"The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest."

Thomas Moore

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Working on a Christmas mini...

The combination of gold and tealy-green fabrics caught my eye last week as I was tidying my fabric shelves and planning a mini quilt design to share on the blog before Christmas this year.

I had the idea of another wreath (see last year's wreath)  but this time with applique, buttons and embroidered wording.
I began this wreath by cutting 2 1/2" wide strips from both gold fabrics and sewing them together for the wreath background. Then I traced the words "glory to God in the highest" across the centre...

...before fusing little wreath leaves around the words.

The leaves were appliqued with a teal green thread...

...and the wording was backstitched using a slightly darker thread.

Now I'm sorting through my button box for about 24-30 buttons of varying sizes in red tones...

...but I won't sew them in place until I ad a border to the mini quilt and I'm still undecided on what that will look like.

So far this is coming together as I imagined it in my mind, but I may need a nice block of chocolate to boost more imaginings for the border!
Any ideas?

Hope your weekend has brought many sewing ideas to fruition.


  1. Looks adorable. I would be inclined to add a 'frame' in the teal like you have done before.

  2. Just beautiful as always Jenny ... the red buttons really make it pop. Keeping on with the wreath idea ... you could always put it in a hoop that is wrapped with the fabric?? Just a thought ..... whatever you come up with will be beautiful -you are so generous with all that you share with us. And YES definately a large block of choccie will be helpful I am certain - any flavour will be fine :-) I speak from experience !! (unfortunately)

  3. That is just lovely Jenny. I adore the colour combination, and your work is always so delicate. Mimi xxx

  4. Another lovely creation from your well of inspiration. I like both ideas given here and I know you will have the perfect resolve. Maybe I, too, need some chocolate to get my mind in gear. I am spending all my time cleaning, sorting, purging and organizing...all my stuff in every room.

  5. Looking wonderful so far. That teal fabric would look great as a border. Maybe you could do 2 borders- the first a narrow strip of teal and the outer slightly wider in the gold with more appliqued leaves on it. Not necessary but just an option. I am sure it will be beautiful whatever you decide. Especially after chocolate LOL.

  6. It is beautiful! It not need anithing. But , finding borders is a good excuse for chocolat :))
    Have a good day.

  7. This is going to be beautiful!!

  8. Looks great already. No suggestions on a border, but I know whatever you decide will be perfect.

  9. Your imagination translates to beautiful work...thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see the finished project.

  10. "....has brought many sewing ideas to fruition"! not frustration! LOL!
    Hi Jenny,
    The sewing machine here has decided not to sew through fleece! Cotton's fine!
    Chocolate! Pure!

    Take care,

  11. If you are looking for ideas for borders may I suggest something with some red to bring out the flowers(buttons).........I love the idea. It's looking great so far

  12. It looks wonderful! Maybe I should do the final part of last year's so I am free to work on this one! No suggestions. That would be like taking coals to Newcastle. =)

  13. So beautiful, I love your colour choices.

  14. Hi Jenny, Lovely ideas and work as usual. Your work is so pretty. I love it.

  15. That's really gorgeous. I love those shades. You have such a great imagination & so much energy!

  16. Just getting caught up with reading your blog. What wonderful surprises were in store for me. The wonderful devotional about waiting on the Lord and a beautiful Christmas project with my favorite color teal. I love this blog!!

  17. Jenny, it's so beautiful.

    Thank you,



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