"The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest."

Thomas Moore

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Where I rest...

I love the 23rd Psalm.
I love the visualisation of 'still waters' and 'restoring my soul'.

When I arrived home from Melbourne late Monday, my soul was empty.
You see, it's been many years since I engaged in such a large social event, and though I did not go shopping with the other girls on the Friday and Saturday (those days were quietly spent with a good friend, and my grandsons) in order to save my energy reserves for the wonderful and energetic Sunday stitching day, my issues with adrenalin depletion came to the forefront during the second of two flights home the next day.I'd actually forgotten I react like this after times of high emotional energy and physical exertion. I should have gone to bed and rested for a few days, but - with Elefantz work waiting, new designs to release, and the shock disappearance of my website for two days - well, I kinda burnt out big time.

So in His grace, God sent my hero to the rescue.
My sweet and long-suffering  husband decided I needed my soul restored beside calm water and gum trees. Two things that I adore.

With both our cameras, and a bottle of water to share, we drove down alongside the Ross River. It was an overcast day and whilst the tropical Townsville temperature read over 30+C (86+F), the clouds took the sting out of the sun and I can only describe the weather as 'perfect'.

Would you like to see some of my photos?

I was asked once what I would miss most about Australia if I ever left, and the very first thing that came to mind were our ghost gums...

For those overseas who have never seen them, they are everywhere in our vast country. Their beautiful while bark peels away like paper...

Can you see how this serenity 'restores my soul'?

There was even a little pop of purple amidst the lush green...

I'm not ashamed to admit that I tend to run on pure adrenalin, but pay the price afterwards when I crumble in a depressed and weary heap feeling the weight of life crushing the very breathe from my lungs.
It's good to acknowledge and recognise these sorts of health issues, and in doing so, alerting those you love what they can expect should they be left to pick up your pieces.
Mr E very gently put my pieces back together this week.

Where do you go to 'restore your soul'?


  1. Beautiful photos Jenny. We are so lucky to be living this wonderful Country. Hugs.

  2. So pretty!!! ... I don't go often, but I always feel like I relax when I walk along the beach - especially when it's not busy and I can just relax there, resting in His love and divine peace ... really should make a trip sometime!! My daughter went the other evening with my parents and came back totally exhausted after running around down on the sand and in the waves :)

  3. Living on the outskirts of Melbourne at the base of the Dandenong Ranges, I love a drive or walk in the hills amongst the mighty gum trees, very relaxing!! We are lucky in this beautiful country. Where exactly were your photos taken, I have not been to Townsville.

  4. We live on a very steep block of land but just outside the front is a small garden edged by a steep rockery. I love this little piece of garden. It mainly contains natives to attract the birds and it is peaceful and beautiful. This is where I lie on the ground and look through the trees at the sky. I even call it my sanctuary.

  5. I find water very relaxing also. Your photos are beautiful.


  6. I go to the beach and let the wind blow my mind clean! But this nature you are adoring would also do the trick! Fine you are restored again! Hugs

  7. Beautiful photos
    I hope you are feeling rejuvenated xxxx
    Did you get the LGS photos I sent

  8. Beautiful pictures Jenny. Thank you for sharing you beautiful country and your beautiful soul with us. It is so nice to be able to follow your blog. Although we are countries apart I count you as a friend. A pure soul with a blessed heart. I wish you didn't have to suffer with these heath issues. I know how that energy depletion can leave you and you bottom out. Although I do not suffer the same type of heath problems as you have. I was bottomed out like that for so long dealing with my cancer and only now begin to feel like I might be getting back to feeling like me with energy to do things. When I get low I love solitude and I love to surround myself with beauty especially with nature. Its always a blessing to see all that God has made and wonder how I fit in to such a small part of the big world. Hugs from South Carolina, USA

  9. Very pretty pics Jenny,how precious is Mr E,take care.xx

  10. Thank you so much Jenny. Your beautiul pics have 'restored' me too. If I could leave the house I would always want to be by water. As it is blogs like yours restore me and give me the inspiration to keep stitching. Blessings

  11. Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures. It's easy to see how they could restore your soul. My special place is the beach. Walking in the sand watching the waves has a very cleansing effect.

  12. Jenny, though a world away in Ohio, USA, and surrounded by other and different of God's creations, we share much in our living day to day in this worldly place. One of His greatest gifts is Peace. Another is Joy. Until we join Him for all time, we have those comforts if we ask for them and look for them(in your precious gum trees). Sending an enormous and loving hug over to you and yours. How giving and transparent you are, dear. You will never know how it encourages all of us. God Bless...

