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Thomas Moore

Friday, September 4, 2015

Something new and my kitchen helper...

I love having Mr E home on holidays!
We quickly fell back in to that lovely relaxed flow we enjoyed when he worked from home for more than two years. 
It's also brought a contented homemaker smile to my face because I can bake delights for our morning tea and know we'll be sharing them together over a hot cuppa rather than him unwrapping some at work for a rushed snack between customers.

Yesterday I made buttermilk scones from spelt flour with a generous sprinkling of dried fruit...

...and guess who thought she'd help me?

Parked right at my feet she was sure I must be baking a treat for her.
But no, she's too little to enjoy 'crumbs from the table' yet, though she does like to lick up every little speck that falls to the floor as I'm preparing meals...

After morning tea I spent some time deciding how I'm going to put my Christmas Stitch-along design together. I've had four ideas so far but I think one is making more sense to me the longer I let in simmer in my thoughts...

The silver grey bird print is definitely going to be part of it, and I quite like the green contrast...

This will be a free stitch-along and if I get some time in the next week or so to immerse myself in it the first block might be ready for you around mid-September. 

The silver and green fabrics are from the "Yuletime" range by Wenche Wolff Hatling for Lecien and should be in stores now. Isn't it wonderfully icy? I might even forget we have a summer Christmas in Australia with this hanging on my wall.

have a blessed day,


  1. I like it in silver, but I was only able to get it in red a couple of weeks ago. I do like the green with yours, though. I'm still working on LAST year's Christmas project! It's actually been done for a while, if I decide not to add more ... but maybe I should add more. That's why it's still pinned to the wall. =)

  2. Spending quality time with your Mr. E reminds me how fortunate I am to spend time with my Mr. C. We have always done quite well working and living together. Merri is very DOGdorable. I do very much like these grey and green fabrics together. Christmas is just around the bend. Creative Bliss Jenny Dear...

  3. Loving the silver! Can't wait to see how it turns out. Xx

  4. Love the fabric Jenny. Looks like your design will be a winner. Love your new pup, she is a cutie. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs......

  5. Beautiful colours & fabrics in the sneak peek of the stitch along Jenny. And just look at that adorable face & those eyes of little Miss Merri.

  6. Our pets add so much to our lives, don't they!?!
    Looking for ward to your Christmas project! The silver birds fabric looks like it was designed for you!

  7. The silver grey bird print is so pretty. Love it! How sweet Merri is looking out for treats in the kitchen. Dogs are awesome!

  8. Glad that you the Mr. are enjoying his time off together. Although my DH was off sick for two weeks. I got used to him being with me in the mornings before I went to work. You have the cutest assistant. Pretty Christmas fabric.

  9. Nice to have hubby home to share that delicious morning tea.....
    Good on Merri licking up the scraps.. Sew cute..
    Sew generous of you to share your beautiful free patterns. Lovely fabric range.

  10. Qué carita más linda tiene tu perrita!

  11. Oh Jenny, the puppy's adorable face makes me want to reach into the computer scoop her up for a little snuggle and some puppy licks, LOL...what a sweet girl!!! As for the Christmas stitch a long, I LOVE the green contrast, it's beautiful. I'll be making a trip to the fabric shop for the first time in over a year to see if they have this fabric line. It is so lovely. Like so many others all around the world sweet friend, I will be anxiously waiting to see what beauty's and fun you decide on for your design. Big Hugs, keeping all you and your in my prayers always. Nancy Jo

  12. Oh my gosh! I can't wait to see what you come up with. And, your puppy is just the cutest!

  13. Jenny, the silver fabric is so gorgeous and luxurious! I think this will make some spectacular projects and am looking forward to yours! It amazes me how our fur babies instinctively know that the kitchen floor is a great place to sit and wait for treats! I hope that you, Mr. E and Merri have a splendid day filled with fun and creativity!

  14. Seguro que realizarás un trabajo precioso con esas telas y tus ideas

  15. Thank you for sharing. Looks delicious and puppy is precious. Love your handwork and the fabric.

  16. Oh that is one cute puppy helper! I can just see her legs going every which way, trying to scamper after crumbs on the floor. I used to love "accidentally" dropping Cheerios on the floor in the morning for my Lucy to run after, at any age!

  17. Love the silver and green together. Cant wait to see the finished project. Merri is such a pretty puppy.

  18. Esos bizcochos parecen muy apetitosos. No me extraña que Merri espere a ver si le toca uno.
    Buena elección de telas de Navidad. Que pases un buen día, en compañia de Sr. E. Besos. Bless you.

  19. Thank you so much for all you so generously share with us.


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