"The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest."

Thomas Moore

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

And back in the world of Jenny....

...I have been catching an hour here and there to do some lovely stitching!

With so much happening to bring the launch of Gum Tree Designers to your eyes I haven't been getting my usual daily quota of sewing done, so I've been hiding away late at night in my bean bag and satisfying my insatiable desire for needle and thread while the rest of the family were settling in for a night of shut-eye!

I have a number of swaps to finish items for, and the sooner I get these done the sooner I can complete my new set of designs (which I hope you'll love as much as I do!!).

Yesterday I took time out to finish this little bag for my Stitchers Angel partner...

...I've used one of my own Country Roses designs for the front, given it a box bottom to stand upright, and added two little bucket handles on each side. It's so cute, and the perfect size to store all those patterns we collect!

This is another project I'm working on for my Stitchers Angel partner - and again, I'm using one of my Country Roses designs. I'm not sure what I'll turn this stitchery into, but it will be pretty when it's done!

You can purchase the pattern for both these Country Roses designs HERE in my Etsy store.
I showed you the third item for my Stitchers Angel partner last week - the pretty pink embroidered coasters pictured below.

There was such a lot of interest in the design that I have decided to share it with you as a free download tomorrow! Come back and check my blog after I've sent the working and schooling crowd off out the door after breakfast. ;-)

And I thought I'd share some more sneak peeks of my new set of designs....

...they are so gorgeous, even if I do say so myself!

Not long and I can show you all of them...maybe Monday if I've been a good girl and stitched my fingers silly all weekend.

Before I go I HAD to show you this fabric I bought...it's a Michael Miller print called 'Home Ec' (quite appropriate now that I'm working as a Teacher's Aide in the Home Ec Dept don't you think?) and I'm going to make new kitchen curtains with it. I love shabby chic, but it seems lately that my kitchen is getting a retro makeover!

Have you entered my giveaway yet? Check the last post for the details, and don't forget that the other Gum Tree Designers also have amazing giveaways with me to celebrate the launch of our group blog, Among The Gum Trees.

(I am eyeing off all those gorgeous quilt-as-you-go patterns, and the Gypsy Rose charm squares, on Joy's blog for myself...just not sure how to enter without her knowing it's me!)

Have a lovely evening (or morning!) wherever you are,
for me it's back to pick up my sewing - yippee!!

PS: Lots of people asked me how to make the sour dough *mother*, so I will share that tomorrow as well.


The Faerie Queen said...

I just love the bag, oh I do wish you were my angel!!! I've just used the same country rose design on a cover for mr. sewing machine (will post about it later when its all finished.)
Hugs xxx

Loralynn said...

The bag for your angel is lovely! I too wish you were my angel! You do such lovely work! I love the material for your new curtains, it's so cute!! And how naughty of you to tease us with just a snippet of a picture for your new project! Personally I love to see "in progress" pictures, it's so neat to see the progression!

maggi said...

What a beautiful bag for your swap partner. I wish I was in your swap. The coasters are really cute and it is so generous of you to share the pattern with us.

You are teasing us with the sneak peek but it does look good.

Jantine said...

I think your swap partner will be thrilled getting those lovely presents!

retdairyqueen said...

Such gorgeous designs
I just love the bag Can you be my angel pleeese

Vickie said...

oh wow your angel recipient is going got be over the moon....liking the colours of new design so far,cheers vickie

Leslie said...

For being busy and not getting a lot of time to stitch, you certainly have some awesome projects in the works! Those are wonderful gifts for the swap and I can't wait to see what the little peeks you shared are for.

Oh, and another free Roses project? Aften will be SOOO happy! I must work on her project a bit again here, soon...The poor girl burst into tears this morning at the bus stop and told me she misses me sooo much when she's at school....ahhh...

Have a great day!


Dolores said...

