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Thomas Moore

Monday, July 7, 2014

Block 5 and two rows finished...

You can download Block 5 of The Lord's Prayer Stitchalong here from my shop today.

"Be Thy Name" is the last block in the second row of what will become an eight row wall quilt when we have completed all 26 blocks...

If you've been stitching the blocks and following the border instructions I put in each week's pattern you can now sew blocks 2-5 together to form the second row, then join it to the first row...

 How are your blocks coming along?

 Here are this week's photos emailed to me by readers who are stitching along...

Christina has her fabrics and threads chosen and is ready to begin...lovely and bright!

Jessica is stitching THREE quilts - a burgundy set of blocks, a red & grey set, and she's just traced blocks for a red & white set too...wow!

We'd love to see your photos too, so why not email them to me so I can share them here on the blog next Monday. 

I think these blocks are a perfect start to each week, don't you?
Have a blessed day, dear friends!



  1. This is such a special project. You are so kind to share it.

  2. I love seeing the fabrics and colors that people are choosing. Have a great week, Jenny!

  3. how wonderfully encouraging! God bless you all!

  4. Your work is lovely; you are a blessing. I'm saving your projects for when I can devote time to them. Summer is a busy time; thank you SO much.

  5. Blocks are looking beautiful Jenny. Thank you for sharing. Love the different colours being used. Hugs....

  6. So Beautiful! A real inspiration! hugs~

  7. I've yet to start but the plan is to make it to hang in the foyer of the chapel my mother attends. I'm just waiting for the right fabric to find me xx

  8. Everyone's work and fabric thread choices are beautiful. Jenny your quilt is coming along beautifully

  9. Thank you for another block.

    Oh my, three different quilts. Very ambitious! They are all coming along great!

  10. Lovely Jenny - thank you so much. No time to sew them at the moment but I will get to them soon. xx

  11. I love the way all these look together. Thanks for sharing other people's fabric choices, too. Mine are closer to yours, but I haven't done any stitching yet. Still trying to catch up on things where I'm behind, but this will be started soon!


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