  13. Beautiful pictures, Jenny. I felt the peace and love that I am sure you felt just by looking at them. Our Father gave us so much beauty to enjoy if we would only take the time. I like to go outside by myself and look out over the lake that is behind us. The beauty and the quiet, peaceful sounds is what restores me and keeps me going forward. I think we all need to find the peace and joy that He wants us to have in our lives

  14. What beautiful peaceful pictures. How loving a husband to see you needing that "touch"of love for you and be there to lift you up. I hope you feel better soon. I sometimes feel these "hit the wall" days and must rest and recharge. Blessings to you two "lovies" D.

  15. You are so blessed to have an understanding husband. The ghost trees are so interesting and pretty. Just watching your pictures with water makes me feel I can continue my day. Thanks for so much. Sharon Lozano

  16. Sweet Jenny, What a beautiful place to restore mind, body and soul...filling your spirit while surrounded by our amazing God's wonderful creations. I like to go up in the mountains to a place surrounded by huge pine trees and a huge open meadow where the river quietly winds it way through down from the mountain side and the deer come down and study us with curiosity, often with little fawns by their side. It is called China Meadows and we can only get up there during the months of July and August because there is too much snow the rest of the year. But I have been there so many times, that I can lay back, close my eyes and 'be there' any time I wish in my mind and heart. Not a soothing as actually being there, but still, the memories are very strong. I always feel Gods blessings so powerfully when I am there.
    I have to tell you that I love the Gum trees in your pictures. I have always wondered what they looked like. Our first home had all Gum wood trim around the doors and a lovely gum wood trim all the way around the walls of the living room a foot down from the high ceiling. It had a little shelf atop it that was just wide enough for my collection a miniature ceramic animals. It as absolutely gorgeous woodwork. I wanted so badly to move that 100 year old home to a piece of property, but it was not allowed. I think I will always think of it as my home, though the home I'm in now holds so wonderful memories too, our first home was more to my liking, very old and so warm and welcoming.
    Thanks so much for sharing your special place with us. Beautiful, truly breath taking. Big Hugs.....

    1. Please forgive the typos in my comments, our computer keys are sticking and some times not matter how hard we try, they just don't work.*sigh*

  17. A lovely post, Jenny accompanied by beautiful photos.

  18. Beautiful photos, Jenny. No wonder you find peace there.

  19. Very beautiful place. I loved the smell of the eucalyptus we had in our backyard in the desert. In fact, it's a scent I add to soaps and other things because I love it so much. I can only guess that this might have smelled wonderful, too. I can't go there now, but huge piles of rocks in the rocky mountain forests have always had that soothing thing for me. I used to have a favorite spot that was almost impossible to get to, but when I did, carrying a book and a pillow to sit on and lean against the rocks, there was nothing that felt better. I haven't found anything that works like that here in TN.

  20. A day in my sewing room always helps. Hugs....

  21. Love the ghost gum trees from my visit to Perth - those root systems are simply amazing! As such beautiful peace in your pictures. I love to go to the mountains, the ocean or just on a ride around the farm on my horse.

  22. What beautiful photos. I love trees they have a beauty all their own. So soothing and magnificent. Thank you Jenny. Sandra P

  23. Beautiful pictures! It is good we have a God that can restore our souls, and to have someone who cares and can help us find those peaceful waters. We don't have gum trees, but we have water. In my last post on my blog I have pictures from three restoring trips the last week, and they all are by water! After months with almost no sun, and lots of rain, we have had a wonderful week with sun! God bless! Marit Johanne in Norway

  24. Hi Jenny, yes we do live in a wonderful part of Australia. This stretch of river looks so familiar, as I looks like where I walk my two dogs every day. I live just one street back from the Ross River, and I walk it twice a day with my dogs. They love to swim under the trees near the jetty, I can only let them do this in the mornings as it takes ages for their fur to dry. I often sit and reflect on our wonderful surroundings whilst they swim and how blessed we are to live in such tranquil surroundings. I am so please that the River and it's many forms of flora and fauna regenerated you. Arlene

  25. Good Morning Jenny, I love your photographs..... Ghost Gum trees are such fascinating trees. I have never seen the like, as I live in England.
    I love taking walks by the water to restore my soul, whether it is a lake or the sea, there is something so relaxing and calming about walking by the water.
    Have a lovely day today.
    Best Wishes

  26. Nader interesujące miejsce oraz wspaniale czyta się twoje wpisy :) Czekam na następne i zapraszam do mnie na moją stronke internetową - prawdopodobnie jeszcze nie raz w to miejsce wejde poczytać twoje wpisy ;-)


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