"The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest."

Thomas Moore

Monday, August 10, 2009

Free Applique Shabby Rose for you....and I'm a winner!!

It's so nice to have something to give, something that puts a smile on another's face or a warm, fuzzy feeling in their heart. After reading the book "The Five Love Languages" back in 2002 I discovered I am a giver, that is the most obvious way I show my love. The other thing about being a giver though, is that I love to receive gifts too. ;-)

Today I was blessed to have both opportunities!
Firstly, a gift from me to you is this applique Shabby Rose design. I've made many embroidered Shabby Roses with applique surrounds, but I wanted the rose itself to be the applique this time. You can download the pattern HERE.

Secondly, the gift I received - I was picked as one of the winners of Brenda's giveaway over at Pumpkin Patch Primitives!!!
I really, really, really wanted to win her giveaway! It's a kit to make Wooly, and I loved it the minute I saw it! Go over to her site and have a good look around her shop...wonderful, wonderful stuff!! Thank you SO much Brenda!!
But wait...there's MORE news! The mail just came, and....my very first design has been published!!!
WONKY HOUSES is in print - and it made the cover too!

It will only be a few more days before this issue of Creating Country Threads hits Australian newsagents if you want your own copy! It is filled with many bright and cheery projects to keep fingers busy, and hearts light.

What a wonderful day this has been. :-)
I pray your own day has had pockets of joy too, and if not, then I pray tomorrow shines brightly on you and yours and your heart will once again smile through the rainclouds.



Sarah - Kala said...

Congrats on your win and publication! How exciting!!!
We hope tomorrow is sunny. Hawaii is under a tropical storm thing right now. Well, tomorrow. Well, it begins tonight for the big island, and I expect we'll get some kickin' winds and rain late Monday or so. Fun!

Julia said...

Congrats Jenny on both your win and publication! How exciting!!!
I'll check out the mag ..
Julia ♥

Anna said...

Congratulations! And thanks for the rose!

Vickie said...

so happy happy happy for you on the publication-that issue will sell out I betcha,and congrats on the win---woohooo,cheers Vickie

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Congratulations Jenny! What a lovely day. Don't know if I can get the magazine here - I'llkeep a lookout! Thanks for the rose.

Narelle said...

Super WOW and congratulations!
I must ... I must ... get a copy!

Narelle said...

I was so excited I forgot to ask ... which Vol. and No. so I can ask my newsagent to send it out with my papers?

alice said...

Congrats on being published and winning!! How fun. I haven't gotten my copy yet, but hopefully in will be in the mailbox tomorrow. And thanks for the rose. Your patterns are always so pretty.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Congratulations on your win Jenny...I fell in love with that sheep as soon as I saw it...I am so pleased you have won♥ And a big congrat to you too on going into print...AND making the front cover...now will have to check that out♥x

zigzago said...

Hi Jenny, Congratulations!
Thank you for the beautiful rose, have a nice and creative week, Renata.

Denise said...

Congrats for win a publication, I'm very happy for You!!!!
Thanks for pattner, always great!

Joy said...

Yay for you Jenny!!! You truly deserve to be a winner cos you give so much to us all :o).
I can't wait to get my copy of Country Threads so I can see your pattern in print ... congratulations you clever thing you :o)!!!!
Joy :o)

Country Nanny said...

Congratulations Jenny! You're number one and you deserve this!
Thanks for the new amazing gift :)

jannimary said...

Ooh! You're famous. I received my copy of Country Threads today. Congratulations on your lovely win and thank for the wonderful little applique.

Fee said...

Congratulations Jenny - I'm going to go and buy a copy of the Mag - just so I can tell people "this is my friend Jenny's design - IN PRINT"!! :-) Woo Hoo. I'm so proud of you - and so happy for you. You deserve the success and the enjoyment from it too.
Fee x

Sew Useful Designs said...


How wonderful to see your beautiful design in print! I shall be checking in at the newsagent each day waiting for it to come in! :-) Congratulations to Country Threads too - for finding such a wonderful designer as you!!! Their sales will fly through the roof with your wonky houses on the front cover (I wonder if theirs is a wonky roof???!!!)

Congratulations also on your win sweetie! And thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your shabby roses with us all! You're an absolute darling an deserve every happiness and success!

A kiss on each cheek and a big big squeezy hug for you! WELL DONE SWEETIE!!!!
Loves ya!
Vikki xoxo

MARYNAN said...

