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Thomas Moore

Thursday, August 21, 2014

SEASONS ~ a new stitchery...

Do you decorate your home to flow with the seasons?
I used to when the children were younger and we were homeschooling, but the last few years I've been quite remiss in this area.

I was thinking recently just how much I love the changing of seasons and how good it would be to have one design that celebrated all four and could be displayed all year round. And you know what those thoughts do inside a creative mind don't you? They come alive!

I found the perfect border fabric hiding in my stash, and then a frame which had been patiently 'waiting' on my desk for a purpose requested it's moment to shine,  too. 
Variegated threads were perfect against the sandy flecked background fabric...

Would you frame this design or use it in a project?

The pattern is HERE in the shop.
If you stitch it would you kindly send me a photo to share with all my lovely readers?

I know Spring is almost here in Australia, but I think I'll tightly embrace the final two weeks of winter before it leaves me behind for northern shores...I will sorely miss it.



  1. Oh that is nice. I love to decorate for the holidays and seasons. As you get ready for spring. I am awaiting my favorite season, fall.

  2. Beautiful! Thank you for your creativity!

  3. What a lovely design, Jenny. I think it will look lovely in a frame. xx

  4. Your design is so pretty. Our summer is just finishing up and fall is just around the corner. I love your designs!

  5. I love the new stitchery pattern.
    I thought of you earlier this week when I read a church sign as I drove through a little town near us.

    Aspire to Inspire before you Expire!

    I smiled when I saw it, kept thinking it needed some of your beautiful embroidered flowers and a lovely vine border around it.
    Sharon of Southern Illinois. USA

  6. I love this! I would do just what you did - frame it.
    I didn't know that you homeschooled your kids. We did too. I did it for a total of 20 years since our boys are so far apart. Loved every minute. Well, not every:)

  7. Love the embroidery!
    Love that it's framed.
    Love that you homeschooled like we're doing.
    Don't love winter like you do.

  8. Two gorgeous designs in two days. Can't wait to start stitching them both. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us.

  9. Woe it's a sweet design and I love it so much
    Big hugs x

  10. Gorgeous stitchery Jenny. Love it.

  11. Lovely, as usual :-)

    Summer is just leaving my parts of the world, for my great sorrow, I love it.... But of course we have a very different summer to yours at the tropics.
    Enjoy your last cool days :-)

  12. This is so beautiful!! I would frame it, and hang it permanently in a special spot, as this is such a Keepsake!!

  13. I absolutely love closeups of your stitching! What a beautiful design.

  14. Pretty piece Jenny - I think it stands alone and is delightful. I am currently working on a crazy patch wall hanging celebrating all four seasons but I would love to have a selection of pieces to bring out each season. At the moment it is just Christmas but I plan to make a few more things for the other seasons.

  15. I did not grow up with seasons so I never missed one from another. Now we live where there clearly are the change in seasons and I find it interesting. Winter is my least favorite...I am a Summer girl and love the heat...dry not humid. Your stitching is Creative Bliss.

  16. Love this Jenny, very creative and beautiful stitching, I would have it framed definitely plus can also see it in other projects. Thank you for sharing, Judithann :-)

  17. What a sweet design. Just surprised that the tree isn't growing pears! Enjoy your last bit of winter. It felt like 100 degrees F where I live yesterday and I dread winter even thought it is usually pretty gentle here. Blessings, Capi

  18. Well there would have been pears, Capi, but they're green...and I needed a pop of colour so apples saved the day. ;-)


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