Busy, busy, busy. But then, it is something that you love to do. I just don't know how you find the hours. I have finished my projects for the Sticher's Angel too and am just waiting to post it.
I thought I was finished the mug hug mat but I re-read it and found out that the design should have something 'hug' related so I am making another one with a different design. Darn, just when I thought I was all caught up too.

Crispy said...

Goodness, so much eye candy on your blog today!! Your swap partner is going to be one happy lady!!

Love the retro fabric, I bet you walk around in dresses and pearls to do all your cooking, right? LOL


Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

I love the bag, sooo cute!

May Britt said...

Such lovely gifts for your stitchers angel friend. She will love it. Looking forward to the coaster pattern. They are so cute.

Nancy said...

Oh, I miss my kitchen curtains. I had that same fabric hanging in the window of my last house. When we sold it, the lady put those curtains in the contract!! I was very pleased to think she liked my taste...and my sewing must have looked very professional...LOL
I had black/white tile floor and all red accessories. Loved that retro kitchen...

Diva Kreszl said...

It's all lovely!!!

Allie said...

I don't know how you've done ANY sewing, you busy girl. I love the bag for your angel partner! And I'm so, so glad you're sharing the design for your coasters - remind me to get a battery operated needle so I can keep up with you! I think you have a battery operated PENCIL. Can't wait to see your new set!
LOVE the MM fabric, how perfect. My dream kitchen is completely retro....50's. You're going to need some aprons, Jenny!

Cattinka said...

I want to cheat... I want to be your stitchers angels partner... do you think we can do that? ..... of course not, I was just wishing.
Nice work as always!

Hazel said...

What a fun bag .I just love your designs and another free rose pattern I can't wait .

crazyQstitcher said...

What a beautiful bag. I love the country roses design

SewLindAnn said...

I love your stitching, and can't wait till I can get involved in a swap. I've subscribed to the Gum Tree Blog and so love it!!!

Debbie @ ribbonwoodcottage.blogspot.com said...

Wow this is sooo much fun. i'm excited about the giveaways, the new patterns, the new blog! This is wonderful. The bag is lovely and my desire to stitch is very much renewed. I'm a cross stitcher and now I feel this need to do some stitchery!
Have a great day!

sonia said...

Jenny soy de Argentina siempre entro en tu blog me gustan tus trabajos pero por favor donde esta el TRADUCTOR, NO SE INGLES!!!! por favor ponelo nuevamente please put on the traductor again please

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Jenny,
Wow, you have been very busy. I'm glad you had some time to get the stitching done on that gorgeous yellow bag.
Happy stitching and blogging.

jannimary said...

After all the flurry of the last couple of weeks it must be nice to sit quietly and sew. Your latest projects are gorgeous, as usual.

Celine said...

Hi Jenny,

I would love that you were my angel with such beautiful designs

RobynK said...

The colours and design of your bag is really refreshing. We don't see a lot of lemon these days. She is a lucky lady. Hmmmm I think I am falling for your country roses....
Good luck in your collaboration.

Sandy said...

I love, love the Home Ec. fabric! What a nice assortment of "stuff" you have featured today! See you tomorrow for the goodies!

Mena said...

What a beautiful bag! It's lovely!
Have a great day!

Narelle said...

Jenny, Just love the bag and the coasters are just lovely i will be back to download the pattern tomorrow. You are so inspiring that i am on the way to do some stiching. Thank you for your blog.

Micki said...

The bag is lovely...very romantic looking!

Kathy said...

Very pretty designs, and a cute little bag for your Angel partner. Adore the country rose.

Dee said...

You have come up with a great idea and I wish each of you much success.

I have been checking your blog regularly for some months after finding your Shabby Roses BOM. I thought it may be a great way for me to make a pink quilt as I have so much trouble buying anything pink

I spend too much time reading other peoples blogs to have time to start my own

Carrie P. said...

I just love your bag. The fabrics are so pretty together.
And the home ec fabric is great too.

Angela said...

Your tote bag is beautiful! And the sneak peeks look great! Cant wait to see more!