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Thomas Moore

Monday, February 23, 2015

What makes a birthday special?

Loved ones make it special.

I like very relaxed birthdays, the kind where there's not a lot of fuss and you don't have to spend the day going to and fro or being rushed. My loved ones know that and they made sure Saturday was laid back and totally chilled out - well, as chilled out as you can be during high summer in the tropics!
Mr E and I met the sunrise with a coffee by the beach before he headed out to work, and then I spent the next six hours in my office with Elefantz correspondence.
Early evening and we caught up with dear Blossom and her beau for a cafe dinner before heading home to watch a movie. It was a very special day and I knew beyond doubt how much they love me.

Mr E bought me a beautiful bouquet of Australian natives, and a new handbag. Sweet Blossom blessed me with a matching wallet...

A day earlier on my birthday eve the love flowed from my small circle of kind and precious local friends -
Wendy drove up from Ayr earlier than usual so we scurried out to The Cat's Meow for breakfast after she gave me a bundle of delights - a sweet heart inspired topper, a pretty-as-a-picture mini birdhouse, and a plaque of inspiration....

Then off we went to Heather's where the most delicious cherry cheesecake was served for morning tea, with a huge bowl of refreshing punch...

Heather gifted me with handmade soap, the cutest little elephant pouch, and an adorable jewellery tree that has a tiny little birdie perched high...

Dear Barb was there too, and I was so touched that she allowed me to wear her new apron for the day...

...UNTIL she dropped the news that 'her' new apron wasn't really for her.
It was made for ME!
Isn't it gorgeous!? 
I may have 'screamed' when I was given the news it was really all mine...I might have. 

When I arrived back home the postie had been for a visit and once again my jaw dropped and my heart beat faster, because lovely Shez had made me the prettiest of all needle-books,  and with it was a paper-cut card.
I'm going to frame the card, it's far too pretty to leave in a drawer don't you think?

Family, friends...blessed.

Thank you to everyone who has left birthday greetings and love here on the blog, on the Elefantz Facebook page, on Instagram, via e-cards and emails.
I truly felt the love.

So I'm going to gift all of YOU with a free design  later this week.
Little peek so far...



  1. Looks like the perfect day! Lovely presents to make a sunny day shine even more. Happy belated birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday Jenny, so glad you had such a lovely couple of days :)

  3. happy birthday!
    what beautiful friends & gifts
    glad you had a wonderful day!

    thanx for sharing

  4. What a wonderful birthday Jenny! God's gift to us of family and friends just proves how very much He loves us. :) blessings, marlene

  5. Jenny, you got truly spoilt on your birthday and nobody deserves it more - your gifts are so gorgeous and your friends and family know you so well!!!

  6. Nothing better than loved ones to share your day with. Whether they be family or friends. Glad you had a great birthday.

  7. Such a wonderful day...
    Belated birthday wishes to you.
    Precious memories to keep :)
    Smiles :)

  8. Sounds like you had the best day, Jenny. You received lots of lovely gifts. xxx

  9. Happy Birthday, how wonderful and blessed it was. I also have to say, that's a mighty sweet apron.

  10. A special day for a special lady,living life to the fullest,sending you big hugs my friend xx

  11. Happy belated birthday. You were spoilt (I love the bag and wallet) but well deserved. Shez is a treasure isn't she?

  12. What a glorious birthday time! I KNEW Wendy made that for you - just had that feeling. =) You received some wonderful gifts, but the best gift of all is loving acceptance of who you are, isn't it? Your family gets you! =)

  13. What lovely gifts and a super couple of days, blessed!

  14. A very happy birthday, dear Jenny and many returns of the day!!!
    I bless you with my love and wish you God's blessing, which is much more important than mine.
    Let us celebrate life, because life is such a beautiful gift from God.
    Love and hugs, Rya

  15. Oh Sweet Sweet Jenny...it seems your birthday was wonderful and I'm filled to the brim with joy for you. You so deserve to be spoiled on your special day as you spoil all of us who reap the benefits of your extraordinary God given gift for inspiring us year around, both with your amazing designs but also and even more so with the inspiring messages. You have given all of us so very much Jenny, and I'm so happy to know you were shown just how special you are. A belated Happy Birthday my dear friend. Sending you the only gift I have just now for you, my love in friendship and a HUGE cyber hug.

  16. Happy Belated Birthday! What a wonderful day filled with family and friends. Sounds perfect.

  17. Looks like your birthday was just wonderful. You are loved.
    That needle book and card are the sweetest.
    Happy Birthday!

  18. Oh, I love your apron and your purse and your wallet and your ... well, hmmm.... I love it all!!! It's all so special, and beautiful and YOU!! To have special family and friends are a blessing...God bless, Jenny...

  19. Seems your birthday was a great day...family and good friends all around. Happy Birthday. Mine is today, February 23. I live in North Texas and we are covered in an inch of ice and sleet. I will not be going out for a birthday dinner!!!

  20. YOU are so blessed! What wonderful family and friends you have around you!

  21. Happy Birthday, I'm a Feb. birthday girl too, mine is on the 1st. It looks like it was a wonderful day. Hugs,

  22. Thanks for sharing your goodies with us! And happy birthday to you.

  23. Oh how other to spend a birthday than with loved ones! Happy Birthday dear Jenny :) May you be blessed with many many more years of health and hapiness xxx

    PS I baked your Anzac cookies this weekend and they were yummy!! Will definitely bake them again!

  24. Your birthday was special because YOU are special. Keep celebrating every day dear lady. Birthday Bliss...

  25. What a wonderful birthday! Truly a blessing to have such dear friends!
    Happy birthday!

  26. Aren't friends wonderful! Mr E did good I would say. Pretty flowers, purse and wallet.
    Happy Happy Belated Birthday

  27. Happy birthday! You are indeed blessed to have such loving family and friends.

  28. What a wonderful birthday, You are very special to your family and friends. xx

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  30. I'm glad you love your apron!! I must admit I did have ringing ears afterwards!!! Just kidding. Love your bag and wallet also! I'm glad you enjoyed your birthdays!


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