Congratulations Jenny on your pattern being chosen for the magazine!! Keep up the good work!!!

Judith Tetley said...

Wow...Wow...Wow....Jenny! Congratulation on your published design and on the prime mag position..."front cover".
Well done...there's no looking back now! I will be looking out for the issue.

Jeanette said...

Congratulations Jenny. Thanks for sharing your rose pattern

ozjane said...

Congratulations.....my magazine came in the mail.....and I thought....are these the ones I know and love or are they a spin off.........but they were real.
Great work.

Colleen's Blog Long Island NY said...

Congratulations on being published Jenny, Thanks for the new design. Great contest you won. I never win anything. Is that an Australian magazine?

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Yes, Colleen, it's Creating Country Threads from Express Publications here in Australia.
The issue with my Wonky Houses is not out yet though - probably another 5-7 days I think. :-) Thanks everyone for your kind words and congrats!! They are VERY much appreciated! :-)

Crispy said...

WOW Congradulations!!! What a wonderful day you had, so full of surprises. I can't imagine a person more worthy, I'm so happy for you Jenny!!


Stephanie said...

Congratulations to you. Well deserved!!! That's a darling woolie sheep too.

The Handmaden said...

Congratulations, your project looks great!

LfsAlot said...

You have such a sweet giving nature that it makes my heart happy that you have been blessed by winning! Thank you so much for blessing us all with your beautiful and happy designs. What a joy you are !!!!

Tozz said...

Congratulations Jen and you deserve to win and also well done with having your fabulous Wonky Houses published and being on the front cover...You go girl!! Well done :) Thanks heaps for the gorgeous rose and I look forward to using it on my projects. :) hugs hugs Vicki

Vintage Sandy said...

Congratulations, on your publication of "Wonky Houses" I love them they are so cute I have them all traced but haven't started the stitching yet but will soon....and congrats on your win!

Terry said...

Oh my goodness! What a great day for you! Congratulations on winning the woolly sheep kit! That one is so cute! And how cool the wonky houses have been published! Thanks for the rose applique too...it's lovely! :0)

Leslie said...

Congrats on your win! I love working with wool! I have made a few penny rugs and it's very fun and addicting!

And congrats on your publication of Wonky Houses, too! That must just seem so surreal to have your work in a magazine!

And thanks for the freebie! I have never appliqued with fabric, just wool but I will save that pattern to try or I may just stitch it. I am leaving the applique out of the Shabby Roses blocks, too...

Have a great day :)


Robin in New Jersey said...

Congratulations, Jenny! How exciting to open the magazine and see your design there!

Amy R said...

Jenny - congratulations on being published! What a happy day! I went to see Julie and Julia last night (a movie) and thought about all those bloggers who are a big part of my day. So, thank you! I really enjoy your blog. I am inspired by your kind heart and your love of your family and your giving spirit. You touch so many of us out here in blogland! Wishing you many more great days like you had today.

Priscilla said...

wow, this is really a great day for you, congratulations!
and how lucky we all were to have been able to finish our wonky houses before it even got in print, I feel like I am The Selected One! :-)

magy said...

Oh Jen,
I just ordered some fabs from Primitives.. I love that pattern too. So glad you won,, what a small world.. but the quilting world is enormous?? LOL

Tracy said...

Congrats on the win - when I saw that my friend Brenda had picked your name as one of the winners, I had a moment of connectedness. Love this internet!!

Thank you for the applique pattern. I was hoping that you'd share it - I have the perfect place to use it (in all of my spare time!).

We had a shop hop this last weekend and I got fabric for my Shabby Roses quilt AND Oopsie Daisies, then I came home and played with layouts. You've been on my mind a lot this weekend!!

Jessica said...

Hi, my name is Jessica and I stumbled upon your blog several days ago. I have been interested in hand embroidery for quite a long time now, but never knew where to start or how to start. After being inspired by your blog and doing a little research I've realized its not as intimidating as I once thought. I'm heading out this week to get myself a hoop and some floss and I'm just gonna jump in with both feet! Thanks for such an amazing blog!

The Rabbit Factory said...

Congratulations Jenny...the publication looks fantastic...and your right on the cover...how great is that!

marcab77 said...

how cool is that - sweet! and, no one deserves it more. couldn't be happier for you than i am today, ummmm, errrr -- guess there's always room for more joy, isn't there? take care and keep on.... rita

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow Jenny, congratulations on your win AND making the magazine cover!!! And thanks for the download. You are such a generous lady :-)

Cattinka said...

