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Thomas Moore

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

He bought a Jeep...

One day I shall share with you all the miraculous workings of God that brought about the purchase of a new-old car for Mr E last week.
To be honest, we are both still in shock. Only God could do what was done. Only God could provide above and beyond what we could ever hope to ask for.

As you know, our 21yo Pajero resisted all efforts of revival last month. Affectionately known as Luigi, that 4WD has taken us up mountains, through rivers, along paths deep and wide, narrow and impossible - we have had adventures we'll never forget, and it was very sad to say farewell to such a faithful car. 

Accepting this however, we turned to the Lord. You see, getting out and about off the beaten track, cameras in hand, is our way of unwinding from our six-day work weeks. It brings us into God's glorious creation and our minds rest on Him, in Him. It's a gift to leave work behind and pursue nature, praising the Lord along the journey, drinking in of His earthly delights, expectant of some surprises along the way - for He surely never disappoints!
And the Lord provided.

Mr E's new-old 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee...
We flew down to Brisbane on Saturday afternoon and picked up the car at the airport.
Marvelling at what God had done, we filled the tank with fuel and headed north a couple of hours to Gympie where we stayed the night at a lovely little motel.
Up and on the road again early next morning we still had another 1200 kilometres of driving ahead of us, but we stopped by a creek outside Gympie to take these photos of the fog  because we don't often have a fog in the tropics.
And besides, it was the first daylight photo shoot for the Jeep...

Our short adventure is over and we're back home again now, but work has piled up in our absence so I'm going to take a few days break from blogging while I catch up.
And the wonderful thing about that? The Lord is with me still...

“Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen.”
Ephesians 3:20



  1. Wonderful! Praise His Holy Name!! I love hearing stories like this. Enjoy your gift from the Lord, Jenny, and your blogging break!

  2. I am soooooo happy for you. How wonderful, when God answers prayer!!

  3. Yay! That is wonderful! Now you have to think of a new name for him! I think it is a him. Ha!

  4. He is indeed able to do all that we need! blessings, marlene

  5. Blessings are wonderful, but even better is being able to see the blessings in our lives. =) The Lord has so many promises for us if we'll just reach for them. I know he is with you every second of the day. What beauty you found this weekend!

  6. Jenny,
    Congratulations on your new Jeep! The Lord does provide! Recently, our son needed a new car. He couldn't afford what he really wanted, but the Lord provided. After a series of unbelievable (only to some people) "coincidences" the car of his dreams virtually fell into his lap. Even the salesman (who we have known for years) was amazed at the series of things that had to "fall into place" for it to happen. I wasn't amazed...just oh so THANKFUL. God is good, ALWAYS!

  7. How wonderful for you Jenny.

  8. How wonderful! I hope you have many years of enjoyment travelling about . Wjhat was the weather like in Brisbane on Saturday? My parents flew up there on Friday to see my brother and his family. There was flooding everywhere. I believe the weather is nice now.

  9. I hope the JEEP gives you as many kms and hours of pleasure as the Pajero did... Enjoy!

  10. Congratulations! We are also the owners of a new/old Jeep. Just purchased ours 2 weeks ago. It is a standard shift, so I am busy learning to drive it. Doing quite well, I might add! Lots of excitement ahead!

  11. I would say God answered your prayer for a special gift from God for your husband. This tickles me!

  12. We had a car named Lazarus similar to yours. The miles rolled over three times. We were not able to replace it when it finally gave up the ghost. We have learned to get by on one car but I am completely housebound.
    I can no longer drive at night as I have lost my night vision. That means for a good part of the year I can't take Jim to work as I would be picking him up after daylight hours. We have moved around my regular appointments so that he can take me in the early hours and work later. It works!

  13. What a wonderful story. Praise the Lord. My husband and I are in a time in our life that we can't get away. It's hard to get away when you have livestock anyway, but we're also helping with his elderly parents. But like you, we feel that God has been so good to us, so one day He will provide. I hope to create times of respite right here on our farm for my husband (and kids). Enjoy your new car.

  14. Hi Jenny--a note off topic. I'm really enjoying the vintage kitchen project. The script used in "Vintage" was wonderful to do. I try to do free hand script and embroidery and it never looks or spaces right. I loved the script style as it is so much like my true handwriting. Is this script yours or is it also available for public domain? It would sure make my labels and projects look much nicer. Again, I so love doing your projects with you!

  15. A life well lived and with the Lord makes all things possible. May you have many wonderful adventures ahead of you. Traveling Bliss...

  16. Lynn S, it is my own script...I just drew it as I designed the block. x

  17. lovely blessings....the places you will go...congrats

  18. Hi Jenny--Lynn S again...your handwriting must be really beautiful! I'm working on the project you shared, "The Word of our God" for the cover of my little Gideon bible that I carry when I travel. I just love your script writings!

  19. So happy for you - I do love those vehicles!!! But the name....it needs a name....*giggle*

  20. Your blog is really great, I come over every day and every time I find something that suits me


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