Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Rose Bunting....

I'm working on something special.
It's a home-making project that I've had on my heart for about a year, and I shared a little about it back here.

You see we own a very old dining table given to us by friends who moved away in 2011, and three aged but comfortable dining chairs we purchased from a thrift shop in Alice Springs almost a decade ago. We used to have a fourth chair but our son carried it away when he moved out of home and we never got around to replacing it, so when we have a fourth guest I bring out my sewing seat as compensation.
Mr E rather likes our miss-matched-but-full-of-memories dining furniture so there is no hope that I'll be getting a new set any time soon.
Which brings me to the project I am working on.
Embroidered chair covers.

I won't tell you too much as they are still in the process of moving from a dream to reality, but I will  show you the embroidery I've designed as the feature of the covers...

Even though I only have three dining chairs, I plan on making a set of four covers because one day we will own another.
It's a pretty pattern and quick to stitch so I should have all four completed by the weekend - then I can start making the covers...

The covers will be mostly beige linen, but the green and red pin dot have their part to play in this project as well.
Perhaps next week I'll have a cover finished to show you.

"The Rose Bunting" design will be inside the Stitchery Club patterns next month (the theme for May will be 'Motifs for Everyday Projects")

I'd love to know what project you're making for your own home right now?
We can inspire each other.

Yesterday Wendy and I were over at Heather's for a morning of coffee, cake, and of course - stitching!
Remember the Amish Cinnamon Bread recipe I showed you on Monday? Well, bless her heart, our sweet Heather had it warm and waiting when we arrived...

 Wendy snapped this photo of me in cake-heaven... I am going to bake it today for Mr E 'cause there's a whole lot of love ready to pour into the making of yummies for my man, and besides, I'll get to enjoy it again.

I don't think Heather and I got much stitching achieved over the course of the morning. She was working on this beautiful embroidery inside one of her vintage doilies (the floss is Apricot Ice from Cottage Garden Threads)...

...and I worked on "The Rose Bunting". But mostly we chatted and laughed and oohed and aahed over the things Wendy had bought down in Brisbane last month at "Let's Get Stitched".
In fact, Wendy was quite industrious as we nattered away! 
Opening one of her purchases after morning tea, she patiently needle-turned this cute little Sunbonnet Sue which will become a key fob when it's finished...

Too soon our morning was over, so we said our goodbyes with hugs and more laughter and plans for catching up again very soon.
Friends are a blessing, aren't they?

If you've not seen Wendy's free 'Block of the Month Fortnight' yet, visit her blog HERE and join in - it's called (you guessed it!)  "Friends"!

I'm off to put some lamb in the slow cooker, a cake in the oven, and then it's an apron I'll be sewing.
What are you doing today?



Eulalia Isabel said...

Lindo bordado,

Karen B. said...

Dear Jenny,
I have just recently found your blog and love it. Your embroidery is so lovely.
Karen B. ~ Todolwen

Julie said...

Oohh Jenny I am excited about your chair covers - they look beautiful so far. I have had such a lovely time catching up on all your posts since my trip to Mums. I agree with you wholeheartedly about the combination of coffee, cake & good friends stitching - theres not much beats it. Today I am trying to cut out hottie covers but presently I have a tiny kitten on my lap as I type this - she is most fascinated with the keyboard so I am not sure how much sewing will get done. x0x0x0x

Christine M said...

Your chair covers are going to be beautiful, Jenny. I've just put a beef curry in the slow cooker. I hope the boys don't complain about it too much as I've added all sorts of things! xxx

Ondrea said...

YOur chair covers are so sweet. Infact I reckon that stitchery design would be good for a wedding gift. Hmmm, my eldest daughter is getting married in November , perhaps your design will become available for sale? I must check out that cake and see if it is grain free. THanks for another lovely post.

Christine B said...

Hello Jenny! Love the embroidery pattern for your new chair covers... they are going to look lovely! :) x

Jackie said...

Love the embroidery for the chair covers! Can't wait to see them finished. I look forward to reading your blog. You always have such wonderful eye candy!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for always telling the names of the Cottage Threads. =) Lovely projects you are all working on, and I like the idea of the covers, but is that for the seat? I hope it's for the back, and no one is going to actually sit on your beautiful work! I'm pattern testing for someone today - down to the put-the-pieces-together part.

Baa. xxx said...

Love those birds and roses - look like they could be used for a wedding too. Can't wait to see the covers.

Lida said...

Love the new designs and the way it is used! Hugs