via my blog (along with almost all my other children who prefer to live quiet anonymous lives too)...#

I stitched the E from my Rosedaisy Alphabet for her big sister, 13yo Miss *E*, but created a personal *f* just for Miss *F*'s imminent arrival.
Actually, both Miss *E* and MIss *F* were the inspiration behind my 26 Rosedaisy Alphabet blocks...

As time goes by I will have more and more completed Rosedaisy Alphabet blocks to show you. I wonder how many I will have stitched by the end of the year? Mmmm...


When I released "The Welcome Home" pattern last month it was incredibly popular, which surprised me as it was only published as a paper pattern and not a pdf.
I chatted with Mr E about this, and he agreed with me that it would be a good idea to offer the Rosedaisy Alphabet as a paper pattern purchase too, because some stitchers just happen to prefer paper over pdf.
I have to admit, I personally love to buy paper patterns.

So from today, HERE in my Etsy Shop, you will now find the paper pattern for the 26 block set of the Rosedaisy Alphabet! 
It comes stored in a sturdy plastic A4 sized sleeve, flat and not folded. 

It will be posted world-wide, so no matter where you are across the globe it will arrive at your door!

I also have a few more of large "The Welcome Home" wall hanging patterns in stock...

...and as I want to save you as much postage as I can, I've also decided to list the double paper pattern set of The Rosedaisy Alphabet and The Welcome Home.

I'm offering to post both of these patterns worldwide for the same cost of posting one!

Purchase one or both of these Elefantz paper patterns HERE in my Etsy Shop.

  The Rosedaisy Alphabet is also available as an instant pdf download HERE in my Craftsy Store.

Thank you for your lovely comments, prayers, and hugs for Blossom yesterday. She's finally over the 'hump' with this flu and is slowly beginning the road to recovery. Such a great relief, as for a while there she was spiraling downhill fast, and her asthma wasn't helping. 
So bless each of you for caring. xx

Now I'd best get back to my stitching, as I am playing around with more two-colour designs that will feature some very special fabric sent to me by a clever Tasmanian designer!

If you're interested in my penchant for using only two, and occasionally three colours in my designs, check out some colour combinations I shared HERE to stitch Rosedaisy Alphabet blocks. You may be inspired!


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stitching through the flu...

Sweet Blossom has been down with a nasty flu virus for the last week - aching all over and a nose that won't stop running. Now it's spread to her chest and she's wracked with coughing spasms as well.
Thankfully she has a wonderful doctor, but this virus still needs to run its course so she's sleeping lots, watching all her favourite British television shows (currently re-watching season 3 of Downton Abbey), drinking copious amounts of tea and juice, and doing a cross-stitch.
She bought this cross-stitch design on our crazy hat day a few weeks back, but didn't realise at the time just how fortuitous that purchase would be - I think it has kept her sane through her illness and the weekend's cyclone arrival...

It's by one of our favourite Australian cross-stitch designers, Olga Gostin, who created a series with old Australian homes as the theme. I am working on my second in the series, and this is Blossom's first...

She's doing beautifully...

If you have a spare prayer or two, would you pray for her recovery, please? xx

For my own part I've had migraine to contend with, and though I always manage to cope quite well after 42 years of practice, this latest one knocked the wind out of me - but post cyclone migraines tend to do that until the weather system has settled again. I'm feeling a lot better today, though there is a dull ache still lingering that I pray will depart very soon.

I'm working on a new Christmas design for Australia's Patchwork & Stitching magazine at the moment. Yes, it's quite early for Christmas stitching, but magazines are planned so far in advance that I need it to arrive on the editor's desk in a few weeks from now. 

I'm loving this new pattern so much that I think I may design a whole Christmas series based on it...


I also have a fresh length of quilt binding ready and waiting to be stitched around my completed Shabby Roses Home BOM quilt!

I finished the piecing of the quilt top a few weeks back, and then sent it off to my talented friend Dawn Hay to be professionally quilted....

I love it!
Dawn did a brilliant job quilting my 'baby'...

But I can't show you any more than those few peeks because the final block won't be shared until Easter Monday, April 21st, when I'll also have my big reveal of the full quilt.
I'm so excited to show you, but first of all I'd better go stitch that binding on and take it off somewhere for a sweet photo shoot!

