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Thomas Moore

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The UFO box...

Do you have a UFO box?
My UFO box might look small to you, but it's big to me. It's filled with orphan stitcheries I've done over the past five or so years, stitcheries that are patiently waiting for me to give them a purpose...

Yesterday I pulled my box off the shelf and starting sifting through the sweet thread on fabric pictures. Some are my originals, and some are the designs of others that I fell in love with and 'had'  to stitch.
I decided right then and there that I was going to devote one afternoon each week to working on a display for one of these pretties. In four or five months, if I stay on plan,  I may have an empty box!

So this could be an ongoing Tuesday blog post - 'Jenny's UFO Finish Tuesday'. What do you think?
Of course, whether that actually comes to pass every week is yet to be seen  but for this week I truly did take one UFO and finish it. Yay!

Years ago Amy Butler released her "Love" fabric range, and I fell deeply in L O V E with this bouquet on blue print. At the time I'd fused some scrap cotton wadding behind it and using the print itself as my guide had backstitched around some of the flowers and sewn seed beads into the centres...

...and that's as far as I'd ever gotten.
It got lost at the bottom of my UFO box, out of sight and out of mind.

Until yesterday that is.

I thought, "wouldn't it be sweet framed in green?"....so that's what I did.

I used a 'new-to-me' technique and made a lined green tonal window that sits over the bouquet, and then fixed it in place with basting spray and a line of running stitch just outside the window edge...

If you're interested I'll do a tutorial to show you how to make one of these windows - just mention it in the comments below, ok?
 Before I went any further I stem stitched a few of the leaf stems for added effect. I love how hand quilting or embroidery on a wadding-backed fabric 'pops' the design...

  The final step was to make a backing and small hanging sleeve. You know, I love adding binding to a project, but for the centre bouquet to really shine against the green window I just thought binding might be too much - and as it turned out, a straight plain edge was 'just right'...

I've named it "Love in a Window".

No idea which UFO will get 'the treatment' next week, but I'm quite excited about seeing them all discover their purpose. ;-)



  1. This turned out lovely. I think the binding would have distracted from the project....That blue center just pops this way.

  2. I would love to know your "secret" to such a perfect circle, Jenny. I was given a piece of needlepoint that needs this treatment to be salvageable.
    You find the prettiest fabrics. I was looking at my small collection of beads not long ago, this piece is inspiring.

  3. Wow it turned out so lovely
    My dear my ufo box is pretty full too :) lol
    Big hugs xx

  4. Hi Jenny
    I would love you to show us how to make that tonal window. You are very clever and have a great eye for colour. Your projects always look just lovely.

  5. Hi Jenny, I would be most excited to read your UFO Tuesday projects ... might inspire me to finish some of mine. Yes please, I would love to know how you did that perfect circle for your tonal window. Your new hanging is just beautiful, love that fabric too.

  6. Oh my that is so beautiful...would love a tutorial!

  7. just gorgeous Jenny - love the blue fabric and I would love a tutorial.
    Your tutorials are always so detailed and patiently taught.
    thank you yet again
    Tanya Hughes xx

  8. I love what you did. I have to say my ufo box is no where as pretty has your things. I am your newest follower.

  9. Your hanging is gorgeous, Jenny. I'd be interested in seeing how you did the tonal window.

  10. Brilliant idea and a wonderful finish. I'm going to try and do this too. Every Tuesday I'll work on a UFO and think of you

  11. Just had a good chuckle when I saw your UFO box...I've got the same tree! Personally I love having a nice stack of wee stitcheries. You always inspire me!

  12. How very wonderful to find and finish this glorious Love in a Window stitching. Your framed circle is the perfect finishing touch. Creative UFO Bliss Dear...

  13. What a great idea, Jenny. You are my go-to idea machine. =) I love the fabric and what you did with it, and wonder if I would ever have seen that possibility in it. I would love to see a tutorial on how you made that circle frame. I will start looking for fabric or a stitchery that will be perfect in it. I saw your redwork Christmas tree peeking out of the box of UFOs, and think it's adorable!

  14. Beautiful! Think I know how to do the window but would love you to do a tutorial to make sure we get it completely right.

  15. Ahhhh UFOs....where would we be without them? :D
    I LOVE what you've done with this sweet piece! Actually the whole idea of using the fabric as your guide is inspirational! Tutorial?? Who can say no!! Yes please!

  16. Ooh - I do have some of these - you just may have started something, lol! What a great idea and beautiful project. I for one would LOVE to know how you did that window!!

  17. So pretty! I hate having UFO's, but I have a few:) Maybe I will be inspired by you to do something with them.

  18. Great finish Jenny - that green works perfectly. How about another row of stitching around the outside edge? xx

  19. What a beautiful project! Now, why don't I come up with ideas like that -- working up piece of fabric with embroidery? That's why we have you! Thank you for all the great ideas and patterns.

  20. The green frame sets it off very nicely. I really like how you finished it. And, as the owner many UFO's myself, I applaud you for finishing one!

  21. I have too many UFOs.
    I will check out the book offer.

    Patricia C

  22. Beautiful! I would love a tutorial on how you made the window.

  23. Love it and yes would love a tut:)
    I love to do stichery and have a hard time coming up with things to make... I have enough pillows and framed items!!! Love this idea!

  24. I like it too. I like your UFO once a week idea. I think we can all relate to this and this plan encourages the rest of us to deal with ours. Would love to have that tutorial on the "perfect" circle. Love the tutorials and pics. So much easier for me to learn that way. Blessings to you!!


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