Wednesday, November 5, 2014

One design three ways...

This week I have spent many hours working on the embroideries that will feature inside the 2nd month of the Stitchery Club. There are six new stitchery patterns this month, and two of them have been stitched in a variety of settings. 
I think seeing one design made up in completely different colour schemes, or on different background fabric, expands the possibilities for how you can use it in a project.

For example, one of the patterns in Month 2 is this swag. 
First I stitched it rather elegantly with cream rayon thread on blue dupion silk...

...with the words 'live', 'laugh', 'love' inside the bunting.

The second version was stitched far more simply on a small floral print with navy cotton thread....

...and instead of words I added a house, rosedaisy, and bird - plus extra hanging hearts at each end of the swag.

The third version is probably going to be my favourite!
I've coloured the design with my Prismacolor pencils and heat set the pencil using a warm dry iron...

Now I've begun to backstitch the outlines of the design...

I'm seriously in love with this block!

(If you have never coloured a block before stitching it you might like to see the tutorial I shared HERE - it's so easy and pretty!)

 Which of the three versions is your favourite? What do you like most about it?

Another design in Month 2 that I've stitched two different ways is this pretty heart. One has applique and is very romantic in the colours and fabric used...

...and the other is stitched on an old linen napkin in richer colours and with a sweet sentiment in place of applique.

So again, may I ask which of these two versions you prefer, and why?
I genuinely love to hear your thoughts.

Another design which will be included in the Month 2 Stitchery Club design set is this pretty little Love Bouquet...

...a sweet romantic moment. 

Once I finish the coloured version of the Swag I have one more stitchery to complete and then I can write the six patterns with their three variations! 
You still have time to subscribe before I email the full set of six designs (which includes altered versions for two of the designs) to my Club subscribers on November 17th. 
All the information is HERE on the Stitchery Club page.

If you go back and look at the dark blue on cotton print version of the Swag stitchery you'll notice a pretty navy and pink fabric above it. 
The other week I received some lovely gifts from Jo, who is a regular reader of this blog, and that fabric was a piece she'd inherited and decided to send to me. I think it's perfect with that swag, don't you?
Inside her gifts I also found this gorgeous handkerchief. It belonged to her Aunt Jean who passed away 40 years ago, so I do not know how old it is...

Look at the hand work in this - exquisite...

Thank you, Jo! I shall hold it dear. x

Some of you are keen to have me share a tutorial for the fabric window I showed in yesterday's blog post, so as soon as I have all the Stitchery Club designs completed I'll do it.
You'll be surprised how easy it is!

Enjoy your day,


  1. Hi Jenny, love your new designs, especially the colored version. May I ask what type of prismacolor you used? Does it come off when put in the wash? Ta

  2. Love your new designs, especially the colored version with backstitch. May I ask what type of prismacolors you used? Does the color come off when put into the wash? Thanks

  3. They are Prismacolor coloured pencils. The kind I bought my children years ago. They heat set after pressing. I don't wash these blocks, so cannot say how they'd respond. Did you look at my tutorial - more information there.

  4. I can't choose Jenny as I like all three equally. Am looking forward to receiving the stitchery club patterns. hugs.....

  5. I'm even more excited about the next Stitchery Club now I've seen this post.

  6. Such beautiful work you do on each and every project! In the first set of 3 - I loved the drawing one best - maybe because of the bright colors and how you are outlining it. In the second set of 2 - I loved the first one best - I think maybe because of the pinks in the flowers and the soft blue around the heart.
    Again, I just love your work!

  7. Oh Miss Jenny your stitchings are so precious! If I must choose one of the first three, then I choose the hand colored and simply stitched. As for the hearts, I am swooning over the appliqued heart within the embroidered heart. I must find a way to subscribe for I love the Love Bouquet bonus. Creative Stitching Bliss Dear...

  8. I have to choose??!! They're all gorgeous!Okay okay....let's see......the swag ones....I'd have to choose the one you did with the pencils and heat set - simple yet effective. I can't choose with your second lot....I love the applique heart...but also the look of the vintage napkin. I'm so excited about this month's stitcheries! I can't wait to get my little paws on them!

  9. I love the colored version and cannot pick a favorite of the hearts. Both are so pretty.

    Patricia C

  10. I could stand to be surprised at how easy something is. =) You are asking us to choose favorites? I don't even know where to begin! I love the blue dupioni one, and have lots of colors of dupioni silk for my CQ, but there's also something very appealing about the simplicity of the second one. The colored in one is very nice, too, but less a thing I'd probably do. Then the hearts - they look like two completely different designs, the way they're done! I think I lean a little toward the applique heart one. I can hardly wait to receive this month's stitcheries! This was a great idea for me, and lots of work for you. LOL

  11. I love them all but it is a draw with the last 2. The simplicity of the second one I like. I so want to try the colored pencils but have been chicken. This inspires me.

  12. ALL of them! Just opened my inbox for the morning before heading off to Grandma's church for morning tea - now I will be late as I have to look at them all again as they are ALL so pretty! Ha!

  13. Oh my goodness! How I have always loved to color and the colored pencil version has my heart doing a quick step! Thank you for sharing!

  14. Love both the hearts Jenny so that is not helpful! Not sure about the swag - probably the coloured one. Great designs anyway. xx


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