"The ordinary acts we practice every day at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest."

Thomas Moore

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A day at home...

This past week we've had a broken fridge, a broken car (twice,) and a broken rib (Mr E).

Mr E repaired the fridge and he repaired the car twice (he used to be a motor mechanic), but he cannot repair his rib. He's still at work every day, but moving carefully and slowly while his body mends.
The car is our beloved and very old  4WD, Luigi. There are so many parts to replace that we have decided it's time to let him go because this year the amount of pieces that have needed repair or replacement have added to a tidy sum and the trend is continuing. Sometimes you just have to stop trying and accept what you're faced with.

So I'm mostly housebound at the moment while Mr E takes my car to work each day but this is nice because I can 'flow' with my homemaking in my pajamas all day if I like, and I'm finding that shopping from the pantry is pretty good too. I did have to ask him to bring home potatoes last night, but apart from that I'm using what's on hand.

Like the last of our green apples.
Yesterday I made Amish Cinnamon Cake (recipe here)  but added a layer of thin apple slices across the middle before baking...

The recipe makes two cakes so I offered the second one to Blossom, who dropped by after work to pick it up and scurry home for taste-testing. 
The aroma in the kitchen when they came out of the oven was salivating! In fact the little cinnamon-y crumbs that fell off during cooling quickly found their way to my tastebuds... 

 Private Charlie watched through the kitchen door as I baked.
I had lamb in the slow cooker and I'm sure that's what kept his attention rather than my baking.
(Mr E shared some of his lamb with Private Charlie last night...he's quite taken with our foster dog)

The cake was delicious served with custard for dessert last night...

...and Mr E has two large pieces in his lunchbox for morning tea at work today.

 I also made fresh yoghurt yesterday. 
Breakfast this morning was thick Greek yoghurt served over my homemade granola, with fruit and a drizzle of raw honey from a local hive...delicious!

 I love playing in the kitchen, almost as much as playing in the sewing room - which is where I'll be today finishing a gift...

What was the last thing you baked that tasted amazing?



  1. Your cake looks yummy. I love being in the kitchen as well. Recently I made a tres Leche cake which I was always thinking was so difficult no so found a great recipe. Seems we all have those crazy times once in a while. I hope everything is back to normal. With love Janice

  2. Oh dear! Why do things break in 3s? Hope Mr E continues to improve. Aren't we lucky to have handy men in our lives, my dear one is outside restoring 2 chest of drawers I found for $50! my 38yo chest of drawers is falling apart. Must try the Amish Cinnamin receipe, I've got fruit soaking for a Boiled fruit cake...a fav in this house. I'm also enjoying a very rare day at home. Take care, Annette 💐

  3. Hi, Jenny, I'm new to your beautiful blog. You are one industrious woman! Those cakes look delicious.

    Life does seem to hit all at once sometimes, doesn't it? But you're handling it well. I also love puttering around the house. We're kind of in a similar situation where I am sans car some days and I'm perfectly happy about that.

    Take care!

  4. Once that breakdown phase starts it seems to trigger a run of breakdowns doesn't it! Your apple cake has me salivating also - the last thing I baked that kept me going back for more was a crunchy Topped lemon Loaf.

  5. The cake looks so yummy. Hannah made a slice that had white chocolate and Nutella in it for Morning tea this morning -yummo!Hope Mr E is healing well.

  6. Sadly, my diet is very restricted due to health issues so I cannot remember eating anything that particularly thrilled me the past 2 years. I do hope your poor hubby is on the mend and recovers quickly. It must be so painful for him.

  7. I am a teeny tiny bit too far away to smell your yummy food, but my mouth is watering!

  8. Your apple cake looks delicious! The last time I baked was at Easter when I made some cute little Easter cupcakes decorated with chocolate nests filled with mini eggs. They didn't last long! Your gift looks beautiful! :) x

  9. Last week I made an Apple/Berry pie & homemade vanilla ice cream. Neither lasted long as the Hubs LOVES his after dinner sweets!! The pie is SO easy & very delicious! I would be willing to share the recipe if anyone is interested! Yes, it's THAT good!
    Have a FAN-tastic Hump Day & rest of the week, Y'all!!!

  10. The day before yesterday I used the last of the winter apples to make 2pies, and then because I had just enough pastry left over and just enough pumpkin in the fridge, I made a pumpkin pie, too! And today I'm putting on a loaf of sourdough bread. :)

  11. the last thing I made that I thought was amazing was my minnestroni meatball soup. according to hubby it would be broccoli salad.

  12. I made those 5 layer bars easy and tastes great! Hope things get better in your household. I love your work and your food looks delicious.

  13. Poppy seed roll and nut roll. I made them for easter with a repeat today for overnight guests to have in the morning with breakfast. Also making cheesecake with raspberries, black berries, kiwi, pineapple, and blueberries. It's a thin layer of cheesecake so with all the fruit, it is vrry refreshing. That will be for dessert for my luncheon tomorrow.

  14. The Easter ham, maybe? I haven't done any baking for most of the last year. I don't know why. I've been thinking about getting my sourdough starter going again, but thinking is as far as I've gone. I love the look of your food. You really have portion control down pat.

  15. I hope Mr E's rib mends quickly. That can't be easy to work with. Looks like a yummy recipe, I'll have to try it sometime!

    Prayers for healing for your sweet hubby!

  16. Quantas delícias, Jenny! Parece muito bom!
    Charlie não entra em casa?
    Tenho muitos cachorros e todos circulam por todos os espaços. Gosto de tê-los próximos a nós.

  17. I made mini apple gallette's with puff pastry. Simple and yummy....

  18. I hope Mr E's rib heals quickly. That cake looks so yummy, Jenny. I had my washing machine break down last week. As it was going to cost $600-$700 to repair, it meant I got a new one!

  19. God bless Mr. E! The cake looks delish! I have to try it. And the custard looks too yummy.

  20. I think I am getting fat reading your blog..Looking at all those yummy pictures....

  21. Thank you Jenny for repeating the link to that cinnamon bread - I am going to try it tomorrow. I made Scottish shortbread yesterday - delicious and dead easy if you would like the recipe. Shame about the car but they don't last for ever! Even worse about the rib - hope it heals soon. xx


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