Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Roses From The Heart

Conceptual artist Christina Henri has been working on this amazing exhibit, Roses From the Heart, for a number of years. She has stirred a nation of sewers to make over 25,000 bonnets, one for every female convict sent to Australia between 1788 to 1853.
Already there have been a few 'blessing of the bonnets' ceremonies, with more to follow as the numbers of bonnets made reaches it's target.
I am a 1st Fleet descendant through John Cross who arrived aboard the Alexandria in 1788. His wife, Mary Davidson, was a convict also and it is in memory of my g-g-g-g-g-grandmother that I organised for our local quilting group to make some bonnets. My 14yo daughter also made two, choosing convicts from Scotland as this is where our female convict ancestor was born.
There are still a few more to be handed in, but we're planning to have them posted off to Christina before Christmas.

Christina still needs more bonnets so if you're interested go to her website - you can download the pattern there and it is SO easy to make! If you email her she will give you the name of a female convict you can 'adopt'.

Happy Advent!


  1. Hey Jen,
    So we could be RELATED??!!!!!
    Fiona xx

  2. Wow! That is a lot of bonnets!!! 8-)

  3. Thanks Jenny. Lovely bonnet tributes. Here we are April 2015 and I only need a 1000 bonnets to complete the Roses from the Heart Memorial project bonnet collection.
    You can follow what I am up to on http://rosesfromtheheart.tumblr.com/


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