"The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest."

Thomas Moore

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Small tasks bring rewards...

Pottering around my home I've discovered that much joy is derived from the simple tasks I've found to do.

Like spending 20 minutes baking cranberry scones for an easy Sunday supper with my husband and deciding to finish them off for breakfast the next day...just because we could.

Finally opening the free jewellery cleaning cloth a lovely market stall owner gave me before Christmas and spending another 20 minutes bringing shining life to tarnished silver...

Emptying the piggy bank....

...and discovering we had enough to fill the car with fuel, go out for lazy coffees, and  buy a popcorn maker.

Swinging wide the gate to visit a dear, dear friend and being spoiled by her delicious baking...

...while admiring her sweet sewing...

...and taking in the beauty of her garden.

Simple things bring satisfaction and pleasure, don't they.
I wonder why we forget to do them?

What are some simple things you've discovered so far this month?



  1. Yes, indeed, it is the small stitches in life that make up our tapestry.

  2. Sometimes we just need reminding. So thank you.

  3. You said it, simple is best. We just bought an air popper too.

  4. I especially like this post, Jenny. I forget how much I love to just putter around the house - when all the heavy cleaning is done. Just doing those small, forgotten chores that are kind of fun. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Just simply "doing" rather than sitting. I have been looking at a chore in small increments instead of overwhelming myself with the enormity of the job...like raking pine needles...one hour raking just the lower part of the driveway. I see Cindy used one of my favorite words...putter...as in I am puttering! It makes me happy!!! Lovely post dear.

  6. awesome post!
    love pottering around in my garden, through the house, knitting or reading. too often we forget to slow down & enjoy the fruits of our labour (slow pottering/puttering)

  7. Another lovely post in a lovely blog. I found your blog thanks to Selina (and thank you Selina). I enjoy puttering around the house getting things done. But sadly puttering is my top speed, so I always have lots to do! A simple thing I have discovered/started this month is keeping a bullet journal. It's helping me keep track of things that my forgetory keeps letting slip away.

  8. One day this week, I got up much earlier than I usually do...and when I went to let the dog out..I saw the most beautiful sunrise! It was so pink at the bottom and then light blue and then darker blue... and the color were so vivid that it took my breath away for a moment. I stood there looking at it and remembering how my mother used to rise before dawn when I was five, in order to paint the sunrise. I slowly closed the door and wondered how many of those beautiful sunrises I have missed all these years because I chose to sleep... I think I'll change that now.

  9. Your cranberry scones look very tasty!

  10. Ooh those scones look so yummy!

  11. Those scones look delicious...I took the time to bake 2 loaves of banana bread yesterday afternoon. I haven't done that in at least 2 years now....Needless t say my daughter was a very happy camper. I took the time over the past 2 weeks and cleaned out the 2 largest closets in our home. What a major difference it made...It lifted my spirits so much.

  12. Jenny,
    Just love reading your life.
    Isn't it funny what we see and it brings memories or things we would like to do. I love the pile of coins, not because I want to spend it on something but because what it would mean to someone else. My 8 year old grandson collects coins and can tell you the history of the ones he does have. Just love looking at your coins from AU.

  13. Greeting from Canada. Thanks for the pictures of beautiful flowers. I live in Saskatchewan where we have been having temperatures for days in the -35 to -40 degrees with a windchill that can hardly be measured to the last week when it has been near zero. (Neither are good for us, our trees, gardens etc) but the frost has turned the landscape into a magical winter wonderland.
    Is there a way to attach a photo?
    Anyway wanted to let you know there are real people out here enjoying your blog, your great attitude of gratitude and the wonderful things you are posting.

  14. Ironing my apron today so it was CRISP. I always finger press wrinkles out when I hang the clothes out on the line. This morning though, I wanted my apron to be extra crisp for my esteem.
    Just smelling the hot iron on the cotton was such a happy smell. Wearing my nicely ironed apron is boosting my morale as I go about my tasks. It only took a couple of minutes.

  15. What a lovely day it sounds, and I'm blown away you had that much in your piggy bank!

  16. Would it be possible to share that scone recipe? I fell in love with them when I had my first High Tea. Good ones are hard to find. What a lovely post. Thanks for sharing, Jenny

  17. So true Jenny. It is such a pleasure to enjoy the simple things in life and I think we often do that best when we are living on a shoe-string with gratefulness in our hearts - as you obviously are. It is amazing how God constantly brings little joys for us to enjoy.


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