Wednesday, August 20, 2014

TUTORIAL - a Rosedaisy Book Pillow!

It's the 20th of the month, and I'm sharing the third project in my ten block series of Rosedaisy Design Tutorials!

This month the star is the gorgeous "Birds & Hearts" block...


The "Birds & Hearts" block is inside THIS set of 10 designs available from my shop,
or as a single pattern purchase HERE.

I think it would gorgeous on just about any project, but as I love pillows, reading and journals, it seemed a perfect idea to have the block feature across the pocket of a book pillow...

You can use any stitchery design you like to adorn the pocket on this pillow, or you can omit a stitchery and just use fabric alone.
Whichever you choose, here is how it's made!

You will need:

* the "Birds & Hearts" block stitched according to its pattern instructions, and trimmed to 5" x 9.5"
* .5 yard/metre of small print blue/rose/off-white floral and spot fabric
* 2" x 16" length of red and off white check fabric
* 9" x 13.5" length of off-white spot on blue background fabric
* 14" x 28" length of thin fusible Pellon
* 9" square of fusible Parlan or very thin Pellon
* three off-white buttons

CUT from the .5 yard/metre of small print blue/rose/off-white floral and spot fabric -

* one, 5" x 9.5" rectangle
* one, 9.5" x 9.5" square
* two, 2" x 13.5" lengths
* one, 4" x 24.5" length
* one, 12.5" x 13.5" rectangle

Let's start sewing!

Make your pocket frill using the 2" x 16" length of red and off white check fabric.
See THIS quick and easy tutorial of mine if you don't know how to make a ruffled frill.
Sew it across the top of the embroidered block...

With the frill still facing down the front of the embroidered block, sew the 9.5" x 9.5" square of blue floral fabric across the top of the block and the 5" x 9.5" rectangle across the bottom.
The ruffled frill will sit out from the seam afterwards...

Carefully fuse the 9" square of fusible Parlan or very thin Pellon behind the bottom half of the pocket (below the frilled edge), butting it up along the seam line and keeping it centred so that you have a 1/4" space down both sides of the fabric...

Fold the pocket in half, press the frill and the seam line well...

...and lay it down onto the bottom edge of the blue spot fabric. Pin it in place...

Machine sew the pocket to the blue spot fabric down both side edges and across the bottom with a scant 1/8th" seam...

Sew the 2" x 13.5" lengths of blue floral fabric down both sides with a 1/4" seam.

Sew the 12.5" x 13.5" rectangle of blue floral fabric across the bottom...

Iron it on to the 14" x 28" length of thin fusible Pellon. Go as close to the fabric edge as you can with your iron, but do not iron the excess Pellon around the sides...

Now is the time to hand or machine quilt as you like. After you've completed the quilting you can trim away the excess Pellon...

Fold the pillowcase fabric in half across the centre, right sides facing each other. Pin the two side edges before machine sewing them together with a 1/4" seam to form your pillowcase...

Make the trim across the top edge of the pillowcase by sewing the 4" x 24.5" length of floral fabric into a circle, narrow ends together. Then fold it in half across the middle and press...

Raw edges together, pin the trim inside the pillowcase.
Machine sew the two together with a 1/4" seam.
Press the trim up and away from the pillowcase, and press the inside seam down towards the pillowcase.

Place your pillow inside and sew the three buttons equally spaced across the top!

How sweet a gift for yourself or a friend is this?
Especially when you add a book or journal or even some tulips...

To see all ten gorgeous stitchery blocks from the Rosedaisy Designs pattern pack just click HERE!

happy stitching everyone,


Meadowcreek said...

This is beautiful! I just love all of the things you make. And the fabrics you use are the kind I lean towards also.

Baa. xxx said...

It's so pretty Jenny

Annette said...

Thanks for another lovely project, my Kindle should fit it....what size pillow did you use or I thought Hobbyfill would puff it up! Take care!

Createology said...

This is such a great combination of your stitchings and your fabrics married into a lovely and practical pillow. What a wonderful gift to give. How do you do all the beautiful projects day in and day out?!! Creative Stitching Bliss Dear...

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful Jenny, a great idea, something I have been toying with for friend's 70 present and thought of adding handles to carry ipad or book. I feel your wonderful post and tutorial has confirmed to make it as my friend is an avid reader. Thank you, beautiful design, material and stitching.
Judithann :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen this is so pretty and such a lovely idea,thankyou for sharing and i hope you have an awesome day my friend.xx

Michelle said...

This looks like a wonderful project. Thanks for spending the time to put great tutorials together for us.

Patricia said...

Jenny, Thank you, this is darling! Will be making a book pillow, very nice design.

Patricia C

e said...

what an absolutely sweet project.

Helen S said...

This is beautiful, thank you. I have sent this tutorial to 2 friends for their birthday. Thank you so much.

Thoeria said...

Another great idea Jenny! I've never thought of a book pillow! Clever!

cucki said...

Aww it's so
Pretty and I love books so much :)
Hugs x

quiltsathome said...

Dear Jenny,
This is the first time that I visit your blog and I really love what you make !
Thank you for the inspiration !
Best wishes, Patricia (from the Netherlands)

Annie Beez said...

Jenny that is adorable! LOVE!!!

Robin in New Jersey said...

I love it! It's so pretty! Beautiful work, Jenny.

Natitxu said...

Ese cojín es una preciosidad!!!!

Melody said...

This is such a pretty and useful project.

Christina said...

Very pretty. Lovely choice of fabrics.

Anonymous said...

So cute, and not terribly difficult. Your tutorials are always so precise and easy to follow.

Tammy said...

This makes such a sweet pillow. The design is lovely...The fabrics are dreamy.

Sharm said...

You are just soooo talented!! Thanks for sharing this project.... hopefully I can get the chance to work on it over the weekend.... I want one myself, but I know it will make a fantastic Christmas gift for a family member as well. I plan to have a look at all your patterns in your shop later today too.
Hugs Sharm
And yes, its still cold here, butt I see spring coming fast....

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La Table De Nana said...

Marie at Then We All Had Tea posted this..linking to you.She is a wonderful artist too.
I ♥ it.
Beautiful work!