"The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest."

Thomas Moore

Monday, April 28, 2014


Two weeks out of action. 
Two weeks with a house uncared for.
Two weeks to ponder what I'd like to do when I'm well again.
Two weeks, and the lingering fingers of flu still thwart my need for total wellness... BUT...the time has come to press forward once more.

Mr E is well again. I am much better. It's just that all the crap that was sitting in my chest is working it's way out at last, thus keeping Mr Sorbent Tissues in business with my on-going supply of boxes filled with his eucalyptus and aloe paper hankies. I cough and cough, and it's yukky stuff that comes up, but at least it's getting out of my body. I see complete healing in my future. \o/

Because my body feels close to normal again, and because today begins a new week, I decided to act on my plan to rid my home of chaos!

Last night Mr E moved some of my work room furniture into our office because the brilliant sunshine that illuminates my sewing room/creative space has been fading my fabrics. I love the wide windows and clear natural light in that room, but to save my 'tools of trade' I needed to re-organise both that room and my office space.

As of 8am this morning, this is how far I'd come with my dismantling of both rooms. I have an entire day ahead  of me to tame the chaos below...

I told you it was chaos, right?

Stay tuned for tomorrow.
If I keep on task you may be privy to a most glorious transformation.

Have a brilliant week!




  1. I hope a full recovery is near. Nothing worse than the "flu"...

  2. I'm so glad you are feeling better Jenny. What a terrible thing to have for so long. Light, love and hugs to you dear friend.

  3. Hello Jenny,

    Good luck with the re-arranging, nothing worse than faded fabric.

    Happy days.


  5. Jenny, that's not chaos! My sewing room is worse than that and that's it's normal state! I hope you are 100% soon. Vicki vickilorraine at hotmail dot com

  6. Glad to hear you are on the mend Jenny, mine is still lingering - 7 weeks tomorrow, my voice sounds like a male, I am off to see the Dr on Wednesday and hopefully some good news. Have you ever had "Senega & Ammonia" it's a Cough Expectorant for a Chesty Cough, I swear by it, I have now been using it (when I'm sick) for the past 22 years. I got really sick when I was pregnant with my youngest and the Dr couldn't give me anything but he said that the Senega & Ammonia was safe. It's been around FOREVER, it's cheap and it works... Good luck with the rearranging of the rooms...

  7. Ich wünsche dir eine gute Besserung. Auch bei uns in Deutschland sind zur Zeit viele Menschen krank, Husten und Erkältung.
    Bestimmt hast du nach dem Umräumen richtig Lust zum Arbeiten.
    Liebe Grüße Annerose

  8. Dear Jenny, The house can wait but your health is very important so you must not rush trying to get well or you will have a relapse. One product that my husband and I find is helpful when we have a chest full of mucous is called Mucinex. It really does work wonders with that awful goop. Even our doctors recommend it. I do hope you will be feeling up to par soon and know that your creations will be as wonderful as ever.

  9. Rosebud is right...don't over-do or you will be back in bed for the rest of the week! If that is your definition of chaos, well, it's a chaos I would aspire to!!! Go slow and pamper yourself a bit while you fully recover!!

  10. A little bit of dust in a corner won't cause a major disruption :) You should still take it slow and ease yourself into the wellness! I have to say that your space is so lovely and light and open...I can see why you love the space so much....and why it would play havoc with fabrics if they're not in quite the right space. There really is no rush in getting the room done though....take the week!

  11. So glad to read that you are recovering and feeling better. It sounds like you might have had pnuemonia!

  12. It makes me tired to even think about organizing that. Oh, wait. I'm already tired! Glad you are feeling better enough to tackle that project. Tennessee sun doesn't fade things like the desert sun. I keep being surprised over and over.

  13. Jenny the world won't end if you have a house that's a little messy.Get totally well before you get into any big projects or your half well will last longer than your being sick. I know it's difficult to just sit and let be for someone like you but if you do give yourself a little extra down time the untidiness will clean even faster because your energy will be higher and brain clearer. Remember good solid food hasn't been on the menu for awhile. You need to refuel the body before starting up on a full days work. Go on another outing with Mr. E first. That will do you both more good and you will be more ready to do what needs doing when you get home.

  14. You really have had quite a dose of that flu Jenny. Hope you will feel 100% soon. It's a good feeling when you have your space tidy but don't overdo it, have plenty of rest breaks, there is always tomorrow to finish it. Take care, hugs......

  15. I wonder if it is possible to have an awning blind on the window of your original room and have it down enough to stop the sunlight fading things but still allowing light through. Being a very heat adverse person I do that for heat purposes but also use it to stop fading. But then I am in Vic and maybe the sun is less strong,,,,although it did some great work on fading a cat cover in the main back room. But on that I do not mind the faded look and can pull the blind lower to avoid it. Keep up with the great recovery process.


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