That was really a good day for you, and for me also, because you gave us the free pattern!
Congratulations for your publication in the magazine and for the prize your won, it is really nice and I´m happy for you!

paulette said...

Congratulations, Jenny!
I am going to rush out to buy the magazine!!! Wow! I'm so proud of you! AND THANK YOU for the rose!! Love it!

Stephanie said...

Hello Jenny, congratulations on your win, I´m the other lucky one :-))
Visiting your blog today--it´s amazing, and thank you for the rose, I will try to do it and will send you a foto.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Thank you for the rose applique! And congratulations on Wonky House publication and your Wooly win!

Terri said...

wow!! You have had a great day. I'm tickled pink for you about the publication. I wish the Australian magazines weren't so hard to find here.
Thank you for the new Shabby Rose too!
Oh and winning the give-away!

Handmade by Mai said...

I'm so happy for you that you have won the give awy and that your first design has been published. You are very talented, you give so muc, so you deserve all this. Enjoy

Carrie P. said...

What an exciting day you had. I saw on Brenda's blog that you had won. Congrats.
I am so excited for you and your pattern being published. That is awesome. Sometimes I can find that magazine around my town.
I have read the book too and have given it to several married couples. It is very interesting to figure out what your love language is and when couples understand that it really can help a marriage. So glad you had a super duper day.

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jenny,
Congratulations and well done on having your first piece published.
Enjoy your giveaway from Brenda.

Ina said...

Yay!! You're a "published" quilter!! Do a happy dance for sure. Congratulations, Jenny!

Ellen said...

Congrats on your publication! I love that magazine, will made sure I get this issue. Thanks for the applique Shabby Rose, I really love your Shabby Rose BOMs.


Sharon said...

Congratulations...thats fantastic. Your designs are great. It must be wonderful to see one in a magazine and on the cover too.
Must admit i love the look of the sheep too, will have to check out her blog.
Finally thanks for the rose and all the other stuff you have so freely given us.
Sharon (Stitches on Mars)

retdairyqueen said...

Congratulations on your pattern being published
I got my copy yestersay and had admired the wonky house hanging
Well done

Carlie said...

Thanks for sharing your rose applique. I can't wait to try it on something. Congratulations on winning the giveaway and getting your design published.

Linda said...

Congratulations!! I am happy for your win in the drawing but I'm not surprised since good things happen to good people!
Thanks for the applique pattern also.

Jilly's Space said...

Jenny, you deserve all the good things that are coming your way. Your truly are giving and that was evident the first time I came across your blog!
Congrats on your publication, how exciting for you!!

jugglingpaynes said...

Congratulations on your publication! How wonderful! Your designs and Blossom's really are beautiful, I admire all of your quiltwork and embroidery. I'm still trying to convince myself that the sewing machine is my friend. :o)

Peace and Laughter,

Barbara said...

Oh, WOW.....on the cover!!! So deserving.....it is a great quilt. Thank you for the appliqued rose pattern....this is going to be so much fun to make.
Hugs, Barb

kjquilts said...

Very cute! Thanks!

Robyn said...

Congratulations Jenny..on your win and being published!! It's so exciting isn't it!!
Your work is beautiful and inspirational and I'm so thrilled that your Wonky houses are in print... I love those!!
Must keep an eye out and pick up a copy for myself!!
Wooohoo...go girl :D
Robyn xx

Barbara said...

First thank you for sharing the pattern of your shabby rose applique with your readers.

Then congratulations on having the wonky houses in the magazine, I love them.

Then congratulations on your win, the little wall hanging is adorable.

CindyMae said...

Lovely pattern! Congrats on the win but most of all Congrats on being published and making the cover! That is awesome!!!!

Allie said...

Thank you thank you for the Shabby Rose, dear Jenny! Congratulations on your win dear heart, love that wooly....and be still my heart, Wonky Houses on the cover!!!!! You rock!

Loralynn said...

Congrats on being published! Your wonky houses are so cute, I have to say I'm not surprised someone snatched it right up! Kuddo's to you!

Jean said...

I just looked at the date on this post and boy am I late to the party. This is a sweet little appliqué, is it still available? I couldn't find it on the linked page. Love your style, just beautiful. Congratulations on publishing, you are going to do great. In fact you've probably done lots of great things since this long ago post .