Don't forget that Blocks 17 & 18 are still a free download HERE in my shop until April 20th.

If you are in Australia and have a UFO quilt top that you need/want to have quilted beautifully, email Dawn. She does beautiful work, has a quick turn-around, and wait for it - she only charges $50 for any quilt top up to 80" square!
Go HERE to find out more.
Dawn has quilted four of my quilt tops and each one comes back more beautiful than the last.


Enjoy your day, 
I'm off to cook something soothing for my girl,

Monday, April 14, 2014

Deconstructed Hexie tutorial, and a magazine at last!

I cannot tell you how excited I am to tell you that the April/May issue of Elefantz Magazine is now published and in my shop to download!

I have three gorgeous patterns inside, and the first one inspired the tutorial I'll share at the end of this blog post.

 But let's look at what you can make from this issue of Elefantz magazine first!

Project 1 - TWEET: A Needle Cupboard.
...not a needlebook for 'used or in-use' needles, but a cupboard to store your needle packets... 

Project 2: SING - A Cushion.
...with an empowering message for you...
"not everyone will appreciate your song...but sing anyway"

Project 3: The ROSEDAISY Journal/Book Cover
...which comes with the full set of alphabet monograms for you to personalise it...

Purchase the April/May issue of Elefantz Magazine HERE today.

Inside the magazine I'm also chatting about living simply, and with beauty, in a technology driven world, and I share ideas and examples to help you start your own illustrated journal as a family keepsake.

 I love hexies! But I find them awfully fiddly things to put together when they are small. 
In my TWEET Needle Cupboard design I did something a bit different. I deconstructed a hexie and appliqued it instead!

These hexie flower shapes are a tiny 1/4 inch each, and to begin you'll need to download a free pattern sheet HERE.

The first thing I did to make the two hexie flowers on the TWEET cover was to trace 14 of the 1/4" hexies onto the smooth side of some Vliesofix, but you can use any fusible bonding paper for this...

Then I fused each one onto particular sections of the back of the floral fabric I'd used elsewhere in the design - this is known as 'fussy cutting'.
I chose the little blue daisy print for the outer hexie petals, and the small rose print for the centre...

Cut out the hexie shapes, and peel off the Vliesofix...

Using tweezers carefully place the hexie shapes onto your background fabric. Fuse them in place with a warm, dry iron, but make sure you bring the iron straight down onto the hexies and don't push the iron back and forward over them as it may shift them...

Use one strand of thread that matches the outer petal fabric and blanket stitch the outside hexie petals in place.
 Blanket stitch around the middle hexie with a single strand of matching thread....

Using 3 strands of thread, chain stitch around the centre hexie...

Complete your de-constructed hexie by chain stitching around the outer petals with 3 strands of matching thread...

How cute is this!?

You can do this on any project you like, using any size hexie you want, but if you'd like to use it as I have in the TWEET Needle Cupboard you'll find the pattern HERE in Elefantz Magazine - available until May 30th only.

Time to get back to a whole new set of designs that need to be ready 'someday in May'....

Have a brilliant week!


Sunday, April 13, 2014

That Cyclone...

Well, what a Sunday we've had so far!
The cyclone that was supposed to fade away and not reach us actually kept itself going and hit our town early this morning. 
Mr E and Blossom slept through the beginning of Cyclone Ita's arrival over Townsville, but then the wind and rain got way too noisy and we all sat and watched it through the 'walls of large windows' in our home whilst drinking coffee and eating fresh pancakes with maple syrup. 
By about midday it had passed by and a clean up for those affected began. Roads were cut off, power was out, homes flooded, and the weirs, creeks, river and waterfalls were in full and abundant flow!
The beach was wild... was the Weir.

 Hopefully this cyclone is the last for the season. Winter cannot arrive soon enough...
Thank you for your prayers, everyone. Princess Sophie was the only distressed member of the family, and she's settled quite nicely now the cyclone has passed.


Sunday Scripture ~ Phillipians 4:13

"I am not my bad days. I will not let the dark tell me who I am. I will give only God the authority to tell me who I am." Sarah Mae