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Thomas Moore

Thursday, May 21, 2015

A blessing of thread...

A couple of months ago I was blessed to be sent some sweet fabrics from Lecien to play with; some of their new spring and summer lines. 
This happened quite out of the blue and I have to say that it's been a lot of fun to create with fabric as inspiration.
But I did mention to the lovely Yoko of Lecien that I'm more of a stitchery designer than a quilter and asked if there were specific Cosmo thread colours (Lecien make Cosmo) that blended with the fabrics because I really like Cosmo embroidery floss and wanted to work 'with' the fabric.
Well, sometimes you receive far more than you expect, don't you?

On Monday a parcel arrived from Japan...
 It contained every Cosmo thread and their new metallic range as well!

Can you imagine the tears than came to my eyes? The pounding heart, and the grateful exclamations?
I was over-whelmed, blessed beyond words. Speechless. 
Once I had composed myself and brewed a strong cup of coffee I sent off a text to Mr E and Blossom who replied "WOW", before sitting down to carefully open the plastic containers and simply enjoy the moment.
Remember back here when I showed you those threads I'd purchased on sale and warned you to check floss before grabbing a 'bargain'? 
These were nothing like that. 
Smooth as silk and waiting to be given life in hundreds of future projects.

That colour chart is not printed, but real thread samples, so all I need do is lay a fabric beside it and I can choose the exact thread I need to stitch with.

Yesterday I began by choosing some fabric from my stash for a cushion, and drew up a new pattern for the June Stitchery Club. Then it was time for floss-play!
The fabrics are pretties purchased last year, and which I've had an idea for since I saw them, but as yet I hadn't pursued the project. Until now.
The Cosmo thread chart made the marrying of fabric and thread a breeze...
So I'm having the day off today to go and buy a dress to wear to Blossom's 21st dinner next week, and then to sit quietly and stitch "the quilt barn"
Perhaps with another Jane Austen movie and some smooth dark Lindt chocolate as well ...

Have a lovely day,


  1. Wow! How wonderful. I'm so happy for you. The new design looks gorgeous, just as all your designs do. :)

  2. Oh my...look at all those beautiful colors! :0)

  3. Oh Dear Heavens of JOY and Blessings!!! Your gift of threads is beyond amazing. I can easily see the ease of selecting colors to coordinate threads with fabrics. Quilt Barn will be priceless...

  4. Congratulations, Jenny! What a wonderful surprise! It is a blessing that you truly deserve. You help SO many people with your beautiful stitchery and generous heart. Enjoy your wonderful gift.

  5. Cosmo thread is amazing. It feels wonderful and stitches with ease. I never thought they could improve thread. It's surely in the diamond category. I'll be watching to see your creations.

  6. What a wonderful surprise to receive those beautiful threads, Jenny. I can just imagine how excited you were. Enjoy playing with them. xx

  7. How lovely!- exciting! A big wow!

  8. What beautiful threads, Jenny and I do love your new header. Very nice.

  9. It's never been more true. 'As ye sow, so shall ye reap. Blessings

  10. I love Cosmo thread also. I purchased some of their skeins and also some on a spool that doesn't have to be separated. I also love the Valdani line of threads. What a wonderful gift

  11. I'm so happy for you! What a blessing, and especially sweet for someone who provides so many free patterns for others to enjoy. If anyone deserves such a bounty - it is you! :)

  12. Oh, how very exciting!!!! Candy from heaven!! And I love that little barn you have displayed there to stitch - that is going to be very cute...is that for your dining chairs??? If so, the fabric, design and will be lovely...you are so talented and creative.

  13. What a wonderful surprise for you....I know it felt like Christmas to get such a fabulous surprise gift...

  14. Wow! What a fantastic surprise. I shall look forward to seeing lots of beautiful embroideries :-)

  15. I'm amazed at their generosity, but so pleased for you! I think they plan for you to design for them for quite a while! Wouldn't it be fun if you even designed fabric??? I love the peek at the new stitchery club design, too! When I was with Edi, she showed me a couple of designs of yours she's done - she is a great stitcher, neat and tidy, like you, and her pieces looked wonderful!

  16. What a blessing indeed! I am so very happy for you my dear. Have fun this afternoon. Well I guess by the time you read this it will be tomorrow morning. So I hope you had fun!

  17. Jenny, don't you just love it when He says, "I love you" in an unexpected way?

  18. WooHoo what a fantastic surprise.

  19. Congratulations Jenny! You deserve every little bit of that thread for all the lovely posts, the sweet way you tell your Nana's stories, your stitchery designs, your photographs,.... thank you for your daily posts!!

  20. Maravilhoso Jenny! Imagino sua felicidade e seus olhos brilhantes de emoção!
    Já pude vislumbrar o que vem por aí no mês de Junho para nosso deleite!
    Gostei da nova página do blog!

  21. Omg what an awesome surprise Jenny,enjoy playing my friend,what a wonderful gift xx

  22. You will do their floss proud!
    Good for you!

  23. WOW what a haul alright, you are one lucky lady that's for sure and you will definitely do those threads justice.

  24. Oh Jenny, you were well and truly blessed. There'll be no stopping you now!

  25. Que maravilla de hilos Jenny ,me imagino lo que disfrutaría abriendo el paquete ,y nosotras disfrutando de sus nuevos trabajos con ellos .

  26. Wonderful, getting those threads. I am loving this barn design already.. Your work is impeccable as always..
    Hugs, Maggey

  27. Wow what an amazing surprise. Cute new design.


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